Would the person respond to such vibrations?

asked 16 May '10, 13:57

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I don't think that that question can be answered accurately. For while it's true that we're all connected, whether an individual picks up on another's good feeling thoughts or not, must depend on the sensitivity of the people involved.

I'm sure that most people using Inward Quest have thought of another and at that moment, their phone has rang and that other person is on the line. Or you're just about to push the speed dial of a friend or loved one and in that moment you receive a call or text message from that very same person.

Coincidence? There's no such thing in my world. Spiritual connection? At a base level, what other kind of connection is there?

So I think the answer is, yes, at some level of their being, the other person would receive the good feeling thoughts; but whether they'd be consciously aware of the connection depends on their level of awareness.


answered 17 May '10, 03:10

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Its hard to answer this questions because you did not explain what you meant by "good feelings". Do you want the person to be health, happy, etc. I say this because the other person would have to be wanting the same things that you are wanting with your happy thoughts.

Thoughts are like magnets so they can only connect with similar energy vibrations. Your positive thougths about the person can reach them only if they have similar vibrations to what the other persons is thinking or feeling.


answered 17 May '10, 15:27

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Yes, he/she will


answered 16 May '10, 18:26

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Yes, I think so. He/She will respond you unconciously.


answered 17 May '10, 06:07

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