I was just reading on Yahoo news about Pastor Rob Bell, who has challenged this idea in a new book. I was fascinated by this idea, because I really do not believe in Hell anymore. It seems that some people live hell on Earth and it seems rather nasty that after such lives, they would then spend eternity in another Hell, for not believing in whatever they were supposed to believe while alive. It seems unfair.

So, what do you think about this, people?

Happy Debating, Jai

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Good question and I like the link you posted, very informative!

(18 Apr '11, 23:41) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you, Vee, for your positive comment. It means a lot! Blessings, Jai

(19 Apr '11, 00:25) Jaianniah

Glad you dont believe in hell Jai.It mystifies me that christians focus on hell,sin,satan,end of the world etc. Why? because theyve a champion like Jesus Christ in and at the centre of their faith.I would far rather focus my attention on Him .Hes the ultimate positive thinker,manifester and all else besides.Im no christian Jai ,but i cant help thinking that a shepherd who wasnt even happy with 99% of His sheeps safety and well being would reserve a hell for people.Gods a 100% type of guy!!

(19 Apr '11, 10:56) Monty Riviera

@ monty , good point never even looked at it like that before!!

(19 Apr '11, 13:32) TReb Bor yit-NE
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the understanding to me is this. In the after life you are able to move freely in and out of time and space. Many people use this as a time to "look back" on their lives. when doing this many of us go back to the parts of our life and change things in it to see the different out come. As my source has taught me THE ONLY REASON THAT WE EXPERIENCE PHYSICAL REALITY IS FOR OUR SOUL TO BE FEED THE EXPERIENCE!! thats it!!

So when we examine the life and all of the aspects we move on to learning or teaching or spending time with old loved ones from previous lives, we do what we need to as individuals so that we may prepare ourselves for the next life ( which is an experience the soul has NOT yet had!)! well here is the HELL for some, some become sooo attached to the physical reality and their egos become so powerful that they have a VERY hard time getting past the examining part of the after life. they become addicted to the "negative" or ego-inflamed portions of their lives and replay it and replay it , these are the spirits and "ghost" that are "haunting" houses and buildings. They are not ready to give up the physical reality because they are still soo deeply disconnected to their higher self.
This is why these spirits take several hundred years or even thousands of years to re- incarnate. they are so wrapped up in the "bad" beliefs that they have absorbed from the ego that they are stuck here. this is hell. this is the worst of the worst, also a persons obsessive belief with hell can put them in a self made reality that is exactly as they would think of the "physical" realm called hell. either way that you experience this hell is a bad way to live your afterlife with such great possibility that your soul can create.
There is only one way out of these "hells" , and i promise no matter how big the belief or how big the ego's grip on the soul, there IS a way out! the way out is teachers, these are the souls who are greatly aware of the workings of the non physical realm, they are us while we are in sleep, they are the ones who are special to you in the way that they are vibrationally matched to you and can "push" this true info to you. they can pennetrate the belief systems and egos grip. that is it, this is the ONLY way!

i hope this helped you,

love n light,



answered 19 Apr '11, 01:13

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Hi Rob, I used to wonder about this years ago and this was the conclusion I came to. Thanks for confiriming it for me :)

(19 Apr '11, 20:12) Radius 7.25

you are welcome my freind, everythin i have learned about afterlife is from my source and re-confirmed from the jane roberts /seth material

(19 Apr '11, 22:02) TReb Bor yit-NE

My first thought was to google nde and hell.. when I type nde googles 1st auto-fill was nde hell ...anyways this page was the top of the page what-is-hell-like

In this way, our subjective and relative mind is reflected onto the objective and absolute nature of our mind. What was before hidden in our unconscious mind is now seen as the reflection in our objective mind. In other words, what was unconscious before now becomes conscious. This is the pain of awakening, when our unconscious actions become conscious. And this is possible because in every moment of our lives, our unconscious mind records our actions. When this subconscious memory suddenly becomes conscious, there is an experience of pain from the shocking revelation. This is the pain of looking within and this is the pain of hell.

It is similar to as rob said.Thought it was a very insightful look at the subject


answered 19 Apr '11, 07:57

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I read somewhere that a very well respected literal bible translation doesnt contain the word hell at all.

It does contain other words for hell but there not the blanket word that we read in many translations.

I also read that 2000 years ago the jewish tradition had a very very different concept of hell than most modern christians.They didnt have the concept of a place where someone went indefinitely.

When Jesus spoke of "gehenna" this refered to an are where human sacrifices took place to a false deity ( almost a boogie man type figure) called, i think, molech.

This place was of course mythical and so was molech.This place was a part of jewish folklore.

I think the whole hell thing has had a very heavy catholic slant put on it.Remember that the early bible manuscripts were not handed to a bunch of evangelical christians,baptists,methodists,new agers and the like. They were very much edited ,translated and sometimes altered by the then established church,which eventually morphed into the present day roman catholic church.

A very heavy doctrinal slant could quite easily have been introduced.

What better way to ensure obedience to the church than to frighten the population with an eternity in hell,reserved for those who dont tow this or that doctrinal line.

Im no biblical scholar and no jewish historian so please take the above with as bigger pinch of salt as you like.

PS Just read the article,similar to the one i read, mine came from the "tentmaker" site.Very similar take.Also studied this stuff from Mike Williams on "gospel logic"



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Monty Riviera

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There is definitely a real hell and a real heaven, and this is what we will all come to manifest when we transmit to our next journey; the hereafter. Its not merely because a person didn't believe what they believed that's why they are sentenced to hell, but the issue is far deeper than that. In the Glorious Qra'n, Allah notifies us that He is never to punish if a person doesn't know, not aware. But when the signs of Allah reaches a person's knowledge and they become fully aware of them, in that state, they will be fully accounted of what they do. Now, there has been many people who have enslaved people , they made evil schemes by all means necessary in a world conspiracy aspiring to hinder people away from the right path and deceiving them about this temporary life, and oppressed people ,,,, to say that they will not be accounted for what they did is like saying justice will not be served, which is totally wrong. In the Glorious Qura'n, Allah further conveys to us why the evil doers enter and abide in fire: In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful:

(( What placed you in the fire of blaze? They answered: we were not of those who prayed, nor did we urge to feed the poor ))

(( Verily, he used to believe not in Allah- The Great, nor did he use to urge the feeding of the poor )). May Allah guide us and save and protect us from the evils of ourselves and the punishment of hell fire. May Allah purify us and make us of those who will rejoice in the day of gathering. - The Glorious Qura'n.


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There is good, there is evil, there is above, below, heaven, hell, angels, demons, life, death, the physical world, and the spiritual world. Jesus cast out demons out of people while he was here on earth and when he died they say he visit hell and handle business there before he rose and t to heaven. When he died some of the dead got up and walk around. Everyone is entitle to believe what they want. Some near death experiences talk about going to hell. It is a place you don't want to be. This is your journey believe what you want but always be aware there so much that we don't know and don't understand. Seek knowledge from God and he will direct your path and enlighten your understanding and give you wisdom which more valuable than gold when it comes from God. Yes, I believe their is a hell but the bible says that death and hell shall be thrown in the lake of fire.


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