So I read this book called "Reconnecting With Nature" ( where the author talks about the full spectrum of senses or faculties present in human nature, things ranging from the commonly accepted 5 senses to others like temperature, colour, aesthetic sense, trust, belonging, etc adding up to 53 senses.

He says that when enough of these senses awaken, that are usually buried under layers of hurt and systems of belief, a natural integrity (a balanced personality) comes to the fore. One of the most fascinating concepts in the book is the idea of there being a natural 'screen of consciousness' that registers our sensations from the environment and where all our inner experience (= the interplay of awakened senses and hurt ones + beliefs etc) plays out.

Now, with practice it's rather easy to become aware of this screen and what happens in it and as you do so, it appears to become more and more all-encompassing to the point of it merging with a more global field or screen. When there's too much pain from unresolved issues, it becomes harder to be aware of the screen and rather, you seem to get sucked into it, into the stories around theses cores of pain, or hurt/buried senses as the author refers to it.

My question is, is this screen of consciousness what Abraham and some of us here refer to as The Vortex? Because when this screen is more clear and transparent, it feels like it's easier to hang out there in that stillness, and it feels like you let life unfold without creating resistance to it. So in that stillness, is that where all the accrued desires are stored and can manifest without resistance?

Also, if you attend to this screen and work with it solely, you're getting to the root of feelings and 'stuck' emotions, right? Because what I noticed is that each kind of thought of resistance that in a sense becomes chronic in this screen has a parallel in the body. Thought hurts a certain sense, which then is felt in a certain part of the body. Is my interpretation more or less accurate? I'm mostly interested in the intersection of this with Abraham's teachings! Thank you :)

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@Surfgrass - When you talk about "screen", are you referring to the word screen as a kind of filter/separator of thoughts, or a projection target like a television set? Or something else?

(21 Oct '16, 13:25) Stingray

@Stingray - Hello Stingray! More like a TV set, a field of awareness that you can sense

(21 Oct '16, 17:38) Surfgrass

Yes I believe so,I see prana or in its simplest form I see creation before it has manifest,there are several layers all overlapping...lnteresting...

(21 Oct '16, 22:21) Roy

it starts as a very small projection and with focus becomes a movie...awesome...

(21 Oct '16, 22:25) Roy
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The phrase "The Vortex" is just Abraham's rewording of what is commonly known by the term Higher Self. When you feel In-The-Vortex, your Physical Self is aligned with Higher Self and you feel great because the energy of Higher Self is freely flowing through you towards the subject of your attention. (We exist as streams of consciousness, not clumps of consciousness)

You could argue that the term "Higher Self" is what many religious people are actually referring to when they speak of "God".

But like the word "God" means different things to different people to the point of it now being a valueless word for communicating useful concepts, the term "Higher Self" has been heading in that direction too.

I haven't read the book you are referring to - so this answer is probably also fairly valueless for communicating a useful concept :) - but if, in your opinion, by using the term "screen of consciousness", the author is actually referring to that Higher/Bigger/Broader Self then the idea probably ties into Abraham's ideas of "The Vortex".

But, even if that's true, I'm not sure what practical value it gives you to know that :)

Good Feels Good is all you really need to know ...but a book containing only three words might not sell too well :)


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I think it's a Good idea Stingray :)

(25 Oct '16, 03:56) