Like, if you do an action, but you don't really want to do it. It feels like a chore almost. But after you take the action, you're glad you did. Is that just filling in your grid by force? Is that not a good thing to do?

Like sometimes I'll put something off and do it only when I have to. But then after finishing it, I think, well that wasn't too bad, I'm glad I did it.

And I guess another part of this is, sometimes I feel like I have to take physical action I don't want to take in order to achieve something I want. I've been trying to start exercising but I keep putting it off. But the only way to gain muscle is to exercise, right? But if Abraham says not to do actions you don't want to do, and I really don't like the idea of exercising, just.. ugh!

I want a result, but I don't have the motivation to do it. It's quite conflicting, seeing as that's the only way I'm going to be able to gain muscle.

I really don't like the idea of going through life, forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do, just to get what you want. Basically torturing yourself just trying to achieve your goal.

asked 13 Dec '13, 01:56

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A great question! Let see how the community blames you for something that you're not doing right. #smart :D

(13 Dec '13, 06:40) Pankaj Pal

@PowerWave - Great question. I've wondered about this myself, but never thought to ask properly. Thanks for articulating so well something that has been just sort of rattling around in the back of my head!

(13 Dec '13, 10:37) Grace

1 you can gain muscle w/o gym exercise... it could happen that you do some other activity that involvs lot of muscle use.. example if you are construction or labor worker... or

(13 Dec '13, 18:57) abrahamloa

2 - Abaraham did not say don't do action... she said if you action is painful like it seems to be for you, in the moment temporarily drop that and do something more joyful to you.... forget about muscles for sometime if working out seems painful to you... then when you follow your joy it will lead to wonderful things..

(13 Dec '13, 18:58) abrahamloa

it could be you will be more inspired in some other way and come back and workout or it may be that you want muscle because u think its cool and got ideas from external feedback and in reality you don't want it.

(13 Dec '13, 18:58) abrahamloa

it could be that your mind is restless and you don't have proper discipline to follow through with workout... but if you mediate and be calmer then you will develop the strength to workout solidly w/o feeling its painful etc... being in silence and being connected to Source will give you all the answers ... right now there is some level of noise in you thats conflicting things...

(13 Dec '13, 19:00) abrahamloa

"I've been trying to start exercising" Do. Or do not. There is no try.

(14 Dec '13, 04:25) ursixx

@Pankaj Pal "A great question! Let see how the community blames you for something that you're not doing right." hmm . . . Your comment reminds me of another member who expressed similar views a yr ago. Now @Wade said something similar. A few months ago I was talking to someone online who said LOA is worse than any Religion cause ppl on forums like IQ blame you if it doesn't work the way you wish or your desire does NOT manifest. Interesting POV .... Should ask a new ?

(08 Jan '14, 02:07) ele

@ele there's really no difference following bible or loa..bleh, always following something, doomed to follow we are. Whether someone, something, our own ideas or senses. We can't exist without a guide. We're puppets. I wonder when people will get it finally.

All the talk about the validity of a guide we're following is ridiculous. In every single moment we follow something, follow your best judgement, heart, dreams, god, this or that. We spend time trying to find the right thing to follow...

(08 Jan '14, 02:24) CalonLan

...right for what? Right in what way? Right is relative term, you have to take A and compare it to B, then assume B is wrong, only so you can have A to be right. Without comparison, duality don't exist. A will be A, B will be B, they'll

The only thing good this site or LOA did for me, was to make me realize and see through it all. It served its own demise. I guess bible talks in parables so that people don't get it so clearly, cause they'd realize what unnecessary nonsense they...

(08 Jan '14, 02:25) CalonLan

...have been clinging to. Forever prisoners to X... that's what we all are. I listen to a sad song, I get sad, I eat icecream, I get happy, I get slapped across my face, I get angry, I get a hug, the anger will go away... I say hi noone replies, I feel unloved, I get a warm welcome with everyone cheering upon my arival, I feel on the top of the world.

Strings of life playing with us every day. Or you can hang yourself on a lonely string of indifference and be above it all. But still a puppet...

