Please see comments on Fairy Princess' answer.

Though I do see once in a while a collective mention about loa, it seems to be mostly about "me me me".

What can I get? What can I attract to me?

If it fell into either category, giving or taking, doesn't it fall in to the Taking category?

Though in order for it to 'work' you must put out positive-ness and giving, some are not doing it for 'the sake of giving' yet for 'the sake of gaining'

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Michael, I'm undeleting this question that you have tried to delete. Others have taken the time and trouble to answer so it is unfair to them to have their answers wiped out.

(04 Apr '11, 18:48) Barry Allen ♦♦

if we are 1 then you are also me me me

(04 Apr '11, 18:55) ursixx tea for two, two for tea .its still tea

(04 Apr '11, 22:05) ursixx
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If it is a universal law, then it's not a choice. It happens whether we know about it or not, believe it or not. The idea is to understand it and how it works to make it work for you and not against you. Gravity is a law, not a choice. However, understanding it helps us to work with it, or against it in the case of rockets and airplanes, and for safety. If somebody jumps off a building, they will fall unless they have wings of some sort. We cannot change it, but we can learn to work with it. The LOA being a law of nature means that we don't choose, it just is. We can learn about it and make it work for us instead of against us. If we know that negative thought produce negative life experiences and positive thoughts create positive life experiences, shouldn't we choose positive thoughts if we want positive life experiences? If we are bombarded with negativity and get sucked in and feel negative toward life and the world, then that is the life we attract. If we learn that there is a better way and it requires a change in thinking, from negative to positive, then that is a good thing to learn and do. Ultimately if we want to have a positive affect on the world, we have to be in a positive place. You can't spread joy that you don't possess. You can't spread love that isn't in you. So ultimately it is selfish to remain negative and put negative energy out there for the people around you to experience and have to fight it off or get sucked in to the negative thoughts. Becoming a positive person and putting out a positive energy, you are positively influencing the lives of others. That is not selfish, but loving.

Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."


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Fairy Princess

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Try going 72 hrs without expressing one negative thought. When you do get a negative thought, replace it with a positive thought as soon as possible. See how you feel after contientiously being positive for these few days and what wonderful things transpire. Don't even try to manifest anything, just be mindful of your thoughts and see what happens. I think that it should be used to create positive life experiences rather than riches. Riches can happen too, but our focus should be on being positive, thinking positive, speaking positive, sending out positive energy. How can that be bad?

(04 Apr '11, 22:48) Fairy Princess

What a lovely suggestion Juniper!

(06 Apr '11, 13:20) Nikki777

Here's the the thing everybody. Believe it cause it's true. You would never recognize me outside of this venue. I am THE MOST POSITIVE PERSON YOU CAN MEET. Many wonderful things happen to me all day every day. Things always workout for me beautifully. ALWAYS. My positive attitude brings me such joy and happiness because I chose it. I have never denied that raising my vibration does not affect the outcome of my life. Good stuff just seems to fall on my lap. And that has happened all my life. ALWAYS. I'm not rich but I have great piece of mind when it comes to LOVE. EXCEPT FOR...

(06 Apr '11, 15:55) you

People using loa for personal MATERIAL gain. Desire leads to suffering and many new people on I see hear seem to suffer cause they want things. Now the reason it bothers me so much. I mean so so much is a mystery to me. And that reason lies in me. Nothing outside me is responsible for my attitude. I think that this mixture of "desire" and "spirituality" on this site affects me because if my Buddhist teachings of desires lead to suffering. I should just accept your views and move on. But I have a hard time doing it. People I really am fantastic. I know people that have told me things like

(06 Apr '11, 16:01) you

"you never complain" or "do you ever get sad or mad?" Of course I do, only here on IQ LOL. Anyway this site mixed with my beliefs seems to not mix well. And I Michael take responsibility for that. I am the captain of my ship and blame no one for my little struggles. I just want to love learn and observe. But ego can't let others learn that nothing outside you, nothing that you WANT OR DESIRE to attract can bring you joy. Joy and peace of mind are a bi-product of living a life of higher vibration. NOT THE GOAL OF TRYING TO LIVE ONE.

