I have a job interview in 2 days and i need to know how i can use the 'I command' in this situation. Do i say 'I command this job be mine' or is there better wording?. I am also in love with my best friend and he loves me too but whenever we get close something just happens to stop us from being together.

i am not having sexual relations or anything like that but its almost as if there is a force stopping us from being together. we spoke about being together and he said he also wanted to be with me but we just never get together. I know i cant use 'I command' on someone or for someone but could i say something like 'i command favour on our relationship'.

What i really want is a chance for us to be together because i believe in my heart he is the man for me and i am the woman for him. we have been friends for over 7 years and in that time he has been with other people and so have i but what we are both looking for is in each other. We speak everyday but i need advice. please help me out

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When you pray and say, "I command" what you are doing is very similar to Stingray's first manifesting experiment. It is kind of like set the intention, believe the intention, as you command so shall it be done, then forget it.

We can command things with prayer or we can as well command our right brain to do for us.

In other words, we can command outwards or inwards, the important thing is to believe, feel and know as Isaiah said, "My prayer can not return void."

As it is expressed so shall it be done.


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Hi wash, one of the best and easiest ways to manifest what you want for me is to pretend. Play make-believe, visualize and use your imagination. Act like you already have what you desire. You need to "become" what you desire and feel it on every inch of your being.

if you had this job that you desire and you had the relationship that you desire, you would act and feel differently throughout your day. You would wake up in the morning and feel refreshed, excited to go to your new job, you would feel excited to call your new boyfriend or text him to say good morning and you would feel eager awaiting his text back to you, letting you know that you were also the first thing on his mind when he woke up in the morning. Everything that you did throughout the day would be exciting and new and the whole time you would feel differently because you would consciously know that you have what you want. Walk around with your head held high and be happy because you can feel it.

Just saying the words "I command" will not help you in any way,shape or form; you need to feel it. That is the most important FEEL IT! This is not an easy task it does take commitment on your part. You need to consciously feel it every second until you can trick your subconscious into thinking that you already have these things. You need to play this role and try not to deviate from it, not even for one second, and FEEL IT! As soon as you feel it, things will start to change to your benefit.

Have fun with it and good luck!


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Appreciating Jess answer. I would like to add short message.

Believe that 'if he is important to you the same should be to him as well'.

Continuance to Jess explanation, practice balancing his every expression. Example if he is in anger, automatically you get anger but to balance the expressions you need to be cheerful. The automatically his mind get tuned to you.

There are many expression which you can practice what you believe in.

Do not ever feel that he deserve something more then you, instead you should feel 'he deserve me as I deserve him'.

Hope it will help you little.

Thank you :)


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