Hi everyone- my question is as follows:

I have read many topics and books and listened to Abraham, Stuart Wilde, Bashar etc.

I have read the iq forum and also noticed that there seems to be a consensus that its not the visualisation or writing down or speaking etc that actually makes the manifestation happen- it is your feeling, or dominant vibration or state if you will-

but If visualisation is just a way of getting the mind to believe that what we want is true, already happening etc which will produce the correct feeling, and the real manifestation occurs from this feeling or vibration you have so its (how i understand) unnecessary to do the visualisations etc cause the feeling itself will do the trick-

BUT how can you then manifest specific items or changes or skills? If your not giving it a form or name then how does the universe know for sure that you want that specific thing? Then its just your thoughts?

Also- if you want something and you did not manifest because higher self knows there is something better for you- then it really isnt me creating- but me and another me that decides- and also why is it that what i reallyyy want doesnt come because there is better, but not so good or bad things do occur? Why doesnt higher me decide that THATS bad and there is something better for me?

Thank you.

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Also,IF the bad things occur because i had convincing dominant vibrations about bad things(now cleaned and bad things dont occur)and higher self did NOT stop that manifestation for me to experience something better-BUT the thing i want DOESNT occur even though i am non-resistant because there is something better for me that i dont know of?(i still think its totally possible for it to happen only the stuff about the higher selfs involvement is throwing me off)than isnt that kind of unfair?

(20 Dec '16, 10:54) Januaryfeelings

In short- when the bad stuff happens its my so to speak 'dominant vibration' that was off- but if the good I WANT DOESNT HAPPEN than the higher self has a better plan for me?

(20 Dec '16, 11:13) Januaryfeelings
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It depends on what you mean when you say "what you really want". You probably mean all of these things, from time to time.

Fake desires based on a negative belief

alt text

Sometimes, "what you really want" comes from a negative belief tricking you into thinking you want this, but in reality the desired thing has been carefully designed to be unobtainable, by the nature of it being negative.

For example, a negative belief might trick you into thinking you want "the thing that is right next to me". But, once you get the thing that is right next to you, you no longer want it, because it is no longer right next to you. This phenomenon is well known by various proverbs, for example, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", or "You want what you can't have". There are entire industries built around people suffering from various forms of this condition.

The best method to deal with this is to continue to clear negative beliefs. Don't worry about losing track of certain identity conditions created by the fake beliefs- the beliefs may try to trick you into believing that you will lose yourself without them. The contrary is true- you were someone else all along, and the beliefs were obscuring that. Clear the clouds.

My favorite method for clearing negative beliefs is to use Bashar's method. Follow your excitement to the best of your ability with no expectation of a particular outcome. When your rising energy causes you to feel more, both good and bad, focus on a bad feeling and ask yourself: What would I have to believe in order to feel this? Keep prodding yourself until you get a sense you exposed a core belief. Once you did that, the process is over. If you don't believe that after exposing a negative belief it will be gone, start the process on the belief that negative beliefs are not gone when you expose them.

True desires blocked by a negative belief

alt text

When with "what you really want" you mean true joy, true extasy, to support yourself, to have excitement, to support those you love, to live in a high energy state, and also more specific versions of these positive things, then, yes, you can ask for very specific things.

If you are not getting them, it is most likely because of a blocking negative belief, one that would say: No, I can't have this, it's impossible. Or, no, I can't have this, I'm not worth it. Or, no, I can't have this, because then there would be negative consequences (there never have to be negative consequences to anything).

Here, too, the solution is to clear the negative beliefs. Another method I like to use comes from Huna, as taught by Serge King. It is called symbol healing. You imagine a symbol of the bad feelings- normally, you will like the symbol about as much as the bad feelings, which is to say, not at all. But you will have a representation in a universal langauge that your core vibrations will be able to understand. Then, you change the symbol, tweak it, fiddle with it, try different arrangements, until you experience a sense of relief. This is a somewhat longer process as Bashar's method, because you are actively constructing the positive belief, but it is more directed and active, which can feel very empowering.