(08 Jan '14, 02:32) CalonLan

Ha ~ you're a trekkie are you NOT? I don't believe in the LOA or am I a follower. I see LOA the same way I view the sun or stars or moon. Sorry, I got involved in watching the 2nd most famous puppet ~ for you @Cal Petrushka

(08 Jan '14, 03:13) ele

@CalonLan Your views on everything are always so interesting. I really like you.

Just a question because I'm curious to know. What do you believe the purpose of life is? Do you think it even has a purpose?

(08 Jan '14, 04:03) PowerWave

@PowerWave, I have actually several theories about that topic, all of them different, some of them contradicting each other, reminding me every time I remember them it's all nonsense. Each theory is perfectly valid and could be believed and lived by, you just look around and see why people do what they do, everyone thinking they got it right and they all do as a matter of fact, but they think of it in self-righteous way. "I got it right, you got it wrong"... then from all their...

(08 Jan '14, 06:49) CalonLan

...perspectives, various advices on how to live life appear. But life is undefinable. How would you give advice to someone about something you cannot even begin to describe. Of course you can limit yourself by a certain definition, and give advice within this limitation, but that just makes it untrue to rest of life which is behind those limitations.

And it's alright to be wrong, not in a way I made a mistake, but in a way, I live beyond the limitations of what's right to others or even myself

(08 Jan '14, 06:53) CalonLan

Life as whole has all meanings, and thus no meaning at all. But within limitations of definitions we find comfortable to live by, our limited versions of life have meaning. It's the limitations that define the meaning. Some people do it other way around, they chose a dream and limit their life accordingly. which compared to the former way is way more effective.

That is why I say, pick whatever you like, and adopt beliefs that help you achieve it. Trying to gather beliefs and then force...

(08 Jan '14, 06:56) CalonLan

...them onto your goals is an exercise in futility. If your only want is to be really rich, you must adopt belief that money are great. You must adopt beliefs that it's ok cheat the system, take shortcuts, destroy the competition in anyway. If you want to a nice business man, forget all of that, adopt other beliefs.

Beliefs to me are worth as much as used cigarette buds. I've been wh*ring with beliefs for a long time. I better don't believe any of them, just use them.

(08 Jan '14, 07:01) CalonLan

The conclusion of my blabbering is this: Either you choose to be someone and play some part in this theater of life (limit yourself to some definitions, beliefs, meaning of life, style etc), or you just gonna watch it all, experience it all (as only observer can) and be no-one, have no part, no beliefs, no style, no meanings, although paradox alert even observing others is a part on it own, with its meaning.

So you see, you can't escape meaning of life,either you choose it, or it chooses you.

(08 Jan '14, 07:08) CalonLan

@Calon Lan Very interesting comment CL.

(08 Jan '14, 10:59) Catherine

I feel I want to add this...

Beware that people cling to beliefs too much, perhaps they feel it's the only thing they posses. Thus it's hard for them to let go of them, their beliefs define the world they live in and give them sense of who they are. And we know how stable environment is comfortable. It's the same with beliefs, you stabilize your beliefs, which will give you sense of integrity and character and you feel no longer lost and can say - This is who I am...

But beliefs are more...

(08 Jan '14, 18:00) CalonLan

....clothes. When it rain you take a raincoat, when it snows you take a jacket, when hot sun shines you strip it all down. Many people cling to their beliefs so they they will wear raincoat or jacket no matter the condition or run around in underwear regardless of the temperature. And they then suffer as they struggle to justify their beliefs (clothes) against the environment (weather) they're in.

They want to preserve the illusion of "who I am" no matter what, even if they will suffer...

(08 Jan '14, 18:03) CalonLan

...for it. Some will object that you can't just change your beliefs, meanings of life, who you are... you should have some integrity. And on the other hand same people will argue that the change is only constant.

You will hear a lot of truths and advices, my advice would be take them all lightly, don't cling to any of them, neither to this one. Dress as you fit and enjoy. Like a madly laughing Buddha, life will lose all it's seriousness we wrap it in.

Every moment is like a candy,..

(08 Jan '14, 18:08) CalonLan
1 itself so for nothing and just uselessly existing, but when we taste it, it gets a meaning ;-)

(08 Jan '14, 18:09) CalonLan

@ele in regards to my comment about puppets, I think people find the idea of being slaves to causality repulsive. They want to preserve the idea of being free, having choice. I don't know yet why they feel the need to do so...when I drugged myself, I was so slave to all my sense. All tasted, sounded, felt hundred times magnified. I could not even begin to formulate a single thought as in every moment I got overwhelmed by my senses. I think if ppl allowed this idea into their lives....

