Do we offer a better vib when we sleep about things that we want to manfiest in our physical reality?

asked 21 May '10, 18:34

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Strictly speaking, it's not a better vibration, it's a non-resistant one...because when you are not focused on anything consciously, you can't be focused on anything resistant so the grip of those resistant thoughts disappears and you naturally float back to who you really are and you put yourself in a place of allowing your desires.

The rather surprising conclusion you can draw from this is that if you desire something and everytime you sense yourself about to feel negative about it, you take a nap to feel better...then you are actually putting yourself in an excellent place to let it come to you.

That is, however, not a particularly practical way to live for most people :) It is probably more practical to mold your vibration into a better-feeling place.

The other problem with sleeping your life away is that it is not what you intended to do with your life.

You came here to focus and enjoy the thrill of aligned focus.

But taking a nap to keep your vibration high when you feel it is about to dip is a perfectly valid vibrational trick and one that I use myself quite effectively from time to time.


answered 21 May '10, 19:29

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Thank you Stingray, I always feel much better when i take a nap or sleep if i'm in a law vibiration as a result of being streesed so much or worry..etc. But my conceren was since my subcounsious mind won't stop working was wondering if i stil send out the same vib the universe.

(23 May '10, 08:30) hanna

@Hanna - you need not worry, you only attract consciously. And anything significant you are attracting will always be accompanied by an emotion of some kind (good-feeling or bad-feeling) so there is no chance of something sneaking up on you without you being fully aware of it. So relax and enjoy your sleep :)

(23 May '10, 09:25) Stingray
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