A part of me feels rather silly asking this question but lately I've been feeling the need to ground myself. So I asked my higher-self what's happening to me. The answer was "you get your wings" this was accompanied by me seeing myself with huge transparent wings that stretched from one side of the room to the other and an unfamiliar tingling sensation down my back. This is an answer I didn't expect so I repeated the question a few times and recieved the same answer/image/sensation each time.

Can someone please help me interpret this and what it means. For it doesn't make any sense to me. Why would the etherial body need wings? What am I supposed to figure out or do?

Would greatly appreciate any input. thank you, namaste

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Daniele-you saw these images in dream or in deep meditation???

(31 Mar '11, 04:43) Zee

In deep meditation

(31 Mar '11, 06:22) daniele

Curious to know, what method do you use to ask your higher self for answers or guidance? Do you use straight meditation focusing on the breath?

(22 Apr '12, 00:56) Nikulas

Eckhart Tolle mentioned the insanity of the caterpillar. during transformation, the ego undergoes death as a caterpillar, metamorphosis and rebirth as a butterfly. checkout http://www.zaporacle.com/card/metamorphosis/


(06 Feb '13, 06:50) don
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To me it sound as if it is a symbolism to the abilty to assend ( not in the metapysical sense necessarily) . When the mind hears the word it goes back to its original meaning. To lift into the sky (to fly) . I do believe that it is your inner-self saying, "do not be afraid to open your wings and FLY" if you ground yourself to much, you will never be able to fly again.
I understand that we must all ground ourselves to an extent but we have to remeber to live life to the fullest. To try to make every second ones that we will enjoy and remeber forever. If we ground ourselves to an extent that we cant fly, then we loose all who we TRULY are! I hope that makes sense and I hope this is an answer you were truly looking for. love n light, rob


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It was an answer I was truly looking for! As a matter of fact, when I asked this question, you kept comming to my mind! thank you, namaste

(30 Mar '11, 06:57) daniele

such a good answer!

(30 Mar '11, 11:13) ursixx

@ ursixx thank you my freind. i am very happy you showed me this place. @ daniele . i am glad that it helped you, i always tend to get messages like this when i need them too lol, i was just having a few issues on how i wished i could help more., how i feel all my efforts to do so are so friutless, now i see the fruits. i always see them just on days like now where it is a little "harder" to see them, someone else reminds you of what you are supposed to be doing. i joined here to try to help others but now i relize even while doing that i alway get help when i need it too, thank you as well

(30 Mar '11, 17:44) TReb Bor yit-NE

i love revisiting old answers..

(23 Feb '13, 13:06) TReb Bor yit-NE

just a new perspective.....:)

(23 Feb '13, 16:38) Roy
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I have the same thing, I know other who have as well. I can literally feel them expand I have no idea what they are for so far except, as a protective device I use when doing clearings or protecting my self from ill will. Every time I meditate on clearing bad energies the wings pop up right away they are like soft golden feathers that emits light.


answered 16 Apr '12, 17:34

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Odd how your username is really related to this topic...Anyways I will post a reply to this answer too!

(19 Apr '12, 23:30) Ali00

Do you know why angels can fly? Because they don't take themselves seriously...

This is one of my personal favorite quote. Isn't it amazing? It's sad how I forgot who said that. Anyways, I don't think it's possible to manifest actual wings.... but I think it's easier and even better to have "spiritual" wings. And to do that... just have to take things less seriously and "fly" with joy!


answered 19 Apr '12, 23:35

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Too bad we didn't get more answers. I feel the question is important.

(21 Apr '12, 15:43) Tom

LOL Ali000

(22 Apr '12, 00:56) Nikulas

Hi daniele - the need to grow wings, hmm - we do this when we feel the need to act as an "angel" and watch over someone that we love that we wish either to keep from danger or to aid them to progress to a "higher" level - this person to watch over could be anyone that you love, including yourself - angels are ubiquitous entities.


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Apparently, you have received spiritual enlightenment, based upon the question you have asked your higher self in meditation, and you were therefore given the answer based upon your question!

