i feel uneasy when my colleagues are successful in sales. how to overcome it and how to be successful?

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Is sales your passion? If it isn't, consider doing something else.

Being successful at sales requires passion for the occupation. Otherwise, rejections will eat you alive. If you are passionate about sales, and willing to do whatever it takes to get better and succeed, the rejections won't matter.

You have to love the product you sell. If you don't love the product, find another one to sell.

Set goals that are achievable, but will stretch you a little. When you achieve them, set goals that are a little higher.

Learn everything you can about your occupation. Find the sales trainers that will not only teach you technique, but also how to use that technique in a way that makes you genuine and shows your customers that you care for them more than you care for your paycheck.

Finally, your own personal mental attitude will be the single most important factor in achieving your sales success. This is an attitude, not borne out of mindless repetition of affirmations, but from a deep conviction that you are providing an important and worthwhile service. Find ways to improve and develop that attitude, such as meditation. Eat well, and get enough sleep.

Most people do sales very badly; you have the opportunity to do it well. And when you do it well, you will surpass 95% of your fellow salespeople.


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It sounds like advice from someone thats been down that road.

(28 Mar '11, 11:32) ursixx

If it is not a real passion, as was said above, it will never be. If you truly love your work, then you must live , eat , and breathe it! If you do meditate you will find a freedom in truly understanding that you should not measure your success in $ amounts. If you truly want it, keep thriving and keep meditating and keep "living" sales. You will achieve your goal, I do have several meditation techniques if you really need them, whatever you need do not be afraid to ask! If you are aware of the law of attraction, this will give you most of the true understandings of what we are all talking about. If you are not familiar with it please watch this..... I will add a link. I have to uplaod it in a sharing program. I will add the link in a few min. love n light, rob


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this is the link,, it is to the FULL documentry "The Secret" it is great the 2nd link is to a file full of other great material including the Seth Material by Jane Robberts, the best info that has backed up most of what i was taught by my source, remeber 1st is seacret 2nd is aklot of good files to look through, love n light, rob

http://www.4shared.com/video/7xwiWUdK/Title_01_01_0.html http://www.4shared.com/dir/8aniOWlj/My_4shared_Sync.html

(27 Mar '11, 19:21) TReb Bor yit-NE

Micheala-would you kindly share some of your meditation techniques with us if possible???

(28 Mar '11, 08:04) Zee

I agree with Vesuvius' answer. However I would like to add that EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique- is a very effective way to remove limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears, etc... that can get in the way of our success. You can learn how to do eft here. Then get a pen and paper and write down you thoughts and beliefs and emotions that are keeping you from success. Some examples might be: I don't deserve to be successeful, money is evil and corrupts people, I will leave my friends and family behind if I succeed. Use the EFT to eliminate these limiting beliefs. But only do this after you have answered yes to the questions Vesusius asked "do you love to sell" AND "do you love what you are selling?" If the answer to the first question is no, then find a different occupation, one that you do love, if the answer is yes, then go to the second question. If the answer to the second question is no, then find a product you love and sell that, if the answer is yes, then do the EFT on the limiting beliefs, emotions and fears. You can use the EFT on anything really, but I wouldn't recomend trying to force yourself to sell products you don't love. Blessings,


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Fairy Princess

Application, Application, Application! Whatever your path, you must act upon it. Just do it. Get it done. Whatever you want to say, that is the key. Everything else is a dream until you apply.


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The Knights Alchemy

Dude, that's vague. This is what Im pursuing for so I'll share my 2cent with you. Simply put, Action.

More practically, Plan of Action:

1) Define your success. Merely doing sales better than your coworkers is not I'm pretty sure. When I say define I mean define every detail. How much money do you want to be making? What kind of lifestyle do you want? What does it mean to you?

2) Planning. Step by Step. Set concrete plans you feel comfortable achieving. Within 3 months' time, I am going to achieve "A", therefore I can get to "B" in one year's time. Break it all down. Plan Long term as well as Short term goals.

3) Morning chants, goal statements, vision maps, all that sweet jazz.

4) Gain experience in the things you're doing, build confidence, repeat success process.

Wish you joy and success :)


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