I've been focusing more deliberately recently and doing more Abraham-Hicks processes (in particular gridwork, meditating and just reaching for better feeling thoughts in the moment) in order to come up to speed with myself. I know other people have experienced a bit of a rough ride after doing vibrational work (some have said about all hell breaking loose, for example). In @Stingray's reply to this question, he gave the analogy of an old battered car going faster which can lead to the noticing of negative emotion because of increased sensitivity to resistance - and I think this is what is happening with me.

For me, all hell hasn't broken loose but I am noticing negative emotion more when I feel it, which is great obviously because I can then deal with it when it arises but it does lead to headaches mainly.

I just wondered what IQers' advice might be with regard to the best things to do in the moment when noticing negative emotion. Is it just a case of trying to 'soften' my focus as much as possible (while continuing to do the vibrational work I've been doing)? What advice would people give for actual things I can do in the moment when noticing headaches/resistance?

Many thanks for your advice!

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There isn't really a best way for any kind of vibrational change. ("Finding Relief" is just another way of referring to "vibrational change").

We're all in different vibrational places moving in different vibrational directions with different belief systems causing different levels of resistance...and then, just to make things even trickier, just living physical life causes that "mix" to change day to day so what worked yesterday might not work today :)

So the rule of thumb is to use any process that gives you immediate relief.

If a process is not giving you that immediate relief, it's time to try another process. If no process seems to work at all then it's time to hit the reset button, which means either meditate or just have a nap/sleep...and then from that low-momentum-of-thought state that results after the meditation/nap/sleep, you have a window of opportunity to start afresh.

I tend to classify vibrational change methods into three categories...

  • Distraction methods
  • Clearing methods (you could also think of these as "changing your perspective" methods)
  • "Pulling yourself up from the Vortex" methods. I would put Gridwork into this category.

There's some discussion of these Distraction/Clearing approaches here.

Even though we're always changing vibrationally, occasionally, approaches tend to surface (or be discovered) that have near-100-percent track records in producing consistent immediate vibrational change.

If you're in the "vibrational nerd" category, you tend to trumpet these approaches as the latest miracle method and then inflict them on the world (or perhaps just the world of IQ) for other people to benefit from or suffer with :)

With a Gridwork-style focus like you're using, in my opinion, the combination of Gridwork + Vibrational World Exploration is one of those near-100-percent methods. I've been blasting away at it relentlessly for months and reaching levels of alignment/joy that I didn't think any human being could experience in physical form.

So all that this approach is about is getting as general as possible regarding any subject (the emotion behind a subject is the most general you can get while still staying on the subject) then once the Gridwork Vortex alignment is secure, just keep pushing the specificness of the emotion more and more with life memories/visualizations (using specifically-targeted-for-that-emotion Positive Aspects/Touchstones/Virtual Realities/What Ifs) until that general alignment turns into a specific solid emotional "thrill".

Now you have the choice of overlaying your super-tuned emotion back onto the subject that inspired it to extract ideas/impulses or, as in pure VWE, you just roam over other In-The-Vortex life memories/visualizations to push that thrill further and further.

For even more powerful alignments, don't start with any subject at all, just pick from a list of emotions and start the Gridwork there.

The ultimate result (even after just a few weeks) of this super-tuning of emotion is that you get so good at letting these positive emotions dominate your life that "resistance" starts to automatically "bounce off" you whenever it surfaces...your default alignments become so powerful that virtually nothing that opposes them has the power to enter your reality (without invitation from you through deliberate focus, or an Inner-Being quest for experience)...you effectively develop a vibrational shield.

alt text

Abraham refer to this state as "Step 4", having extended their original Three-Step Reality Creation model. (Just for completeness of information, I should add that they also have a "Step 5" now which just means you are not bothered if you have a "Step 1" moment)

So what I'm saying is that if you keep up the Gridwork, you can eventually reach that "Step 4" phase and then resistance tends to fall away by itself.

Until "Step 4" comes about, if you are using a Gridwork-style approach, you are probably better just backing off into more general thoughts whenever resistance surfaces. Don't try to deliberately make yourself feel better about any particular subject - don't try to do clean-ups - just find a way to look at it (if you have to look at it) in a way that brings your connection back quickly.

You might find a method like Focus Statements useful for this.

A bit of a technical answer, this one, but you've mentioned previously that you're quite familiar with Abraham teachings.


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Many thanks once more, @Stingray - you deserve a medal :) At the moment I'm not in the vortex much but I'm getting into it more and more every day - when I do find myself in it I will try your VWE as it sounds good (sort of just basking in the glow of the vortex). With regard to distraction/clearing, I think I am already practising some of this a bit when negative emotions pop up - I tend to be distracting myself away by literally focusing somewhere else and appreciating something else...

(14 Jul '17, 08:34) Andie

...@Stingray - also I'm asking myself things like 'How does source feel about this?' or 'How would source look at this?' and I'm also trying pivoting. I do quite fancy the manifesting box method, so thank you for reminding me about that and the focus statements are good (I think I'm doing this a little bit in the moment too but it's good to have a list to refer to). Thank you!

(14 Jul '17, 08:37) Andie

@Andie - "I'm not in the vortex much but I'm getting into it more and more every day" - Consistent daily practice will eventually get you to a tipping point where it suddenly becomes more difficult to feel bad than to feel good :) Then you'll probably have to get your "fixes" of feeling-bad by forcing yourself to watch/read the daily news, or perhaps pay strangers to hit you. It can end up becoming quite tedious to keep the feeling-bad stuff going...better to enjoy it now while it's easy :)

(14 Jul '17, 13:42) Stingray

Ha! Ok I'll make the most of it while I can @Stingray :) Thank you again.

(14 Jul '17, 15:55) Andie
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