I realize that this has been touched upon in several other questions, like What is the secret in the movie, "The Secret?"

But I have long been curious about why Rhonda Byrne calls it "The Secret", and goes to great lengths in the beginning to say how the "Secret" was suppressed by "those in power" for centuries, even to the point of having a man that looks a LOT like Charles Haanel in a cigar smoked filled board room, with his cronies, ostensibly keeping the Secret, Secret.

We know that it just does not work that way. Suppressing knowledge of the LOA would weaken the practice of it! Putting the practitioner in a poverty state of consciousness. A lack of abundance.

Why does she call it a closely guarded secret?

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Dollar Bill

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

This is my personal thought on this (I have no sources or the like), but I feel it's to gain publicity. I feel it's the same reason they removed Abraham Hicks from the film, because it would have caused some people to turn their heads if they had a "channeled entity". The title and atmosphere are very attractive and it seems to be rather popular.

What is LOA? It means different things to different people. I know many on the site believe in it, but it's very likely we all see it and interpret it very differentlly. There really is no "definite" definition for it, in my opinion, and various teachers define it in different ways, even if it's rather subtle.

The Secret was my "introduction" to the idea and it was a good introduction to the ideas. But it doesn't answer enough questions, especially since many encounter it carrying many limitations they don't recognize or feel uncertain on how to change. I don't think it's a "secret" or was deliberately hidden. Maybe in some instances, depending on what kind of definition a person focuses on. Many people seem to believe positive thinking is a major key to overrall happiness, so in that regard it doesn't seem to be a secret. Many people share their understanding of "the power of the mind" whether they say "loa" or not.


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Yes, i agree. The word "secret" is known in marketing to be a so called "power word" to draw attention to a product, similar as the words "free", "easy", "how to", "now" etc. Look here on IQ there is a thread right now with over 500 views just in 4 days. The word "secret" makes people click, buy, read and want to know. It activates the desire to know more than other people and it makes extremely curious.

(09 Dec '12, 16:33) releaser99

True. I actually remember how I initially found the book, I was very depressed and would google things like "what is the secret to life?" No surprise this came up. I'm sure many have done similiar things- so the title has done very well for it.

(09 Dec '12, 16:46) LapisLazuli

@LapsiLazuli - I think you are right. Publicity idea. It really is no secret. Dig deep enough in any philosophy, religion, etc. The basic principles are the same.

But we want to know "The Secret"! So we buy the book, and it is a good start.

(09 Dec '12, 18:29) Dollar Bill

Ye, simply it's more sophisticated than calling it "OMG this is the best thing you ever learn about, must see!" right?

(10 Dec '12, 02:03) CalonLan

@LapisLazuli-yes the bit about the loa having different meanings certainly makes sense to me ... as if we are all different parts of a universal jigsaw puzzle and the way each individual sees things depends on his/her position within that puzzle

(16 Dec '12, 03:36) blubird two
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Because it is and still is actually, every thing written about The Law Of Attraction has left out pieces. Even The Secret itself did it again. The closest to the full LOA was Ask and It Is Given.

This is reveled in Your Wish Is Your Command.

Henry Ford when he read Napoleon Hill's original 1927 manuscript threw a fit and demanded it edited! The 1929 edition of The Sixteen Laws Of Success came after that. Even still Henry Ford demanded it edited more so it became the really watered down book Think and Grow Rich.

So even when books were written like The Sixteen Laws, The Science of Getting Rich, The Secret Of The Ages, all had key parts edited out on purpose.

This is why it is called The Secret.


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Wade Casaldi

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.For every who asks receives... Or what man is there among you, who if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good thins to those who ask Him." (Matthew 7:8-11).

(09 Dec '12, 20:00) white tiger

Did you sign up for 'Your Wish is Your Command' Wade?

(09 Dec '12, 21:41) Eddie

I bought it through Neo-Tech but now you can get it on Amazon for a fraction of the original cost.

Sadly at least for now I am not a member of GIN I don't have the money too join and even if I did I would need money to use all those connections to make big money.

