im just a 16 yr old kid who loves this stuff, i first met my spirit animal 8 months ago, Tora(white tiger), i met him in a dream and then meditated 2 see if he was my power animal and he was, im native american, so this spiritually want runs in my family, but there is one thing that concerns me. Can people have a second power animal? for a while now i've been seeing another animal halus(arctic fox) and i wus just wundering if its normal to have more than one

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I went on a shamanic journey a while ago, guided by a shaman. She told me that I would find my power animal, but I didn't know that you could have more than one. So I found my first one which was an elephant. I accepted it as my power animal, as the shaman had told me to do, and then continued the journey. But then this giraffe kept following me, and I was pretty confused, not knowing that I could have more than one. After the journey, the shaman told me that it was normal to have more than one, and that we also have different power animals in each of the worlds (Lower, upper and middle world. I journeyed into the Lower world).

It was a pretty cool experience. I thought I was just making everything up as I went along, but when the shaman and I went through the events of the journey afterwards, it was full of symbols that were really accurate when compared to my life situation.


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Yes you can have several power animals at one time. Most seem to only have one. Also your power animal will change as you grow. My last power animal was a turtle now it is a giraffe.


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