The wings that you have seen is very specific, in the sense that you can now that go ahead with your plans, because you now have the wings you need to achieve the outcome that you so desire, and it will be a clean sweep for you. You will succeed effortlessly, without a doubt!

Now, only you know the real reason you asked this question, but I can assure you, you have received whatever it is that you were asking for, and the answer you received is your confirmation. So in essence what you have done is: you have communicated with your inner state of mind, (Telepathy) and the matrix for the physical body for astral projection of the ethereal body!


answered 30 Mar '11, 04:22

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Vee, "you have communicated with your inner state of mind, (Telepathy) and the matrix for the physical body for astral projection of the ethereal body!" I didn't expect that! what a ride!thank you, namaste

(30 Mar '11, 07:02) daniele

I believe you may have wings, but I can not see auras that well, only slightly. I have not seen wings before except in new age art. I can feel something prominent going on with my upper back. Maybe I am developing my wings. Someone that had out of body or near death experience could tell us more.

We may be the angels that people believe are the angels sent by God.


answered 19 Apr '12, 20:50

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daniel, nice talking to you again. Just keep flapping them to see what's happening. Don't give up on your in-stinks. And please believe me I am not being flip with you.

(19 Apr '12, 20:54) Tom

By the way you profile pic has wings is this something new?

(19 Apr '12, 21:01) Tom

@daniel, after a lot of blogs it seems that lots of people have wings. So far no one has given a reason for them. After intense chakra work my upper outer back starts to open. Unless we get more answers it will remain a mystery,

(19 Apr '12, 22:15) Tom
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Hello Daniele.

I'm a Reiki practitioner. I work with Chinese and Tibetan medicine too. Some therapies work to awaken your ethereal wings. We have an energy body, and that body has some parts that are not exactly like our physical body. Your wings are parts of our body that need to be awakened.

I used to have this problem too. I often felt my back stuck and I didn't know what it was all about. I tried many different approaches, and none of them seemed to work. I don't know why, but few therapists tackle that issue. On Google you'll find one or two people discussing it. Some books mention that, but the information there is usually vague.

There's only one book I know of that has an entire chapter dedicated to that matter. Its name is "Attune to Divinity", by Mariah Windsong, she's a Reiki Grand Master Teacher (RGMT). The Wing Care chapter delivers an effective Reiki empowerment (an energy activation) to awaken your wings. The book is huge, it has around 1000 pages. The book is an important reference in the Reiki community today. Even if you don't have a Reiki background you can use it. You can buy it on Amazon, there's a cheaper verson for Kindle too ($7,00). Here's the link to the book on Amazon: link text . You can also purchase the activation on Rosemary Noel's site, here's the link: link text

If you have any questions you can contact me. I can provide you with further material and references.

Kindly, Andre

PS 1: I took a look at what others here said and I'll try to elaborate a bit more. Some people here say they feel the extra portion in their aura or energy body. Our energy body is one, although the name and systems we use to describe its various details may differ. Here are a some explanations using different approaches:

  • In Chinese Medicine (TCM), when you treat the Eight Extraordinary Meridians then you feel your wings are ok. If you Google for a picture of the 8 extra meridians, you'll notice much of them are on your upper back and the back of your head. So when they are blocked you get a feeling that there's something in your back that needs treating. The Chinese wouldn't normally say people have wings. Wings are more closely related to our Western culture mostly because of angels.

  • I have a background in Tibetan medicine, but I don't knwo how exactly tibetans would address that.

  • In Western circles (generally derived from Theosophy), unpleaseant sensations in the upper body are described as "cords" or "hooks". Using, for example Diana Cooper's 12-chakra approach (instead of the yogic 7-chakra system), you'll notice three chakras are above your head, and these should be dealt with in order to fix your ethereal wings.

In addition to the two links I suggested, I'd especially recommend you visit a good acupuncturist and insist that he work on your eight extraordinary meridians. My bet is that will work for you.


answered 24 Jun '14, 16:39

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