(06 Apr '11, 16:07) you

Living a life of higher vibrations creates internal peace. Outside stimuli is always fleeting, addictive and misleading. Why should I desire something that is temporary (everything is) when all I need is in my body, mind and soul? I say "hi" to the nice material things that pop into my life knowing that they cannot bring me anymore joy than I already have so I do not desire them or want them but they keep showing up none the less. I hope this helped. Or you can keep assuming I am miserable. Either way I'm fine with it. Kisses xoxo

(06 Apr '11, 16:17) you

We are all allowed to have negative thoughts. We are humans it is natural :)

(06 Apr '11, 16:32) you

We are all allowed to have negative thoughts. We also have a choice to be happy. As you have stated, you understand that and live it. I see how you mean that people miss the point of the LOA, trying to use it for material gain rather than for just the sake of being happy right here right now. And the selfishness of give me more give me more. I am new to the LOA. I do think that setting goals that would benefit us and society is a good thing. Setting goals and accomplishing them. You cannot accomplish goals you don't set. If you set a goal, you might as well believe that you can accomplish it.

(06 Apr '11, 18:31) Fairy Princess

Then you would not be surprised to find I do not have goals. Rarely have. Just not my thing. And I love it. And love you Juniper :)

(06 Apr '11, 20:08) you

Michael, I used to have dreams and goals and was shot down every time as s child. I gave up on dreams and goals, but didn't even realize it until I learned about the LOA. I have had to learn how to dream and have goals instead of floating through life aimlessly. I am not saying you are, but I have been. I just don't even know where to start. Love you too :) Blessings,

(06 Apr '11, 22:57) Fairy Princess

Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and these things shall be added unto you."

(10 Apr '11, 13:34) Fairy Princess

I understand what you are saying though, Michael. I think that the focus should be on keeping our thoughts and emotions positive, doing good in the world and being happy. If this is our goal, then the material things that we need, will appear. It is when our focus is on the money and we forget about thinking and feeling and doing good, that causes corruption, pain, greed, etc... This is what it means that you cannot serve both God and money. So serve God, and the needs will be met.

(10 Aug '11, 15:04) Fairy Princess
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There is plenty for everyone and I don't wish anything for myself that I don't also wish for others. Most of us on this site who practice the LOA see it that way. If you read through the threads, it is a common theme to encourage each other to be healthy, happy and fulfilled in every way.


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LeeAnn 1

Your authenticity always shines through LeeAnn :)

(04 Apr '11, 19:54) Michaela

Thank you, Michaela! Best wishes...

(05 Apr '11, 03:11) LeeAnn 1

And thats why keep coming back! You captured the spirt of why I like IQ!

(05 Apr '11, 07:24) ursixx

Thanks Ursixx. Wishing you well...

(05 Apr '11, 13:39) LeeAnn 1
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Hi Michael.

I have learned so much from all the responses here and I am so happy to see that you are fully accepting the idea that your "self" reference is most likely the place where the cause of your discomfort and the eventual solution exists and that being unable to pinpoint or comprehend the source of this anomaly, so that you can resolve it, is really bugging you.

What you are describing is a familiar frustration that I'm sure most on this site will most likely experience at some point along the way. By that I'm not saying that I have resolved these issues or even understand exactly what you are experiencing. All I know is that what you just described is a very familiar frustration that surfaces again and again in this process of transforming the self where you just feel like somebody is yanking your chain and you just want to throw in the towel and return to being just "normal" like everybody else.

But you can't because you are not normal like everybody else. You chose to wake up (whatever the hell that even means) before everybody else.

I don't know if I fully understand this, but May I share a slightly different perspective here?

We have a spiritual self and a physical self.

At our deepest level I believe that we are working from a perspective of understanding and non-judgment.

It is like our foundation of existence from which our entire personality is built.

At this deeply spiritual level I guess you are already "enlightened"

But to exist within this 3 dimensional reality as a human co-creator we are clothed in layers and layers of energy with greater and greater density and complexity.

By the time we are identifying within the human reference point the complex matrix of energy within which we are intertwined can be compared to being trapped in a spider's web.

Here we are supposed to be free and yet we are trapped within species, gender, race, education, possession etc., etc.

