Why would we leave Heaven for existence on Earth if Heaven is superior to life on Earth?

I actually remember leaving Heaven to come to Earth. I have described it somewhere on this site; if I find the link, I will post it. Basically, I remember saying goodbye to my friends and family, traveling down a spiral "chute" into darkness, and then my next memory is of my second birthday.

I have an answer, but you may not agree.

I believe that in order to advance spiritually, we must do it on the physical plane. We cannot advance in Heaven.

What do you think about this idea?

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I believe it is mainly because we choose to experience the contrasting environment that earth provides. In our non-physical state there is nothing but an ever loving, resistance free state of being, and we decide to incarnate on earth to experience existence in a completely different form.

It's similar to watching your favorite movie over and over again repeatedly. You love that movie very much and can never really get enough of it, but eventually you have a desire to watch something new and exciting that you have never really experienced before.

Planet earth is that new and exciting experience. Even if we have had hundreds of incarnations here, every new life comes from a different time and perspective which gives us an endless variety to choose from. I think we as an ever loving soul decide when we are satisfied with a particular level of growth and when that time comes, it will be time to move up to the next level.

Why would we leave Heaven for existence on Earth if Heaven is superior to life on Earth?

I personally wouldn't say that heaven is superior to earth. I think all of these physical existences that we experience are just pieces of the one infinite puzzle. So I don't believe that anything can be superior to another if everything is connected to begin with. It's just a different perspective of the same one existence.

Also, I believe that we Earthlings are a Master Class of creators. That could be why some see heaven as being superior to earth. We get so good at (following quote from Stingray in the previous link) "experiencing the idea of separation and limitation, which is truly an absurd idea throughout the rest of the infinitely abundant and connected universe."


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I not sure where we came from. Certainly we could grow spiritually there as well, but in a different way. If I go some place after I die and they ask if I want to come back, I'm going to have a list. I would want to have a hell of a lot of ducks lined up before I said yes. On the other hand life here as viewed from there might be different. That would make it hard to choose a life, if you get a choice. The whole idea is to complex to spend a lot of time on


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Well, for starters, I believe two possible and mildly contradicting answers, and I can't decide on one or another for sure just yet. I do believe both of these things as theories, and I cannot exclude one or the other yet.

The first and stronger concept in my mind is that Earth is the Garden of Eden.

I believe this is the Cradle of Life, the point from which all life forms of our specific ancestry originates.

In this case, we [humans] would basically be the "Noah's" of the planet Earth [a really big Arc], charged with protecting it. Of course, this would mean that we are not only ignoring our purpose, but in fact failing so badly that we are directly contradicting it.

The second concept is something I believe is a possibility though is more influenced by second and third hand information that I cannot verify myself though I trust the individuals who shared with me.

This idea would be that the planet Earth is akin to a penal colony, or perhaps even a zoo. There are many underground groups that believe Earth is a place for the criminals of our 'local area'. (whatever scope that may be. Can't say because I don't know what these 'aliens' travel technology's limits are.) Common comments include galaxy and universe, some even as short ranged as solar system.

Some suggest that Val Valiant Thor was actually a Venusian, and that each local planet in our solar system actually DOES host life. The explained reason for why we are unable to perceive their existence isn't because they are in any way different from us physically, but that their technology far surpasses our own and they merely intercept any attempts we make at observing the universe or galaxy around us.

In fact, many suggest that they are actually very similar to us in appearance, if any different at all. I believe this is why angels [and as a consequence, demons] are often described as the most beautiful people you'd ever see. After all, genetically speaking we haven't changed much in tens of thousands of years. Perhaps with a more sophisticated education system and physical regiments we could all be considerably 'better' humans even without 'evolving' further.

In this case, the "spiritual rebirthing" that we believe will happen in 2012 is explained as predicting when Earth will earn its right to be a part of the rest of the solar system, galaxy, or even perhaps universe.

The criteria for being permitted to leave our planet and explore the stars is very.. sporadic depending on who you talk to. Often if the group you're talking to is very Christian, Muslim, or Jewish influenced they will talk about making everyone on the planet succumbing to a monotheistic religion that closely adheres to whichever Holy Book they feel is most relevant. In the case of polytheistic groups or atheistic groups the criteria is often much more morality based and much less scripturally or specific-deity based.

For contrast, most atheists or polytheists will not say there is a 'required' acceptance or rejection of any particular deities, or even acknowledgement or rejection of their existence, whereas the monotheists will almost always demand an acceptance of a specific religion, spiritual book, 'holy person' or sub-deity who serves as a conduit to the larger 'holy person' or full fledged deity, etc.

