I know this is going to sound like such a stupid question but im quite scared!

A couple of weeks ago I developed a virus and was laid up in bed for 3 days. One afternoon i felt a pulling sensation like i was on a rollercoaster and i could see myself covered in really bright sunlight. My mum said she could hear me crying.

If anyones read my recent questions theyll know every second of my day some of my past is always on my mind but in this picture I could see a blank mind (bear with me!!) Then a week later when I was better I was walking down the road and the same thing happened only it was such intense pulling that I sat down and cried and said "stop, its too fast!".

It stopped and I was really scared, I thought I was going mad.

It came again with an image in my mind of me covered in really bright sunlight and I was lying down with someone rubbing my shoulders and again my mind was completely blank. Has anyone had anything like this and what does it mean.

I'm extremely stressed out by it! Questions have also started to flash up in my head in large letters and I get a low feeling or a high feeling as answers. My mum says I should go to the doctors as this is not normal.

What is happening?

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Welcome to the fifth dimension Mile3 :).You telling them to stop it's too fast is perfect.Let them know that you want the information that is coming in to be comprehendable.You might like to start to journal (if you don't already). Whether it's your Guides or Angels they are eager to please they just need you to ask.Go Slow and make it Fun. Love and Light


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These seem like good dreams to me, I see no reason to fear these. The roller coaster could represent the ups and downs of life. But the constant sunshine I see as God is always in control have no fear everything will always be cool whether you are on an up-rise or a down-fall.

The having your shoulders rubbed I see as God is assuring you to relax and know you are taken care of.


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I would first check to see if it is physical since you were recently sick. Possible dehydration. This can screw up your equilibrium. Second I would meditate in a quiet place and ask to solve your fear. You are putting the world on your shoulders and you can only take so much. Stay in the moment and look forward. What was done in the past is done. Plan some positive uplifting thing to do that you enjoy. You are who you think you are. And you are not the monster relationship of the past. You can adapt to this dream world and change it. All of us have this talent, you just have to believe in your future in the moment. Luv ya too. We are all in this together.


answered 02 Apr '11, 15:22

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The Knights Alchemy

This is the energy that is high now in this earth. this sensation is often the same that people recieve in the later stages of the equi-sync meditations, these are ones that adjust your alpha, theta and delta waves to a higher leval and also to use them in both hemispheres of the brain, the day to day waves we use aqre called beta waves, the are assosiated with stress and anxiaty, i believ that you are reaching into the higher parts of your mind (which explains the light ) and , not to be rude, you are not emotionaly, mentaly or spiritualy ready for such an intense enrgy wave, i hope that you will not be so scared, i suggest that next timme you do this TRY HARD to realize that this is good energy and if you embrace it unstaed of fear it, it will benifit you ! do you mediate regularly? if you want to get your body used to this you can download these and start at 1a then 2a then 3a , also i will send you the chart that shows the differences in these waves and how these meditations will bennifit you .ok? please get ahold of me if you need any advice on this and i will be happy top help, 1a - http://www.4shared.com/audio/zaEVJ2xH/01a_Synchronicity.html 2a- http://www.4shared.com/audio/xOv-DM7F/02a_Balance.html 3a- http://www.4shared.com/audio/iqzfNoDI/03a_Renewal.html

manual- http://www.4shared.com/document/vNYLTu1d/Instruction_Manual.html

hope that this helps you, love n light, rob


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if you are courious but do not know if you want to down load it, here is a link that shows you the chart of the same manual i sent, it is teh graph part a little way down ok?? http://www.eocinstitute.org/brainwave_s/46.htm

(02 Apr '11, 18:36) TReb Bor yit-NE

Dear Mile3,

I think I may have the answer to what is happening to you.

You said you were sick. This may be the key, but the reason it is the key may surprise you.

Sometimes, when we are sick (and especially when we run fevers), our souls get a bit "yanked". By this I mean that our souls are anchored pretty firmly to our bodies, but an illness can stretch the "cord" that connects the soul to the body in such a way that we, for a time, are a bit "out-of-body". I am going to refer to a Bible verse here; I hope this does not offend you. It is from I Corinthians 13: "For now, we see through a glass, darkly; but then [here Paul is referring to after death, in Heaven] face to face; now, I know in part; but [in Heaven] shall I know even as also I am known." (KJV, I Cor 13:12)

In life, we do not see all that there is! But, after we pass into the next life, we will see and understand everything. That glass Paul is referring to is dark for now. But Mile3, the veil was lifted for you! Just a little- just enough that you can feel your Guides and also are feeling the tug of your soul within your own body. It is nothing to fear. Usually, when people have been ill, they just get well and that is that. But you had your soul nudged a bit from your body, and are feeling just a tiny portion of what is behind the glass.

I came close to death in March of 2009. I spent six weeks in the hospital, and had surgery every other day of that six weeks. When I finally went home, I remember how bright the sunlight seemed, and how beautiful the flowers were; I remember how delicious the wind felt on my face, and how lovely each and every person seemed to me. The glass was wiped clear for me for a time, and I experienced a bit of that disorientation you are describing.

It will pass...but hopefully, you will remember how your soul felt, tugging at your body. This is a Gift from God. He wants to prove to you, and to all who read your question, that souls are real and immortal!

Much Love and Blessings, Jai


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well the light is from the other side you are getting a climpse of it! why you don't remember it might be because you don't want to! so you put some forget paint in your mind! do not be afraid you make the choice and there is nothing to fear! if you are stressed breath and relax we live in a stress full world running after things that does not really matter!that is also why you are saying it is to fast! you are not ready for this yet! so find your pace! and let it come! you can also meditate it could help you! and when i say meditate is not imagination! it is relaxing and looking inside!doing a little clean up in though and emotion!


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