Getting what you want blocked by your perception of not getting what you want

alt text

Finally, often enough, you are getting exactly what you want but you are too full of negative beliefs to actually get it. For example, you could be working with a pretty girl (provided you are a person who would like to have a nice relationship with a pretty girl), and that person likes you, but you start acting weird or negatively whenever you are around that person, but not otherwise. There could be any number of negative beliefs in this particular situation, for example, you could believe that some people are too good for you, or you could believe that you are unworthy of a nice relationship, and are supposed to get into a relationship with someone who is more negative, and so on.

Again, the answer is to continually explore and clear negative beliefs. I like Bashar's method the best, because it is so simple and quick. Symbol healing is also very powerful, so I would try it and see what suits you. A third message that I also got from Serge King and his Huna teachings is blanket forgiveness. This works best if you feel a type of negativity that is rooted in anger. You sit down with yourself, feel the feeling, and say to yourself, with all the authority that you can afford yourself at this time and a little bit more: Whatever this is about, it is forgiven. Repeat with various negative feelings until you get a sense of relief.

All of these reasons have one thing in common: The reason why things are not happening as you asked for them, whether specifically or as a pleasant surprise, are the negative beliefs.

Getting specific things

If it is important to you to get things in a very specific way, both my experience and observing others say you can do that too. I have somewhat abandoned that because it just got too complicated- I like the simplicity of just drifting around towards better and better feelings. But you can do it. Probably, as long as you still of lots of beliefs to clear, letting go of the specifics of wanting things and just wanting "something positive" is very helpful because then negative beliefs have much less leverage to trick you, so they are easier to get rid of. So perhaps being specific about desires is a good thing to do once you feel comfortable with a basic level of positivity.

I have found the best way to get specific things is called "Haipule" and it comes from Huna teachings by Serge King. It is considered a tried-and-tested method to create specific things in those circles.

So to directly answer your question: There are limits to how closely your specific desires can be matched, but you will always get the closest match possible to the energy that you put out. The fewer negative beliefs you have, the closer that will be to what you consciously want, and the more it will surprise you positively. Finally, the better you are and fine-tuning and controlling and working with your vibration, the closer the manifestation can match what you put it, if you want to do it that way. The more you do it, the better you get at it.


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If your not giving it a form or name then how does the universe know for sure that you want that specific thing?

Thanks for asking. Some time ago I asked a similar question. So it's a good opportunity for me to see how my own understanding of this concept has evolved.

I'm going to oversimplify this here a bit in order to make it clearer but imagine the Universe as a big search engine like google.

But this search engine is a little different, though. It doesn't give you related stuff. It's more like this search engine here which gives you the opposite of what you are searching for (i.e. antonyms)

alt text

So if you type in the word "stressed", it gives you this...

alt text

... "relaxed"

So the Universe is like this search engine that creates opposite words, concepts and ideas for you and puts the stuff you prefer and like into your specific, personal Vortex. But where do the search requests come from? They come from your negative life experiences (i.e. contrasting experiences). But they do not come from asking with words or visualizations. That's a very important point right here.

Because this means that you don't have to consciously ask for what you want. Your job is to just exist and experience stuff that you don't like. It doesn't mean that you have to stay in that experience that you don't prefer. It's sufficient for your search request to take place if you just choose to experience it for a split second.

So let's look at how it works. So you are a person walking through life and just living. Now, at some point, you inevitably experience some stuff that you don't like. In this very moment, your search request is made. Here is a a real-life example.

Let's say you get to know a person that treats you in a way that you don't like. In this very moment, you activate the search engine of Universe and your request is "I don't like being treated this way".

So the Universe answers that search engine request with "nice person that treats you very nice is done. Enjoy! Thank you for using our services".

And then you might align with that desire by just finding ways to feel good. And now you get to experience this specific, nice person in your reality. Now you might feel that you don't like this either. This person is nice. "But he's kinda too nice, I don't know. He isn't authentic I don't like that either. I can't say what it is but I don't like it".

So the Universe immediately gets the request of "don't like overly nice person". And it immediately answers the request "moderately nice person that treats you moderately nice is done. Enjoy! Thank you for using our services."

And this process is ongoing and it never stops as long as you live (and beyond that). So just imagine how often you felt slight or strong negative emotions in your life so far. How often in a day did you experience disliking something or someone in your life so far? Now that's a lot, right? How many small and big requests did the Universe already get from you? And how many times it always said "XYZ is done. Enjoy! Thank you for using our services."