Generally these groups will instead have criteria like:

  • Must be able to self sustain without irreparably harming the surrounding ecosystem or any critical parts therein.

  • Must be able to survive in a life without 'direct' conflict, not meaning an entire life of non-resistance to anything and everything we encounter, but instead the idea that we are encouraged and welcome to not like individuals or groups, but only so far as we understand that they are different from us and we are not 'required' to force ourselves on them except in the case of extenuating circumstances.

  • We must live by a very specific list of priorities, not to be substituted for any reason at any time. First priority being the preservation of life, then ones self and those close enough to be included in the definition of 'self' (loved ones, etc), third the continuation of one's own species, etc. These priorities are often explained with the golden rule, Do unto others... etc. Encouraging the belief that we are to defend ourselves and those worth defending, and attack those who would harm without justification.

Beyond that, as it is generally believed we are the "stupid" beings, lacking 'common sense' and 'logic' in their truest definitions, the rules are basically "Use logic and common sense to figure out when and where to apply what kind of response." I.E: Don't take what you don't need just because you can, or do anything 'harmful' simply due to ability not due to desire.

So, my two beliefs are somewhat different as the former is much more Biblically inspired and the latter not-so-much-so, but I believe that the end result in the two beliefs that I hold are the exact same, and so I continue to hold on to them both until I am shown more information to make me change my mind.

In short: I think humans are failing at being good people (we destroy everything around us, even ourselves) and either the divine or aliens [or both] think we're idiots for it, and we need to fix it. =)


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Yeah well this somewhat political but, it's only our leaders that are idiots. We need to participate in getting new leaders.

(21 Jan '12, 02:24) Tom

I don't disagree with you at all, but who gave our leaders their power? No matter how you want to slice it, we are to blame for allowing it to happen.

(21 Jan '12, 02:29) Snow

yes many are at the wide gate of destruction.

(22 Jan '12, 00:20) white tiger

we are the leader. the men elected is suppose to do the job and do what he has said before being elected. if he does not do that do not elect him again. when i see people voting 3 time for a leader that does not keep is promesses and do the opposite of what he said. i think people have loose their marble.

(22 Jan '12, 00:23) white tiger
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i would not say that we cannot advence in heaven. for the rest i agree with you. we came here to experience this world and use our free will. it is similar to school you make choice and are responsible of them. in though speak and action. so that is the test of life. in heaven you are a being of light among other being of light in the presence of the source(god,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_God) the golden light the grace of god comes from him and go in every direction like constant wave on the ripple of the water. all the being of light are made in the image of the source and mix there light in the golden light to share together. what does a being of ligth looks like? it is like the sun or a star, but in is core is emotion and thought makes shape of different colors( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5zn7hIwImA ). but there is no matter or time there even if there is a linear now it is like a eternal now. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

as a race it is that part of our cycle,
but for an individual
it was our desire for earth again,
ready to learn and unfold


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We are here to represent all levels of awareness. We are holding this reality together. Without awareness, there is nothing. Something has to be the glue to hold this reality together. Awareness held the time line together and makes history. It is passed on through the generations after we have passed on. That information will hold things together until we are blown away by the next invention. Perfection needs a reference point, imperfection. It is the law of opposites. Any choice is a claim to individuality. The break. The separation. And we are free. We are all part f a cycle. We are just a form of expression of the whole.


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The Knights Alchemy

the knights alchemy, perfection may be the misnomer for perfection as awareness being the 'alkahest' for the unfolding life-atom

(23 Jan '12, 09:19) fred

The universe is a battery. One negative pole, one positive. One does not necessarily have to be aware that the other exists. It exists to hold the construct together. I knows its purpose, and expresses itself with silent knowledge.


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The Knights Alchemy


@The Knights Alchemy - negative/positive held together and expressing silent knowledge, for me this corresponds to the circle yin yang ... the energy of which we can choose to use as we wish :)

(24 Jan '12, 00:26) blubird two

yes but be carefull what you wish for.

(24 Jan '12, 00:31) white tiger

"It knows its purpose", typo error.

(24 Jan '12, 07:39) The Knights Alchemy

@white tiger - wise words my friend !)

(24 Jan '12, 07:41) blubird two

the knights alchemy, it is said that all is interconnected, be it a level of knowledge or ignorance. what will we be when the opposites are aware of each other as in a mirror image

(25 Jan '12, 21:52) fred

It will mean nothing if we are not at that vibration. Our level of understanding is at our own pace. We choose the level when we are ready to accept it. When we do reach that level, we can add it to our inventory and move on, or be caught by it.

(30 Jan '12, 06:57) The Knights Alchemy
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