I also have a copy reprint of the original 1927 Manuscript of the Sixteen Laws.

(10 Dec '12, 00:15) Wade Casaldi

I was speaking of the Abraham Hicks book, but yes Jesus taught it too.

(10 Dec '12, 00:25) Wade Casaldi

Why would anyone pay to join an organization in order to receive secrets, when all information and so-called secrets are available to anyone who asks for free?

(11 Dec '12, 00:02) Eddie

GIN is the Global Information Network it is connections with people all over the world in mostly things to do with money.

Your Wish Is Your Command is from the Illuminate. Do you know the Training Balance Scale? It is a very important part that I haven't seen anywhere free.

(11 Dec '12, 01:42) Wade Casaldi

question to Wade Casaldi: can you tell what was left out from the Secret and other info written earlier about the LOA, or any law dealing with consciousness and its evolution? IncludeChia

(12 Dec '12, 16:07) IncludeChia

@IncludeChia I have I believe it is 10 CDs but one of the most important CDs is number 2 it is all about the Training and Balance Scale.

In other words how prepared are you to receive what you are asking for? Example I could use the LOA to get a job promotion however if I am not prepared for it, how qualified would I feel for the promotion? Do you think that feeling of uncertainty might prevent LOA from working?

Being ready to receive is feeling worthy to receive.

(16 Dec '12, 05:49) Wade Casaldi

@Dollar Bill Thank you Bill this has made my explaining so much easier! This is it exactly, I originally paid a fortune for this info. Originally Keven kept his identity secret, his name was never mentioned on my CDs but this is it. Okay now we can say you can get the information free.

(16 Dec '12, 15:47) Wade Casaldi

This power point is the meat and potatoes of the CDs. This is the facts and points made on the CDs.

I believe I am at the Unconscious Competence level. Things have been coming to me like crazy. Even whims have been showing up free!

It is like all I have to do is want or need something and it comes either cheap or free. I am very blessed continually, I am living the kingdom life.

Now to get this to cross over and include money next, that would be awesome!

(16 Dec '12, 16:57) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - so excited for you! Sounds like you are really doing well. Keep us informed.

Regarding GIN, I have mixed emotions about multi-level marketing. However GIN has a log track record, since 1986. However I don't feel like joining up.

(17 Dec '12, 05:03) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill Thanks for checking out GIN for me and all of us actually. You are wealthy so I trust your judgment of GIN. I am glad you found the link to the Power Point Your Wish is Your Command though. :-)

(20 Dec '12, 22:50) Wade Casaldi
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I think that within our society of self-imposed limitations, the word 'secret' has a natural attractive quality of its own, especially in the area of financial abundance; so it makes sense to use 'The Secret' for marketing purposes. So many people are trapped within the idea of poverty because they've bought into other people's beliefs concerning things like hard work, and the outdated viewpoint and faulty assumption that we live in a mechanical universe.

The Secret introduced the idea that we live in an attraction based universe and that you are in control of whatever you receive and experience in your world through your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. That's a great place to start because it offers an opportunity, for those who are ready, to move beyond their self-limiting belief systems and places them in a position of power.

However, as with the original version of 'Think And Grow Rich,' the word vibration was not allowed to be used in 'The Secret' movie, audio and book; thus rendering it slightly inaccurate and incomplete. I guess the publishers live in fear and hold a belief in lack; a state in which they believe that if others gain, then they will lose. Again, this is merely an expression of a self-limiting belief system in action.

I read that Abraham-Hicks refused to participate further unless the word vibration was included because we really do live in a Universe of vibrational attraction. And as the word vibration was not allowed, Abraham-Hicks pulled out of the deal. Thus, their exit wasn't to do with the idea of channeled information; it was concerning fear of people getting to the root cause of what makes reality tick, fear of the masses being truly self-empowered.