(08 Jan '14, 18:21) CalonLan

...they would easily see what ticks them. What triggers the reactions in them.

Because I admit to myself I'm slave to my senses, thoughts, ideas, emotional's far easier for me to change the states of being. Since I'm not afraid to admit being a puppet on strings, I get to understand which string moves me and in what way. And then I can use it to my own benefit. So what if I'm attached to strings, when you understand them, you can move just as freely as if you really were.

(08 Jan '14, 18:24) CalonLan

The comments after Catherine's are especially insightful. Like it a lot. Good Stuff @Cal I love marionettes & puppet shows & I don't mind being played like a violin if I'm aware & enjoying the vibrations from the strings when they are being played. I too know my strings. Violin is one of fav instruments. I appreciate my emotions ~ but I'm NOT a slave to my emotions thoughts or ideas etc. I love being free & being able to choose to have goals or not. I love not being set in my ways ~ >

(08 Jan '14, 23:36) ele

< always open to new experiences & taking the road less traveled. To be a slave means to be controlled & forcing yourself to do or behave in a certain way. I think of words like ownership. According to the dictionary ~ obsession & working excessively hard & they use synonyms like toil & toil reminds me of toil & trouble. Wasn't that Macbeth? Being a slave doesn't sound very joyful to me.

Don't fast forward or you'll miss the water trick ~ enjoy

(08 Jan '14, 23:48) ele

@ele, then perhaps instead of being a slave (since that expression seems to be seen in a negative way, which is why I used it, as I didn't want to lull anyone with more sophisticated positive talk lol), i shall say, one is always stimulated by something at every moment. Each moment is a link in already happening chain reaction of events. One consequently following another, becoming cause for those to follow. In that sense, you can't escape, thus you're need free from this influence.

(09 Jan '14, 02:12) CalonLan

lol sure @Cal Not buying it...

(09 Jan '14, 02:28) ele

Not selling anything @ele. :p

(09 Jan '14, 02:40) CalonLan

.. fair enough ~ touche @Cal

(09 Jan '14, 02:52) ele
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Abraham says to not make yourself do anything you don't want to do

That may be what you are interpreting they are saying but I would suggest that it's not really what they are saying :)

If Abraham really said don't do anything you don't want to do then no-one would ever do any vibrational work to feel better since doing "mental work" is still taking valuable action...ask anyone who gets paid to think at all during the course of their employment, which is probably everyone these days.

The reason it's tough to do vibrational work when you are in a bad-feeling place is because the existing momentum of the Law of Attraction, based upon your previous dominant thoughts, is holding you in a fairly inflexible status-quo even if it's an emotionally painful one for you.

So the last thing you'll find you'll want to do is to put in the hard vibrational effort required to shift yourself out of that rut into a better-feeling place because it's going to feel like hard work compared to just staying with the existing flow/momentum.

The good news though is that it's only the first step that is hard...every next step gets easier and easier.

alt text

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Lao Tzu, Wise Ancient Philosopher

A journey of a single step can feel like a thousand miles

Stingray, Dark Sunglasses Promoter

So, coming back to your question, what Abraham are actually saying is (I'm paraphrasing here)...

Do whatever you have to do to get yourself Vortex-aligned ...then, from there, everything else will fall into place by itself if you follow your inspirations

Whatever really means Whatever ...anything at all that gets you closer to your Vortex.

So if you can do Whatever you have to do to get Vortex-aligned then that must also include taking any physical action that you believe you have to take to feel better and edge closer to your Vortex alignment.

I've gone into this idea in more detail in Did Abraham teachings ever promote action?

A useful rule of thumb to bear in mind regarding action is...

  • Outside the Vortex, take actions that you know will make you feel better once you've done them

  • Inside the Vortex, take actions that are inspired because that inspiration is now showing you the shortest route to what you really want in your life

answered 13 Dec '13, 07:00

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@Stingray Nice answer. Someone asked Abraham along the lines of "what should I do if the only way I can feel better about my finances is to take action?". And they said, "earn a living through your action, and create your empire through your thought". So they clearly recommend action taking if this feels like the only option to get into the Vortex.

