I came across this interesting news article today where renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking admits it is 'perfectly rational' to assume the existence of alien civilizations.

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The article says:

Aliens almost certainly exist but humans should make every attempt to avoid them, Stephen Hawking has warned.

In a series for the Discovery Channel the renowned astrophysicist said it was "perfectly rational" to assume intelligent life exists elsewhere. But he warned that aliens might simply raid Earth for resources, then move on.

"If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans," he said. Mr Hawking thinks that, rather than actively trying to communicate with extra-terrestrials, humans should do everything possible to avoid contact.

He explained: "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."

I've found myself zig-zagging over the years opinion-wise from thinking that alien civilizations exist, to being cynical about it all, to now being pretty certain again that intelligent 'alien' life does indeed exist and it's only a matter of time until the extent of non-terrestrial contact with humans becomes more widely known.

Despite Mr Hawking's rather negative attitude towards alien civilizations, my question is this:

Now that we have even renowned scientists acknowledging alien life, has the time come to take the existence of alien civilizations seriously?

asked 25 Apr '10, 13:29

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Maybe Stephen Hawking knows more that he is willing to admit?

(02 Nov '10, 02:16) The Traveller

I have to say that I am surprised by Mr Hawking's statement. How can you avoid numerous civilizations that have been helping and watching over us for a very long time. If they need any of the resources that this Planet offers, we would never know about it. I have always believed even as a young child, that we would have to be very naive to believe that we are alone in this vastness. Mr Hawking has spent a long time researching The God Particle, I would love to see his face if and when he discovers that it may very well be another life form - alien or foreign to us, but the same to the entire cosmos.

It is as simple as this - we all come from the same Source, the only difference is we chose Planet Earth.

I am still excited by the rumor that he is moving his studies to a university in Southern Ontario.


answered 25 Apr '10, 15:57

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Hey Roy, what proof would you offer to prove that numerous civilizations have been helping and watching over us for a very long time? To believe something you would need something (some fact, evidence, well grounded theory, etc.) to stand on.

(25 Apr '10, 23:33) Frank 1

@Frank - One does not necessarily need concrete evidence or proof to believe in something. Didn't Jesus teach that we should first 'believe' and then we would 'see' - what we choose to believe is exactly that 'a choice'.

(26 Apr '10, 01:05) Michaela

@Frank,I have the exact same proof that ET'S have and continue to visit us that I have that Jesus Christ walked the earth. I Believe.:)

(26 Apr '10, 15:28) Roy

@Michaela In many cases belief is established in the veracity of another. If that hasn't been established belief cannot take root in ones mind. When Jesus said believe and you will see, I take in consideration who is stating the fact. Knowing Jesus wouldn't lie, I trust in what he said, thus forming my belief. If a trust has been established in someone, belief will be easier. A trust in someone is usually a basis to believe or not. When Jesus said believe & you'll see, it was not to believe whatever idea came around, it had to do with what he said about himself or things to come.

(26 Apr '10, 19:18) Frank 1

@Roy I used to believe as you stated. That way of believing stung me in the end. Because I believed blindly, it cost me. I had to modified how I assessed my belief system. About Jesus, I can see the effects he has had on man for the last 2000yrs. I don't see much about ET's helping us in any way. I too used to believe ET's are there, but i do not have any physical proof of their helping us. Jesus I have physical proof. Just like you I believed in both, only one supplied proof of his help and the other, well, I'm still waiting.

(26 Apr '10, 19:32) Frank 1

@Frank,I totally understand that we all have freewill to make our own choices, but there are times in our lives when higher powers tend to lead us in a certain direction whether we want to go or not. I have come to a conclusion that heading downstream feels way better than trying to figure out who's boat I'm riding in.

(27 Apr '10, 00:29) Roy

Hey Roy, when a higher power(s) tend to lead man in a certain direction whether they want to go or not isn't free will anymore. Choice is lost and one becomes a slave to that higher power. As for you heading downstream, if you feel it's the way to go and it is the choice you made, may you extract the maximum amount of happiness and joy from it. For myself, I'm the type of person who wants to know if Charon is manning the boat.

(27 Apr '10, 04:01) Frank 1

@ Frank and Roy, interesting point of views, but does anyone knows when the story or when the origin and existence of ET was first discovered. I ask this question, because, other than the stories, and scientific research work done on this subject matter, what else do we have as proof, and should we be even comparing the work of Jesus to that of an ET? In my opinion, the story of Jesus is believable; we celebrate his birthday each year at Christmas, and his death on the Cross on Good Friday, and his resurrection on Easter Sunday, and that is a fact!