If you think about it, the act of Abraham-Hicks pulling out of ‘The Secret’ helped them to attract an even larger audience and spread their messages even wider, so the publisher’s plan to keep people in darkness didn’t work anyway. At least that’s what happened from my point of view. It’s all about resonance my friends, believe it ♥


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This is exactly one of the things discussed on the CD set Your Wish Is Your Command. Much agreed, resonance, vibration, frequency, harmonics... All are excellent words to describe LOA.

(10 Dec '12, 00:49) Wade Casaldi

I can tell you why it was released to the public in the first place..

PART ELEVEN MASTER KEY SYSTEM ~ Charles Haanel 26. We are standing on the threshold of a new era. The time has arrived when man has learned the secrets of mastery and the way is being prepared for a new social order, more wonderful than anything ever heretofore dreamed of. The conflict of modern science with theology, the study of comparative religions, the tremendous power of new social movements, all of these are but clearing the way for the new order. They may have destroyed traditional forms which have become antiquated and impotent, but nothing of value has been lost.


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On our dollar bills, the obverse side of the Great Seal of the United States has Annuit coeptis - He (God) approves of what we have begun. Novus ordo seclorum--a new order of the ages. Sounds good to me. Particulalry now we need a New Order.

Ayn Rand, in her novel "Atlas Shrugged". Chapter 10 is entitled the "Sign of the Dollar". Rand claimed the dollar sign was the symbol not only of the currency, but also the nation, a free economy, and a free mind. I like that!

(15 Dec '12, 18:34) Dollar Bill

I agree with most of what has been said here. However I still contend that the wealthy and powerful, understand the Law of Abundance. That keeping the Secret, a secret is incorrect. That concept would go against the basics of Abundant thinking.

They certainly want to keep processes, how they make and then patent certain things, their intellectual property, even how they wield power, secret to avoid competition, but the basic idea of LOA has never been withheld by those who understand it.

I can guarantee that IF the wealthy/powerful really wanted to keep it suppressed, it would never see the light of day from Rhonda Byrne or anyone else.

The idea of the wealthy/powerful keeping LOA-type processes secret is in my opinion, a widespread limiting belief shared by too many less successful people. Likely Rhonda Byrne DID call it The Secret as a publicity idea, and it worked well enough to get a LOT of people on the Path!

The beginning of "The Secret" went to some lengths to state that "The Secret" had been suppressed for millennia. This was a way to hook people into watching the rest of the DVD which had nothing to do with "The Secret" being suppressed.

If you want to be wealthy/powerful, don't envy the way they got there. Get off the idea that people are being suppressed in this respect. The Secret is now and always has been hidden in plain sight. Those that are ready, understand this.

For some as yet not understandable reason, we have many metaphors that have been proven to be dysfunctional. Work hard and you will be successful. This can lead some to believe that since they work hard, do everything right, make highly moral choices and are still not successful that the rich must be doing something evil, that the rich are suppressing a Secret that could make everyone successful.

Why would they do that? Though the rich may not understand the LOA by definition, they understand how to use it, and that we live in an abundant universe. They understand this very, very well. They see possibilities everywhere.

I was recently approached by a man who told me that "my people" were suppressing "his people" for our gain. My response was to ask him what did "his people" have that "my people" wanted?

Perhaps it may be more understandable that if everyone had a higher standard of living, more money, the rich would sell more products. Everyone benefits! Everyone moves up a notch.

Henry Ford understood this very well. He paid his assembly line workers a very high wage so they could buy his cars. He was not an educated man and his decisions were based on intuition.

Most of the problems with the early "Secret tellers" came from organized religion that disagreed with the presentation. The concept that God dwells within us. This went against their beliefs.

Jerry Hicks once pondered if he should be buying expensive cars. Then he realized how many people benefited from his purchase. All the people who had a part in building and marketing his cars.

I am painting with a broad brush here. There are certainly instances where people have been repressed, they still are. But please don't use this as a personal reason that you, in particular, are being targeted. No, not true! You have set your foot on the Path. See your "excuses" as limiting beliefs that you can chanage.

You and only you are limiting yourself. Down deep, you know this is how it is.


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Dollar Bill

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