Now just add to that other requests from other lifetimes and so forth.

And imagine how big this Vortex with all these specific requests must be. And it's waiting for you to experience. With so much information and so many requests already being made you can imagine that this "I want this, not that, not this, but that, not this, but that..." process must have created pretty specific things.

And all of those search requests are swirling and waiting for you in your Vortex.

And that's how the Universe knows for sure that you want that specific thing (for now).

I hope it helps you get your head around this concept.

"There is enough in your Vortex to keep you busy for 20 or 30 lifetimes" - Abraham Hicks

alt text


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Ok, thankyou for your answer. If i understand you correctly- when you want something, are aligned, and it does not manifest this means its not in your vortex- which is filled with things that are meant to be for you. And negatives are just part of life that is to be accepted to experience this contrast in order to get to the vortex- i have a follow up question then-

(21 Dec '16, 05:26) Januaryfeelings

how are we expanding and creating the universe if the vortex already knows exactly specifically what it is we want? If the vortex knows ALL that- Then its the vortex creating not myself. For if it was me- i would get that what i want for i dont know right now what the better thing is- nor do i care because RIGHT NOW i want the thing i want.

(21 Dec '16, 05:27) Januaryfeelings

Also, by your analogy with the nice people- if you say i dont want someone so nice- doesnt the universe respond with more nice people for you because it doesnt understand negatives? There is no NO in the universe right- if you say NO more debts! The universe understands it like more debts- that which you focus on manifests in your reality

(21 Dec '16, 05:32) Januaryfeelings

@Januaryfeelings - "when you want something, are aligned, and it does not manifest this means it's not in your vortex" - I would say the very reason you want something in the first place is because it is in your Vortex. Otherwise, you wouldn't feel the discomfort of not having it. So if you are feeling any discomfort at all, it means there is something that will utterly satisfy you and is in the Vortex. It might not be the exact thing you have in your physical mind, though.

(21 Dec '16, 07:04) releaser99

For example, you might think you really, really want tools and bricks in order to build yourself a nice house. But your Vortex might be so much beyond that idea already from all the previous requests that it would have created a castle for you that was already built by others. So by aligning yourself, you would suddenly lose the desire for tools and bricks and go straight for the castle in a rush of inspired feelings. So you would be knowing what you actually really, really want.

(21 Dec '16, 07:04) releaser99

"how are we expanding and creating the universe if the vortex already knows exactly specifically what it is we want?" - The Vortex knows exactly what we want. That's right. But it just knows what we want as it is right now. The very next moment you could be experiencing some other kind of contrast and the Universe would be expanding again as would your personal Vortex. But the Vortex doesn't forget what you have already asked for before.

(21 Dec '16, 07:05) releaser99

It just adds the new requests to the Vortex and blends "older and newer" ideas together into specific manifestations.

(21 Dec '16, 07:05) releaser99

"doesnt the universe respond with more nice people for you because it doesnt understand negatives?" - If you were to stay in the asking phase without aligning yourself with the Vortex, this would be true. But even if you don't align yourself, the Vortex has created the results you really want and it is done vibrationally. Whether you align yourself with the result or not is up to you. If you keep complaining about nice people, you will probably get more of them.

(21 Dec '16, 07:06) releaser99

If you align yourself instead, you will feel and experience what's in your Vortex now. Also, the Universe doesn't respond to words that are negative or positive. It doesn't matter what words you say, it just hears your vibration. So if you are feeling negative no matter the words, it creates something positive for you in your Vortex.

(21 Dec '16, 07:06) releaser99

@releaser99-I very much enjoyed your answer on this post.we should take notice what is bothering us and than clear this bothering feeling .by that vortex will send us opposite of our bothering thing.

(22 Dec '16, 12:42) Zee

@Zee - "clear this bothering feeling .by that vortex will send us opposite of our bothering thing" - Yes, that's one one way of doing it. However nowadays, in practical terms, I feel that for most people it would be much more beneficial and efficient to learn to become a master in Distraction Methods first as a way of finding alignment. It will probably yield much faster results and confidence so that Clearing Methods would work better later in life.

(23 Dec '16, 21:34) releaser99
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