(02 Nov '10, 05:59) Inactive User ♦♦
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Lets see great big universe that is about 13 billion years old ,125 billion estimated galaxies.And homo-sapiens(humans) have been on this planet for about 185000 years.So the chances of there being some other inhabitants of this universe are better than the opposite. Can you imagine just ONE type of ceature living on this planet.Or just ONE fish in the sea.


answered 27 Apr '10, 10:29

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The way I see it is that it doesn’t matter whether anyone else, whoever they are, believes in the existence of ETs, Aliens (or whatever name you use) or not. It makes no difference at all what anyone else believes or knows!

Each of us can only experience that which we believe to be true, so a good question to ask yourself may be; do I personally believe or am I open minded enough to allow for the possibility of their existence? If so, then the next question might be; do I personally want to have an encounter?

Mainstream scientists are forever probing deeper into this time-space reality, in which we are currently focused. They have their theories, conclusions and beliefs, which are based on their own research in their chosen fields as well as the research of those who came before them.

But all this inquiry and research is into the endless phenomena of life, the incessant exploration of our reality; one reality of an infinite number of possible realities, which are all illusions anyway.

Anyone who chooses to believe in or even allow for the possibility of a negative ET encounter, has not yet fully understood the nature of reality and is still, at least partially, living in fear.

I have no doubt that someone who strongly believes in a negative ET experience and who attaches the emotion of fear to their belief, will have some kind of negative ET experience.

Several years ago I was researching the whole UFO/ET subject and got quite caught up in it. One night I had a waking dream in which I was abducted, taken somewhere and experiments were performed on me. Strangely, there was no pain and I had a feeling that this event occurred due to a prior agreement I’d made.

You may say it was just a dream or that I imagined the whole event. My reply is what’s the difference? Whatever you consciously experience, you experience.

The simple truth is that our reality is being reflected back to us based upon our beliefs, positive or negative. Furthermore, because there is no reality per-se and time is part of the illusion, anything we can imagine already exists as potential and can be experienced by us right now, if so desired. So it makes sense to always decide what you’re up for then choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely :-)

Is it now ‘perfectly rational’ to assume that alien civilizations exist?

Once we use deductive reasoning to connect a few dots, and begin to grasp the nature of reality, then our rational mind automatically understands and hence, allows for the possibility of other intelligent life throughout the cosmos, it is clear. But this has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else; it’s a personal realization...

Based on this knowledge, it doesn’t make any sense to wait for others to reveal, state, posit or conclude anything regarding the ET subject. This will probably never be a top down revelation.

Look, we already know that the lunatics are currently running the show on Earth at this time. And many mainstream scientists and materialists fit that bill nicely, so what confirmation could you possibly want from them? Those who make their own Inward Quest will surely find out for themselves.

If this resonates with you or is helpful, please read this: http://www.bashar.org/about/mechanics.html CUin4D 8-)


answered 27 Apr '10, 07:14

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Great answer :-)

(27 Apr '10, 11:31) Michaela

Nice answer Eddie

(27 Apr '10, 12:19) Roy

Yes. (no surprise to that)

Found an interesting link



answered 25 Apr '10, 16:36

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What do i believe ? Honestly i have no idea.. Do i believe in Alien civiliasations ? or do i believe in Jesus Christ. The evidence speaks for itself and there are so many pro's and cons as to what to believe.

The bible is made up of pages dictating that jesus Christ walked the earth.

Hyroglypics and cave dwelling carvings BC (before christ) dictate that the world was inhabited and often visited by alien cultures.

I personally do not believe in Jesus Christ ( i do not judge or laugh at anyone who does each to their own belief )

I do however believe that we are not the random evolution of micro organisms, more so we are aliens ourselves, Think of this 100,000 light years away a planet sits in its own conselation how many people do you think on that planet ask the same as us. "Is anyone else out there ?"

Man/Woman we are more advanced than many people think, we have spaceships of our own (rockets) i dont believe all ufo sightings are alien visitors, what i do believe is some of them are our machines, which are kept hush hush.

To be honest no one actually knows, some scientists claim to KNOW Jesus Christ excisted some claim to KNOW Aliens where here BC. So where does that leave us in the eternal question of. "What is actually real and not ?"


answered 01 Dec '10, 15:21

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shane 3

It is very reasonable to accept that in universe exist alien civilizations and also that they are both more and less civilizated than the Earthly. What arguments for not existing, excepting our poor knowledge?

