Many people have diverted their attention away from space exploration. This seems quite a shame, considering all the benefits we garner from the space program. I have been wondering if people really see our future in space- and I also wonder if humanity will ever get past fighting with each other, and turn attention to furthering our race. When will we join the Inward Quest with an Outward Quest?

Blessings, Jaianniah!

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asked 05 Apr '11, 19:27

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i think that the majority of the world sees its benifits but the reason they took the majority of its funding away was because of the way to "cut funding" i truly see the pressure was on obbama to do so, thats why , love n light, rob


answered 05 Apr '11, 20:40

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If people only understood what advances come from space research! We get our money back ten-fold. Thanks for answering, Blessings and Love>>>>>>>>>>

(05 Apr '11, 20:48) Jaianniah

you are very welcome, i agree with you 100% love n light, rob

(06 Apr '11, 01:51) TReb Bor yit-NE

I feel space exploration and biological immortality are perhaps some of the most important research projects to humanity. To colonize other planets, mine their resources, find new minerals develop new energy systems that can propel us across the universe safely. Some of our planets are mostly gases, if we could find a way to get there and back safely efficiently and effectively to capture these gases and bring back to earth we may have an entire new fuel maybe a interstellar pipe line even! Not only this perpetual motion power stations in space beaming energy down to earth.

I feel there is so much for humanity to gain by exploring space and working on how to travel to other planets, I know there was talk about Mars, we could colonize Mars and make it a planet alive with people and trees.


answered 06 Apr '11, 04:26

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Wade Casaldi

Personally, if our planet survives for the next one hundred years, there should be some development onto this cause, but I doubt very much if it is going to be in our life time, but on second thoughts anything is possible I guess!


answered 06 Apr '11, 04:40

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