No matter what you do, you cannot change your gender and race (and yet today there are living examples of those that have actually accomplished this very change)

Psychologically there are certain traits that are as much a part of our personality as is a person's gender or race.

They show up in the form of extremely subtle tendencies within your consciousness to react towards situations and events in a certain pre-determined familiar way.

As you begin to reach back towards your source of who you really are, you begin to reach back through the layers of your own makeup.

As you work back through the layers, you see the illusion upon which your personality has been constructed to accept one or the other condition as the necessity for your existence.

At one layer you see that the Law of attraction is the foundation upon which your existence is precariously balanced.

Then you take a step back and you see the Law of attraction (or the mastery of this law) to be as useful as learning how to breathe.

Because the realization is, whether you master it or not, it is a foundation upon which your existence unfolds and by mastering it you are not really going to change much if you are the same person within your consciousness before you started the process.

However, by reaching back to a more and more authentic and simpler stage of your own consciousness you lose interest in the complex layer within which one must exist to participate in the joy of material attraction.

It is important to note that ONE IS NOT BETTER THAN THE OTHER.

You are not somehow at a better stage than someone who has mastered the art of attraction and now enjoying the benefits of their mastery.

What you are describing seems to be the type of frustration that one would experience at this exact stage.

On one hand you can see past the pointlessness of attracting and attracting "stuff", for in your consciousness you can see that it is no different from being addicted and your consciousness is no longer interested in this "addiction".

But on the other hand, look at all the lifestyle benefits that are available if you "settle" for the fringe benefits and ignore the thirst within your consciousness to drop the self-delusion (of satisfaction from material gain) and explore the intoxicating thirst for simplicity.

Unfortunately you have experienced a consciousness that is simpler than the complexity of never ending attraction.

It's the difference between working for a living and taking a vacation. (states of mind)

But just like not being able to walk away from your gender and race, you cannot completely drop the components upon which your personality is built and needs to exist and operate.

You have changed faster than the world is ready for and the reality as it exists now is not set up for non-material existence.

But when we go there, we need you to show us how to transition from a material (distracted) existence to a non-material yet abundant and calm existence , of both state of mind and physical sufficiency.

In your frustration you are actually at the leading edge of change.

How you figure this out is of benefit to all of humanity.

So hang in there, my friend, and work through this for all of us, for in your effort you will push the envelope of understanding for the collective consciousness.

We all need each other to learn from and share our discoveries and frustrations.

I don't know if there are any other like-minded individuals that are sharing these ideas as we are doing here.

Being that this is about "inward Quest" it allows for an extremely wide choice of perspectives to interact, share, and grow with each other’s help.

Every participant's contributions are valuable to all of us and I'm sure I speak for the rest in saying "Michael, please continue to post your wonderful questions and answers, for your experience is our experience, and we are all enriched by the information you share".


answered 01 Jun '11, 07:26

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The Traveller

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You know all I can say is thank you, and I would write more but tears are dripping on my keyboard. Wow, holy shit.

(01 Jun '11, 16:13) you

When I read you comment I had to try really hard to hold back my own tears (at work). Answering your question helped me a lot as well. So Thank YOU.

(01 Jun '11, 17:34) The Traveller

No more than gravity is.



answered 04 Apr '11, 17:22

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Monty Riviera

Gravity is constant and is a scientific proven law of physics. Gravity does not require the subject to shift it's perspective for it to work "more".

That is not a very good analogy.

(04 Apr '11, 17:46) you

No, we try to make it work less for gravity, so we can fly!

(04 Apr '11, 22:44) Fairy Princess

Shift its perspective to work "more" No thats not it. We change perspective to make it work to our advantage rather than disadvantage. The laws still the same.It still works perfectly,even if its to our detriment at times.A bit like gravity really! Of course some may not believe in LOA. Thats fine by me.Some may believe its sort of a law but not as constant as gravity.Thats fine too.But to me its the same.I view them as being constant and as old as the universe.Perhaps older.

(05 Apr '11, 10:24) Monty Riviera
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Isn't true then every act is an act of selfishness in some way. That even if it is for the greater good these acts help to sustain all?

So no act is unselfish if you think about it.

I just canceled my account so you can all relax now. This site has served its purpose for me.