But for the presence of aliens on the universe and they visited Earth long time ago and recently, there are enough arguments: myths of anciens of all the continents, even in the bible is neticed the long presence on the Earth of gigants (Genesis 4:6), their skeletons being descovered on many earthly locations; the extraterestrial vehicles, mentioned by myths, bible and viewed in the last decades, cannot be denied; the signs (symbols) on fields inthe last years.

These visits could be generated by many purposes: for resurces, for curiosity, but I am certain they was also by noble goals, as civilizating us and helping.


answered 26 Apr '10, 00:50

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Hi stingray, I am of Stephen Hawking opinion. We basically have no idea to what these creatures might be. There are different ideas and view points on this subject.

With my accumulation of information over the years on this subject, I have somewhat settled with the idea that aliens are demons.

There is a movie that has recently come out called "The fourth kind". It is a documentary that deals with alien abductions in Nome Alaska. Most of the movie has real live footages of what actually happened. It is very interesting and intriguing. This movie has rooted my belief a little more that aliens are demons.

Just a couple of scenes to make my point. I do not want to spoil the movie in case you want to see it.

In one scene an "alien" possesses a man, once possessed, he begins to levitate off of his bed. In some cases of demon 'possessions' (where a foreign entity inhabits the body of a human) there are acts of levitation.

Question: Can an alien possess a human? In this live documentary, they apparently can. If the aliens are there to help us, why do they do what they did in the movie? Are they not there to help us?

In another scene a woman gets possessed by these aliens that are in the area. The "alien" speaking through her says at one point "I am God" Later, in an interview (the entity being out of her) it was asked her "was it God?" She said something along these lines, "I felt alone, scared, helpless, anything that dark couldn't be god."

Question: Why would an alien state, "I am God"? If we (all of the universes Conscient beings) come from source, why would it specifically mention that he is God? Is he source energy?

In the movie they speak of seeing the white owl. My oldest son who watched the movie said afterwards, that the sightings of the animal these people of Nome saw, were exactly as he saw them (animals) as a child.

My two oldest children (when they were young) kept constantly telling me of the different animals that saw in there room. They were terrified, waking up very often screaming seeing these animals. So when my eldest saw this movie, he knew (by experience) what they were petrified about.

There were many weird things happening in my home at that time. Just to name one, I was studying one night and something came into my study room. There was nothing there I could physically see. This entity came in at about midnight and left at 6:03AM. There were noises of people walking, toilets flushing, beds creaking, a picture frame physically falling of the wall, children making noise, ... In that 6 hour period I could not for some unexplained reason think, let alone put a coherent sentence together.

In the movie, the Sumerian civilization is mentioned. The aliens communicating through the humans speak in the Sumerian language. Part of the speech is translated in English. In Sumerian, the 'alien' says "I am God". This is a very interesting statement coming from an alien.

Side note: This is identical to Satan's mission. Satan wanted to be like God and greater then him (Isaiah 14:12-14). Satan will physically do this (say that he is God) after the Jewish temple will be rebuilt.

Question: How can an ancient earthly language resurface through an alien speaking through a human being? Unless that alien was part of that Sumerian race. An eternal spiritual alien that has the power to possess human beings.

What intrigues me is the portion of scripture that mentions, "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." (Genesis 6:2) These sons of God are the fallen angels that the bible describes. They have power to materialize in our physical world.

These 'aliens' (demons) came to earth to take wives (of the children of men). They are responsible for a lot of the 'occultic' information we have today. It came from the aliens and their descendants of these beings. Knowledge about magic, different forms of spirituality, the worshipping of different gods, divination, observer of times, enchanter, witchcraft, charmer, consulter with familiar spirits, wizard, necromancer, etc.)

Basically, their job is to discredit and dilute the message that God gave us. Satan began with a lie to man and it continues today, "Yea hath God said..." (Did God really say...)

The aliens brought with them knowledge that we (humans) had no idea of. It is the knowledge of this creation. How it operates, its laws, how things are, etc. They know these things because they inhabit the other side of our reality or the spirit world.

These ancient secrets, ideas, philosophies, occultic rites and arts have been handed down through the ages by them and we have this info. today with us. Much of the information that is out there is in contradiction to scripture.

You may ask how can it contradict the bible. The words to the bible was given to man by God through the prophets. As God spoke they recorded. He was very clear as to what information He wanted man to have. This word becomes the standard by which all things are to be gauged by.

