Consider: And that the facts about the truth have been with held from them, for selfish reasons?

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Are there many people who have discovered the truth about The Secret: but are too selfish, and greedy to share it with others, because they believe that they will somehow loose their empowerment, or is it because they believe that they do not know how to teach it in a simple step by step formula, since it can be extremely difficult to teach, and the fact that we do need to understand all the sub-laws for the universal laws to work for us to manifest?

The answer that I am looking for is: Are some of us unaware of the other laws that might be causing us to attract the things we do not want, and can we really change the flow of direction to attract the things we really want in our life?

This question is for the many people that are still having difficulties using The Secret, and the Universal Laws, and still needs constructive feed back?

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The Secret is really old rediscovered information that was hidden because of persecution. Some people still fear these teachings for they give the self a sense of power which is a threat to controlling organizations, mainly churches. If you focus on the negative emotion of having to pay bills, you give that negativity a power broadcast to the universe. If you focus on the positive solution to get rid of the bills for good, you give a power broadcast in that direction. It is all in how you approach whatever you are trying resolve. This only sets up the window of opportunity. Some of us stop at this point. After the initial imagery, a window will open up, but you must follow up with action. Some of us fail to act, or some don't recognize when the window is open. But the window must be acknowledged for it will dissipate. Attracting things that you do not want is based in FEAR. Fear of something is a separation of the whole, and will attract that which you fear. Absorb the fear, don't run from it. Your intentions are good and will dissolve that fear into your positive intention.


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I agree many fail to act, when the window is open, thank you!

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The only thing we need to be aware of is ourself. Once we gain complete awareness of how our own mind operates we realize why and how we do what we do and attract what we attract and thus have the power to change it if we want. The universal laws become apparent and we realize that there is no secret.


answered 02 Apr '11, 11:46

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I like the part that says,"there is no secret." Thank you.

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Many people don't care.


answered 02 Apr '11, 07:01

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That is also true, thank you!

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The secret is...the Precession of the Equinoxes. That is, our solar system is on a 26,000 year orbit with the Great Central Sun, our Source. For the last 25,999 we have been moving away from our Source, but we will be moving closer to our Source very soon. This is important to know because the further we are from Source the more challenging, but the closer we are to our source the more enlightening.

Love and Light


answered 03 Apr '11, 02:20

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Thanks for the link, awesome information!

(06 Apr '11, 06:51) Inactive User ♦♦
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