What if the whole meaning of Life was to see if one was willing to add to it and not just take from it?

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You have a vote from me from the momemt of asking

(04 Mar '10, 04:41) Gleam
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isnt the joy and fun in adding to life? so you automatically get by giving.


answered 05 Mar '10, 22:13

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Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, with all that entails for each individual - some may perceive it as easy and others not so. "The Glory of God is a life lived fully" (I can't remember who wrote it.)


answered 08 Mar '10, 02:17

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I think it pays to keep in mind that some days are better than others, but more importantly that some are born to face absolute horror .. they do not even get the chance to decide they will live life to the full.. ?

(09 Mar '10, 22:48) Inactive User ♦♦

I hear what you're saying but remember the connotations associated with living life 'fully' will be different for each individual depending on the circumstances they are born into - but there are numerous cases where individuals overcome their perceived limitations. You can physically shackle a person and imprison them but the one thing you can't imprison is their mind.

(10 Mar '10, 12:55) Michaela


But the life is passionately interesting.


answered 04 Mar '10, 04:39

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Whether life is easy or difficult depends on our own perception, ability to understand it and our attitude in living it. Life itself is the mysterious powerful force that energizes everything, including our consciousness and awareness of it.


answered 05 Mar '10, 15:11

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I agree with you, especialy for mentioning our atitude and living. Acting irressponsabily, no matter if applying deliberately the Low of Attraction or without using it consciously, this works ever earlier or laterly against the acting-man, much more powefully than the blockage of a mountain beliefs.

(05 Mar '10, 22:53) Gleam

I assume that those of us who subscribe to the Law of Attraction would say that, when life is difficult, it is because we are encountering resistance, and that resistance is always of our own doing.

I have heard it said that there can be no joy without pain. Maybe what that means is that people who experience joy all the time may feel like that is "ordinary," whereas people who feel pain and then joy feel like that joy is "extraordinary," because they experience the contrast between the pain and the joy.

Certainly those who feel the greatest joy also often feel the deepest pain. It almost seems that, in order to experience joy to its fullest, one must also be willing to experience pain to its fullest. For some people, that means being willing to be vulnerable, to take risks, to stop carrying that hard shell around that protects yourself from life and other people, and to boldly venture forth in a spirit of adventure.

Is that hard? Yes. Why? Because we resist.

I would suggest that those who are willing to release their resistance, so that they can boldly venture forth in that spirit of adventure, experience life in its fullest measure.


answered 04 Mar '10, 04:05

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Coming from a biblical perspective YES. For we were made perfect in God's image. But when Adam and Eve sinned the punishment was death, and they were then expelled from the Garden of Eden. And God had said to Adam " The ground will therefore be cursed because of you. You will derive food from it with anguish all the days of your life. It will bring forth thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the grass of the field. By the sweat of your brow you will eat bread.For the 1970s rock and roll band, see Bread (band). British Isles, North America and Europe often eat white pre-sliced bread. Breads are a group of staple foods prepared by baking, steaming, or frying a dough consisting minimally of flour and water. Salt. Finally you will return to the ground, for it was from [the ground] that you were taken. You are dust, and to dust you shall return." and to Eve "'I will greatly increase your anguish and your pregnancy. It will be with anguish that you will give birth to children. Your passion will be to your husband, and he will dominate you." generally speaking, I probably wouldn't believe this passage. but when we analyze the world, we can see that the words in this passage are quite evident.



answered 04 Mar '10, 04:58

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