Just read an article claiming that on average we spend 3 years of our lives being angry.

Assuming that this is generally true,and i realise this is a big generalisation.

What effect is this having, specifically, on our future circumstances?


asked 08 Apr '11, 09:49

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Monty Riviera

Wow! That's an average of around 1 hour a day of someone's life... seems like an awful lot of time and energy wasted on something so futile.

I think what's happening on the planet gives us a pretty good idea on the effect this is having on us as a whole. We can only affect future circumstances by working on our own individual anger and resentments. I'm hopeful that there are more and more people becoming aware of this and are working on their own individual issues and I'd say that bodes well for our future.


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An hour a day! i hadnt looked at it that way.I think when we become aware we can then adjust. This standing outside of oneself is quite usefull. I think i got that from Mr Tolle! In fact come to think of it didnt you put me on to his books? I think that part of his teachings very usefull,particularly in the anger stakes.

(08 Apr '11, 14:44) Monty Riviera

I do have to say that I got a lot from Tolle's teachings... I guess he was the initial 'pointer' for me. Glad you found them useful Graham :)

(08 Apr '11, 18:44) Michaela

yes it is! it has been proven in science that when the body is exposed to stress it breaks down alot of systems, think of the effects, just the average ones. examine the fact that stress and anger causes the blood pressure to rise, it cause heart attacks, strokes, altzers , and we could keep going, for those who are truly interested in how the true vibrational effects of fear and love, the two TRUE emotions have on our body watch this clip from 1:47:00- 1:51:50( if you clik on the link it will take you to the very start of the part that i am speaking of) , this explains this in a way i cannot without showing a visual graph, for those who enjoy learning, i suggest watching the WHOLE movie which is at the link, i hope this helps explain :-) love n light, rob



answered 09 Apr '11, 15:59

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 13 Apr '11, 12:05

I shall follow your link.Many thanks.

(09 Apr '11, 16:44) Monty Riviera

thank you, it is a great film that covers alot, but if you spicificly would like to see the way that love and fear effect us in the pysical and in our dna, this is a great demonstration ! i hope this helps, love n light, rob

(09 Apr '11, 17:01) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb Bor yit-NE: The Video has a lot of sensitive information, but it is very informative, enlightening, and educational. I did not know that Bush was the 13th cousin of the Queen’s family; also I did not know we are in the age of the fifth Sun etc. Thanks for sharing!

(13 Apr '11, 05:13) Inactive User ♦♦

you are very welcome and i hope tnhat it was a great experiance for you, lov e n light , to you vee, you are always such a greta persona and so so kind, thank you agian

(13 Apr '11, 12:03) TReb Bor yit-NE
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And did you know 1/7th of your life is Monday! Good thing 2/7th is a weekend. On the serious side. I know anger hits me hard. And the soon I step out of it the better. Something that helped me today was A-H phrase -''change your story''. I got mad at my daughter this morning. And I realized I didn't want to be. So I used ''change the story''. And I steadily felt better! peace


answered 13 Apr '11, 14:21

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Probably not much unless it's constructive anger.

Anger tends to halt progress. But getting angry and doing something about it that is different.

Example Martin Luther King brought equal rights from his anger of how lousy and unfair the races were classified and treated. He got angry, you do not have that kind of passion for something without being angry over how it is first.

He got very angry but then said, If no one is going to do something then I will. He came up with a wonderful idea to change things peacefully and he did it.

The same could be said for Martin Luther, angry over people not being able to read the Bible, angry over people being denied knowing God personally. He did something about it so today we could know God personally not through Latin.

There are probably many things we have today brought about by constructive anger. So in that respect yes anger has paid off big. However most anger is valuless and only harms so most anger does not pay.


answered 14 Jul '13, 16:07

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Wade Casaldi

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I had read somewhere that every time we get angry, our body needs several hours (around 6 or 7) to come in the previous calm and normal condition! What a loss of energy!


answered 14 Jul '13, 22:20

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it is that power percieved
by our senses that fuels
anger, if our presets
value it to be worthy

can it be redirected
elsewhere, the power that is,
certainly to patience,
persistence and thinking


answered 19 Jul '13, 21:58

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