Someone asked a question relating to extreme sports, and this made me think about these kids that most think are crazy but if we analyze what they are doing it gives an insight into what is possible.

I remember in the 70's Evel Knievel, he pushed the limit, jumping his motorcycle over cars trucks and buses, it was a street bike so it was limited but he made the most amazing jumps.

Now kids jump way higher while doing triple back flips! In the 70's we would have said that is insane it is impossible only a crazy person would even think of trying a back flip while fying through the air! Let alone no hands back flips!

But today it is quite common to see, skate boards again in the 70's even 80's the tricks were fairly simple by todays standards, my whole set of skateboard stunts I used to do would be laughable today, they were awesome back then. Wheely, wheely turns, jump over something while your skateboard goes under and land back on the board, and jump off little ramps about a foot high.

Today it seems I can't even describe the things I've seen flying through the air high in the air riding rails with perfect balance, jumping over picnic tables with the board in the air stuck to the feet somehow.

Now I saw something about free running that people are climbing buildings in leaps and bounds like special effects we had years ago of supposed super heroes and ninja movies! Now I see kids doing this stuff like it is easy and they do it fast and efficient, like nothing to it! Back flips off of buildings and landing on the ground unhurt, years ago if you jumped off a building that high it was to kill your self at the very least you could count on a broken ankle or leg.

What my point is, is that the envelope of what is possible as humans is being pushed farther and farther than ever imagined and it seems it is never good enough that it is on a quest to go higher, farther, faster always.

It looks like years from now the extreme stunts done by today's standard will be laughable compared to the extreme stuff they do at that time.

Do you think that what it is to be human is being forced into an evolution from these actions and choices, or maybe consciousness on what is possible is changing us and we are evolving from that and discovering more of what is possible of being human?

In other words actions and choices influencing the evolution of consciousness of what being human is capable of or changing consciousness is changing our abilities and thus consciousness is evolving the body and mind? Maybe both simultaneously? Something is changing and I am noticing!

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I just thought of someone that did much of this free running stuff long long time ago Harold Loyd did, and I swear when I used to watch his movies that would play on television once in a while on the Turner Classic Movies, I'd watch him and say how on earth did he do that!? He must have been tapped into that consciousness at that time because I never saw anyone else until these free runners.

(20 Nov '09, 07:36) Wade Casaldi

I think both dynamics are effecting the change. When the four minute mile was broken for the first time by runner Roger Bannister back in 1954, it illustrated that there was no barrier to running that fast. For some, that was a consciousness-raising, consciousness-changing event that opened a door, as it were, for others to believe that anything is possible. So the actions enabled (I wouldn't say "forced") the evolution of the beliefs, or the "consciousness on what is possible."

On the other hand, once a person has removed the artificial barriers that exist in their mind, they are more inclined to try things they might not have attempted before. So I think there's a mutual effect going on. The actions and choices change our beliefs and our self-perception of "what it is to be human." In addition, our "consciousness on what is possible" and our belief that there are no limits to what we can accomplish, encourage us to work toward goals and accomplishments that once seemed out of our reach.

At a spiritual level, though, I think there is an unquenchable need to grow which will make use of our consciousness, and our actions and choices to bring about growth in body, mind and spirit.


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excellent answer! can't wait to see the others now. :-)

(20 Nov '09, 09:32) Wade Casaldi

I remember reading from James Redfeild said in Celistine Insights there will come a day when a runner takes off and breaks the sound barrier, and a baseball player swings a bat and a streak of light is behind the ball hit. paraphrased I don't remember exactly but to him we are evolving constantly forever I guess.

(20 Nov '09, 09:43) Wade Casaldi

Very insightful answer, John

(20 Nov '09, 19:31) Stingray
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Great answer John. I'm not sure I'm answering this in the same capacity you asked Wade. However I do think the human race is definitely evolving into a more capable way of being. On a physical level and technological level I think, without a doubt, that our capabilities have grown a hundredfold. The physical feats people are able to perform now would have been unheard off and unbelievable only a few decades ago. One only has to look at technology compared to several years ago to know that the human mind has an almost unbelievable ability. However I do think that as Eckhart Tolle said in his book " A New Earth " humanity has to wake up or become extinct. As a race we have definitely been unconscious for too long and if each of us makes that definitive decision, on a personal level, to become more aware, it will benefit each one of us as individuals but also be beneficial to the Whole.


answered 21 Nov '09, 20:57

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The interesting thing about intelligence and technology progressing is most know how to use a computer but few know how a computer works. So the evolution seems in intelligence lopsided for the race as a whole. That is an interesting observation though, however intelligence is more than technical so maybe it is all awakening on many levels at once. Like some indigo children they may not be able to build a super computer but can move things with their minds or many other amazing things I had heard.

(21 Nov '09, 22:24) Wade Casaldi
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