You may say I don't believe that God gave his word to the prophets. I don't believe the bible. There are things said that don't make sense etc. Okay. I have a question.

Well, when Abraham, Seth, Bashar, the Guys, etc. speak through Esther Hicks, Jane Roberts, etc. don't you take at face value in full unadulterated faith what these 'beings' are telling, teaching, warning you?

This, by the way, is one of the same methods God used to convey his message to humanity. Yet, man chooses to disregard one revelation (God's) and accept another (Abraham and company).

So, when Abraham and the others teaches mankind something, don't they (who follow them) by faith take it all in? Believing all they said, hanging on to every word and thought spoken? Of course you do. You have probably put put many things they taught you to the test and it works. I believe you. I read and heard what they said. I've checked it out to. The amount of truth they give is incredibly accurate. Then there is that little lie.

These demons, devils, whatever you would like to call them will always give you 99 truths to deliver their one lie. They do it any way they can. Be it through channeling or by whatever means.

Question: A man drinks a glass of poisonous water. What kills him, the glass of water he just ingested or the one drop of poison that was in the water? You see, the water is just the carrier for the poison. It just takes one minute drop to get the job done.

Demons will feed humanity 99 perfectly solid true statements to deliver that one fatal lie that will destroy them.

The truths they speak is a carrier for that one fatal lie.

If you ask a liar if he is a liar, will he tell you the truth?

In conclusion, Stephen Hawking warned that humans should make every attempt to avoid them. I seriously think he was right on this one.


answered 26 Apr '10, 05:51

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Frank 1

Yes it is "Perfectly Natural" to assume we are not alone. I also feel that this truth might be uncovered sooner than we think.

I do not believe in coincidences. There are far too many in matters of alien and alien abduction.I had abduction dreams as a kid and then ten years later it was portrayed in a movie. And this specific event had never been depicted in a movie ever before. I would love for someone to prove me wrong. I dreamt of an abductors finger becoming (magically) into the shape of a metal needle/probing device. It stuck it in my side and left it there.

Ten years later I watched a movie called Communion (Christopher Walken) and in the movie the same exact thing happened but the finger stuck him in the head. Now how did my brain imagine almost the same exact thing with out ever seeing it ten years prior?

Anyway thats my 3 cents about Aliens. They've been here and they are nice.



answered 02 Nov '10, 01:47

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jim 10

The truth is none of us know for sure, but if we want to accept, and believe in it, then I think, it is fair to say we are entitled to our own opinions, and beliefs. Personally, I think of ET more so as fiction, fantasy, more so than facts. I see ET existence as I see the movie “Avatar” as a great Science Fiction Movie; so beyond being a movie to watch, and foreplay in my mind eyes, and my imagination, I personally cannot see their existence here on earth. But of course, it is okay for one to speculate on their existence!


answered 02 Nov '10, 06:33

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Inactive User ♦♦

I don't know what mister Hawkins is playing at. But spreading fear in this manner shows he is misinformed. How can there be alien civilizations if there is just one of us experiencing itself in all sorts of manifestation? There is nothing but Oneness so let's not get sidetracked by all the Hollywood productions meant to spread fear and horror of anything different. There are all sorts of manifestations not just here on this planet. Love is what binds us all together no matter how different our chosen physical vehicle may appear. We are all the same, part of the One.

Thank you, namaste


answered 01 Dec '10, 19:49

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The bad aliens can't get you unless you made a prior agreement with them or invite them in. Why would we make and agreement with them? You had your reasons at the time. For the rest of us we are being protected by the good aliens, so no worries.

How do I know this? Doesn't feel right to you?


answered 02 Dec '10, 00:49

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How do i know this ? Doesn't feel right to you ? Now u have to elaborate a little firther have you had an experiance ????

(05 Dec '10, 23:12) shane 3

People are too caught up in fear. It seems these days that anything outside of Jesus gets labeled New Age, pagan, witch craft, a cult, etc... Anything without solid evidence is technically religion. Religious dogma is all the ideas and hypotheses that go along with it. So people are afraid of investigating it because it is equal to a cult. The Bible says not to practice astrology and not to look to the stars. The problem is, we don't know exactly what they were doing that God didn't want them to do. Too much is lost in translation.

Also, people are afraid of the unknown. What if...? We don't want to open that can of worms just in case.

Without having something to study and research, we are just guessing at what might be. This would be religion. And look where that has gotten us. Until we have hard evidence to study, we would be killing each other over beliefs in another religion.


answered 09 Apr '11, 13:59

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Fairy Princess

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