can i contact a friend with my brain and will they know its me ?

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It’s called synchronicity it reflects our Oneness.. When you see this activity you have begun to wake up. As you learn to tame and begin the art of riding your Dragon (All thoughts that oppose your Goodness and purpose), You will see and hear more confirmations of your thoughts reaching outward and manifesting itself in your Relationships. As well as in all aspects of your life. It is therefore important to bless all your relationship., for they are good and have a purpose. Everyone knows about thinking about someone and that person calls or contact you or you run into them in the next store. The Dragon is when you think (dwell) on the illusion of someone else’s imperfection. Ex. On the way to work your thoughts about and office colleague are low and negative . You arrive at the office to find this person in a bad mood that day the vibrations are not good the atmosphere tense. Tame that Dragon and see the goodness of God in everything.

‘’ We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.’’


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Well he or she might not call you and say, "Hey, I know that you were trying to get in touch with me, through your brain, so here I am calling you back." It probably won't be so direct. Instead, the person you are thinking of may tell you that he or she keeps thinking of you for some reason and thought they would give you a call.


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My Wife calls me (on the phone) all the time after I have been thinking about her..


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Numerous experiments have been done on mind-reading and esp (some of them are very good, well controlled studies), and none of them have produced results that are better than statistical chance. Those studies that have shown positive results can always be found to have problems with their procedures, controls and/or statistical methods.

I'm not saying that mind-reading doesn't exist, but if it does exist it apparently cannot be captured in a laboratory setting.

Some mind-reading can be attributed to post-hoc reasoning. The brain is designed to connect things together that occur at roughly the same time, even if those things are not causally related.


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I've been thinking about this for awhile since reading the article Vesuvius mentioned. I may have to re-think things now and go against my own comment I'd written earlier. Yes, I change my mind sometimes if I have been wrong!

Here's an example of my past thinking: I think of my elderly Grandmother and consider her welfare and my love for her. I think it would be nice to talk soon. Within the hour she calls me. I think to myself, "Wow! It's ESP."

Maybe I just wanted it to be ESP, and liked using that as an explanation. It's that post-hoc reasoning.

I wasn't considering the 9 times out of 10 I think of her and she does not call. I was grasping at the once-in-awhile occurrence. And of course, why would it need to be ESP if she were to think of me and call? I'm her Granddaughter.

I ran a little experiment. I wished with all my heart that three different people would call me. I devoted several minutes to each wish, both in the forefront and back of my mind. None of the three called me. My ex husband called me, which had been mostly an unwanted call and I hadn't thought of him in days. I e-mailed all 3 and asked them if they realized or sensed I had been thinking of them. No one did. Maybe I'm a weak sender or they are poor receivers, I guess that is possible.

Likeable Scott, you can best test the efficacy of this theory by trying it out for yourself. Let us know what happens!


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LeeAnn, assuming you drive...did you learn to drive your car in several minutes? :)

(25 Feb '10, 23:26) Stingray

Well, I think I was forming a new opinion not only based on my little experiment, but also on thinking back over many years and the fact that it doesn't seem to be a reliable or consistent form of communication, at least for me. It was wishful thinking! I understand what you are saying though, it probably was a hasty experiment! I hope someone tries a better and longer one, and will report on that.

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You can do experiments, but you both have to know before hand of what time so you can both be in one mind. One the receiver and the other the sender.

For example I could say okay tomorrow at Ten Post Meridian Eastern time I'll send you a thought or picture. So at ten you say oh yes I need to relax and see what comes to me, so you go into relaxing. Then you write down what came to you on a piece of paper, mean while after I am done I write down what I sent you on a piece of paper, we then meet someplace public like a restaurant both with our papers and exchange papers at the table, being sure to look at the same time for comparison together.

All of this sets up a control so there is no squeezing the answers to fit, "yes that was what I was sending you", no it is written before and not exchanged until the meeting.

You are looking for similarities between the papers and differences, it is a total evaluation.

I would not try anonymously contacting someone out of the blue until I knew I was good enough with these experiments first.


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yes if you are able to do it and they are able to pick it up. experience and enjoy. Most often i pick it up in dream. example:


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