(13 Dec '13, 07:49) releaser99

@Stingray - Thank you for another really helpful answer. You made it feel clear and simple, as always.

(13 Dec '13, 10:35) Grace

Great quote releaser99, that hits the spot.

(13 Dec '13, 12:36) Monty Riviera

the statement you made "If Abraham really said don't do anything you don't want to do then no-one would ever do any vibrational work to feel better since doing "mental work" is still taking valuable action.." … i feel its not that. People actually don't want to do vibrational work since its a chore sometimes. But they do because they have a belief that if they don't do that its going to be worse. Thats what moves someone to do the vibrational work. Pick the better of the worse to begin with.

(16 Dec '13, 19:45) abrahamloa

but later they realize that vibrational work is not too bad and they enjoy and results shows up... so they keep moving up and up. But If doing vibrational work is a chore - then its better NOT to do even that. (in the interim...) I would think Abraham would say that...

(16 Dec '13, 19:46) abrahamloa
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My take on this is that action can frequently, for many people, be a very Vortex-aligning activity. An example might be that if you owe someone ten bucks, but you're broke, and then, because you believe that it's really important to repay your debts, so you go though your pockets and you ** together the money and repay them, maybe the sum of that action, vibrationally, is that you think things like "I may not have much, but I always keep my promises. I act in financially honorable ways." (Or something.)

And because that's then where you're vibrating, maybe that lifts you a little higher than you had been, and things clear up for you financially. But it's not really the action - the repaying of the debt - that does anything magical. It's how you feel and think about the action in your unique vibrational world. You know?

Conversely, say that you're a person who has promised to do a big project for someone, and you get upset every time you think about it, you just feel like a big ball of resistance. Taking action in spite of all of that resistance is unlikely to lift your mood, your vibration, or your physical reality. (Ask me how I know.)

So in the second circumstance, I think that's what Abe is talking about: don't take action when you are drenched in resistance. Clear up some of the resistance first and THEN take action, and the action will both feel easier and lead to results you like more.

For myself, when I "don't feel motivated", or I feel like I'm procrastinating, I think that's generally because my vibrational mix on the topic is unpleasantly murky. And so it serves me to get to a better-feeling place about it, both because it's just more fun to feel better, and because I think I can do better work more easily once I feel less like dragging my feet.

E.g., when it comes to exercising, I think many of us share beliefs like "You have to exercise to be healthy and lose weight and gain muscle" but also "Exercise is unpleasant", AND, because I think how you feel about your body is a pretty accurate reflection of how you're vibrating, many of us think things like "I should exercise, because that's what good people do, but I am probably not a good person, and so my lack of willpower will drag me down". But, when you're in a more aligned state, I don't think you think things like "I don't have enough willpower to exercise". You just do some exercise, and you enjoy it. It isn't a big thing full of effort and force of will. It's... easy.

(Not that I am in this place myself - I get there intermittently, though, and I can feel how different it is to exercise because it seems fun and easy and inspired vs "I am a bum and a bad person and I must exercise, I must".)


answered 13 Dec '13, 18:31

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Everyone has to do things they don't want to do. Example I have so many bills I can't pay. My rent I can't pay, so I need a job that pays well. I was just informed my nuclear power plant is hiring for clean up. That pays well and could pay my car payment and the rent and maybe some of my past due credit debt collectors.

Who actually wants to work cleaning up a nuclear plant? None but the pay is good and the money is needed, so hopefully I'll get the job.


answered 13 Dec '13, 03:01

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

The one thing I know for sure is ~ the more you complain ~ the more you'll find to complain about @Wade. Car payments ... hmmm ... things must be better cause last time we talked you said you didn't own a vehicle. As for working at a nuclear plant. I used to live about an hr from 1 once. It was 1 of the better paying jobs in the area w/ great benefits. Unless you work in the office or another specialty job ~ everyone starts in maintenance & you work your way up from there. (A)

(30 Dec '13, 17:15) ele

(B) Congrats ~ glad to hear you are finally looking for a better job. If your parents security firm does not provide benefits or it doesn't pay you a livable wage then you had not choice other than to seek employment somewhere else. I'm pretty sure OSHA has made every effort & the plant is in compliance & has provided its employees a very safe work environment. If you get the job, I would change my attitude ~ we wouldn't want another 3 Mile Island or Chernobyl.

