This is quite confusing to me. I do have access to info and I do trust its accuracy. The thing is that I don't always understand what to make of it! Is it because I am quite new to all of this? Is it because I have no point of reference? Shouldn't the info be clear and simple with no room for interpretation?

Would appreciate any input. Thank you, namaste

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Barry Allen ♦♦

daniele, if i may share with you my experience, the answers unfold. no hurry to "interpret" the information. relaxation is key to this because in the state of allowing, one gets to allow the answers "to be", not manipulated or judged. and they do come. much better than i always expect. love and light...


answered 29 Mar '11, 12:04

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Yes, I do get agitated when I recieve answers I don't quite get! I should relax and "let it be"! thank you, namaste

(30 Mar '11, 06:35) daniele

Daniele, I agree with oxy_home. The answers come and often when you are still and not searching or seeking them in your daily physical reality. I realized that yes methods to access my vortex work, but I do need to be consciously aware to let go of doubts when ever they come up. Or when I start to seek answers in my physical environment. I say to myself and feel something like, Let go now, when the answer comes its going to be really obvious to me, so let go of this seeking and then I try to return to just being free of resistance.

I think the guidance is really clear and simple, we just have to allow it be ready and complete, before it comes to us. Expect it to be obvious and clear and it will come at the most opportune moment.


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Nikki, you got it! A part of me does doubt when I recieve answers I have no point of reference for. I guess it is this doubt that is creating the resistance to understanding. I should be more open! thank you, namaste

(30 Mar '11, 06:46) daniele

Looking at your question it seems as though there may be some confusion regarding the terms being used; bearing in mind that terms and labels themselves are really just temporary placeholders for your mind and not the real.

I don't really use the term vortex myself, but the way I understand vortex is as a particular state-of-being vibrationally speaking. Another way of looking at it is being in this state means you're mainly living in the now moment and thus are in the allowing mode or state.

When you're in this allowing mode you're more aware of the connection to your higher self and so its messages, which are always there, become more apparent. If you're not fully comprehending the messages, I would suggest working on the connection by relaxing and spending more time in the now moment, which in itself is meditation.

Although it makes sense to me that we all have guides; other than my higher self, I’m not 100% aware of my guides. There are many who come through in various ways, but it’s difficult to offer any advice in that direction without passing on my own speculation and uncertainty.

Just remember to always: notice the now moment, it's always there, every when, every where :)


answered 30 Mar '11, 02:06

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Eddie, for me, there is only my higher-self. The vortex, for me is another way of communicating with my higher-self. I used higher-self/vortex/guide in my question, even thought of using God,so whoever other selves believe they're communicating with can relate to the question. After all, we're One. And Eddie, you're right, I am so impatient, I haven't been relaxing and allowing! Everything seems to be happening so fast, but the now moment is all I have :) thank you, namaste

(30 Mar '11, 06:54) daniele
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