Good luck everyone (though I do not believe in luck:))

Just be kind and do not be afraid to express how you feel even if it is not the most popular opinion.

Love Michael


answered 04 Apr '11, 19:11

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I'm sad to see you take this stance.... A good question to ask yourself is why are you being triggered so much. I still have a feeling that there's something within you trying to surface but you're denying it. We can only ever be triggered by our own shadow aspects and until you embrace that shadow as part of your being it will go right on taunting you. ( If not here somewhere else ). Hope you change your mind and stick around. Love&Light :) Michaela

(04 Apr '11, 19:53) Michaela

I love you so much Michaela. I need some real inward work (personal) and being here (IQ) is not helping. My demons my work :)

(04 Apr '11, 20:29) you

It's probably helping you more than you think Michael. You can really only deal with the shadow by becoming 'aware' of it... those posts and posters that are 'irking' you are in fact really doing you a favor by allowing you to see those shadow aspects within yourself. You can avoid them here if you want Michael but they will surface somewhere else in your experience and at least here there are a few people who can offer some genuine advice. PS I do have to say I think your way off base where Stingray is concerned... he's one of the most genuine and 'awake' people interacting here.

(04 Apr '11, 21:05) Michaela

I get where you are coming from about the LOA because I do think we should be more concerned about the Whole. However in saying that I know that I am of no use to anyone if I don't love myself first. And it's perfectly alright if others are only concerned about their own materials wants because that's where they are on their journey and their time to 'wake up' will come... if not in this lifetime then in another. I also don't believe our source or creator wants us to suffer or struggle but to see our true abundance and help others do the same. Don't let those 'demons' win. L&L :) Michaela.

(04 Apr '11, 21:11) Michaela

I am sorry that you are struggling, Michael. I hope that you try using the EFT to help you with your troubles. Peace and blessings to you. I hope you find what you are looking for.

(04 Apr '11, 22:36) Fairy Princess

Hey Michael, 'When Everything Changes, Change Everything.' If that title inspires you, get the book of the same name by Neal Donald Walsch. Neal is all about helping others and he's made peace with his demons. You'll find help if you need it, sure. Blessings...

(05 Apr '11, 01:49) Eddie

Everything Changes was one of the best books I have ever read. One of the reasons I am thankful for this moment.

(06 Apr '11, 16:24) you

My demon on the outside is this site. But I know it lies within. Probably my ego not accepting that maybe others desires for personal material and monetary gain actually works for them and I should just let them be.

(06 Apr '11, 16:26) you

Michael, I read someplace above you have Buddhist beliefs, apply them here. The horse has been lead to water, if the horse doesn't drink, don't be upset. There are many beliefs and points of view, everyone learning at their own pace. Others are the horse to you, but know that to others you are the horse. Relax and enjoy the game of living, if I am driving and someone wants to cut in front of me I am cool with that, no big deal to me. We don't need to all agree to be happy ourselves.

(06 Apr '11, 19:06) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade. Believe it or not, I am a pretty chill guy and for some reason I let and I really mean LET this loa thing get to me. Probably because I went against my teachings and for a short while, fell for the material gain aspect of loa. I just don't know why thus bugged me SOOO MUCH. :)

(06 Apr '11, 21:38) you

@Michael, Michael, you are the man; do not let anyone or anything get under your skin. There are a lot of sheep in wolf clothing lurking around, and you will know then by their stripes, but listen do not be discourage, just know that we are all born equal, yes my friend equal, even though some of us are rich and some of us are poor, some of us well educated, and some of us are not, and some of us are different races of people, but we are the same, humans are humans! See next page below!

(07 Apr '11, 05:08) Inactive User ♦♦

Continued @ Michael No one of us knows everything regardless of how educated we are, so in essence life is not a one man’s show, we need each other to learn from each other, and to grow spiritually, and intellectually! Your place is here with us, and it is a nice place to be, since we can all learn to agree to disagree, and to respect each other, and not to place our values, and belief onto anyone. It is okay to keep an open mind, and to be your self. Group fellowship!

(07 Apr '11, 05:17) Inactive User ♦♦

@Vee, thank you for your kind response and you are so right. The part about enlightenment is for me to "Lighten" up. I appreciate you!

(07 Apr '11, 16:09) you
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