(30 Dec '13, 17:24) ele

(C) Remember what you said ~ you are a Master Creator ... Your thoughts & most of ALL your feelings matter when it comes to manifesting for the good or for the bad.... Don't create unconsciously.

(30 Dec '13, 17:25) ele
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A cause precedes the effect, which in turn becomes the cause for the next.... Hence in the larger picture, everything is interconnected Everything is the cause of everything; Anything (good or bad*) can happen at any time, anywhere No event is unconnected.

Foot note *Good and bad are relative: Road-widening is perceived to be good by many Yet it is perceived bad by those residents whose houses are to be dismantled for road-widening!


answered 13 Dec '13, 04:58

T%20D%20Joseph's gravatar image

T D Joseph

edited 13 Dec '13, 04:59

Like, if you do an action, but you don't really want to do it. It feels like a chore almost. But after you take the action, you're glad you did. Is that just filling in your grid by force? Is that not a good thing to do?

This is because you internally actually believe that this needs to be done. So belief standpoint you were split. You kind of know its good to for you to do this. Also Abraham says that the action you do will produce less quality result if you do this in this kind of forced way. thats all. Its not in your best interest. Whereas if you feel inspired and do the quality will be much better and more effortless for you in the mind. Soometimes i find myself in this situation too. When something NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP!! you cannot put it off no matter how you feel. In this kind of scenario best is to get into vortex position and time will fly. Example i do 3rd eye meditation listening to some nice music. So if i do that i feel like time passed w/o knowing. But unless you condition yourself its not easy to do these chores more effortlessly. Its like when you are hosting a party you are excited about then you would clean your house in excitement.You may put great music and clean it with enthusiasm. So its the same thing if you use meditational tools etc and you first get into that Divine state before doing your chore. So try to develop this beforehand with tasks that are little boring but needs completion

Right now i do insanity workouts which are quite intense... but i have linked this to sort of out of body experience whenever i do this.. so now i am consistent and even enjoy it. So its getting into that Superconscious state as you do the activity.

Workout wise even i have a belief that i really need to workout hard to get result. but for me this is challenge and comes from inspired area and not oh lord i got to * up... although sometimes i do that too lol... Another thing i observed is sometimes when i workout less and eat more but my body is still fit... and on another day when i workout hard and diet correct i still feel a little bloated... its clear to me vibration is most important through those experiences...

Also most fundamental thing in life is to be in the Superconcisous state of mind. or what Abraham calls connected to Source... this state i describe as lets say you are dancing and for half hour you got totally lost and you were dancing freely and you were in joy.. THIS IS CONNECTED TO SOURCE>>.. another time lets say you are thinking i wish i know more steps or maybe i look stupid... this you are still dancing and others may even think you are enjoying but inside you are not fully open.... now you can get to this state in any activity but problem is you are not trained to do it... the way you train yourself is doing meditation everyday... or something equivalent guided visualization or Quantum breathing by Jeru Kebbal where you breathe in and out fast for period of time or even pray deeply to God everyday, or say affirmation but really really involved in it not superficial way... etc ... this takes you out of your normal consciousness... then you are in that bliss state of joy.... This is the most critical step ... and this can achieved in your own personal way.. there are lot of tools and choose the one that really helps you and you seem to enjoy….


answered 13 Dec '13, 17:42

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edited 13 Dec '13, 17:48

I really don't like the idea of going through life, forcing yourself to do things you don't want to do, just to get what you want.

Abraham teaches a philosophy of hedonism. It's not about doing whatever feels good in the moment. It's about gaining happiness in the long term in living in a way that will also influence others to be happy and spread happiness.

It's about Compassion, not getting what you want, because once you have the Compassion and help others, your spirit will feel Joy inside and you will also enjoy their smiles and they will be more happy and likely to be kind to you as well.

Mutual Kindness, Mutual Respect


answered 21 Dec '13, 12:37

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