Today I saw a very interesting movie on Astral Projection. I am slightly aware of this phenomenon, and in my opinion it seems possible. The question I walked away with,unanswered, was: How can you protect yourself if your "Spirit" leaves your body, and it(your body) becomes an open vessel?

I really know very little about Astral Projection and I am curious about your opinions on this subject.

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Ahh this is a question most basic and very good for starters. Your soul is attached to the body pretty much at the navel by a silver cord, it is very important this cord can never break!

As long as this cord is not broken you stay connected to the body you own, so if anything were to disturb the body you will jump right back into that body. There are two types of astral projection inward and outward, outward is Out Of Body Experience, OOBE.

You can as well say a prayer and ask God to watch over you much like a sleep prayer.


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Ah yes, i do recall the "silver cord" now, and thank you as I have a very close person in my life who experiences Astral Projections I can now help to enlighten him on the subject.

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Here is Robert Bruce's Youtube channel

I'd say everything you need to know about Astral Projection should be covered here. Also check out Robert's book Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences. It's regarded by many as one of the best books on OBE's out there.


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Thank You, I will take a look at it.

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when you sleep the spirit leaves the body! some are aware of it and some are not! as for what one see it is what he is ready to see depending on how he can lift the veil of the mind!if you concentrate on something to go see eventually you can achieve it!but be aware that what you think you need to know and what you really need to know are 2 different things!so sometime it is better to just be aware and see where it leads you! hope this helps you my friend!


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