just last week:

I wanted to quit drinking coffee, and the pot broke.

I wanted my kids to watch less tv, and our service was cut off for a week

I have been wishing for more/better communication in my relationship and we are now facing challenges that require it...

Is this some form of negative manefestation?

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Barry Allen ♦♦


did you buy a lotto ticket?

(19 Mar '11, 21:40) ursixx

Do you really see these events as being negative?

(19 Mar '11, 21:43) Susan 1

If you view them as negative then they will have a negative effect, however, the same principle works with positive thoughts... The Universe is helping you; signs are everywhere and you are starting to notice. Accept the help and your life will be filled with abundance.

(20 Mar '11, 04:50) Paxsecta
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I think Susan is on to something in her comment... they will be exactly what you perceive them to be.

Quite often we put out a desire but I think we have to remember that we often have no control over how it manifests - as Graham said in another answer - the details are left to God.

A few years ago my hubby wanted a new large flat screen TV - we'd only had our current TV for around 18 mths and when we went to turn it on, a few days after he voiced his desire, it just wouldn't turn on.... needless to say he got his TV.

Quite often we put our desires out there and expect them to show up on our terms, but the Universe doesn't usually work that way. The good news is that your desires are showing up... however, your question does bring to mind an old saying - be careful what you wish for, it just may come true ( maybe just not the way you want it to ).


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Maybe what you really desire in your heart is confirmation that you should do these things, so you mannifest confirmation. Do you doubt your desire to quit coffee? Maybe you see bennefits to it and so you are on the fence really.


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Fairy Princess

it greatly depends on how u r thinking on all of these subjects,, u do understand that u create ur own existance in every way,, so therefore if u see urself as doin negitive things than u r creating the negitive energy ,, in all actuality u are creating positive energy,, when u see thiose activity as negitive and u are gettin results,,,then it cant be bad,, u just have to drop ur expectations on how u get there,, if u wanted to stop drinking coffe,, then the pot broke,, well its thought to be a "bad" thing but u have achived ur goal!!!! the universes energy has given u what u ask 4,, i do nit see anything negitive about that !!!! i am a channeler and my source TReb Bor yit-NE has ytaught me many great things,, one is do not have expectations on results, if u do they will ALMOST ALWAYS dissapoint then u will not see the possitivty in the results !!!love n light


answered 19 Mar '11, 22:39

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TReb Bor yit-NE

from what I've been studying and experiencing in my life is your not asking with the right words or vibrational level/frequency. the books i've read say you have to feel yourself already experiencing the happiness and joy you would feel when you get these things. if you say "please help me to get these things" you're asking from a place of lack. this resonates with negative manifestations. if you visualize and feel the positive feelings of having these things already that's when you receive positive manifestations. the way you feel when visualizing what you want is crucial. how to know when you've hit the right feeling(vibration/frequency) I'm studying myself right now. they say start with something small as a trial and error. anyway. there are books out there that explain this in more detail if you need but that's the jist of it. lastly with alot of people they might have blockages from feelings of lack of self worth and such maybe steming from childhood, that has to be cleared first. You have to be able to think and feel gratitude for most to all things in life also. this gets you into the right vibration zone (this takes a paradigm shift for some people as there is so much in the world that is not pleasant, i don't have the full answer on that) anyway. good luck


answered 05 Apr '11, 14:18

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Think so.

You just tries to fix your problems. Focused at your problems and manifests more of that.

old event : I tried to drop pipe and quickly runs out of money. I can't buy Pipe tobacco on that day.


answered 19 Mar '11, 21:39

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Tibor S.

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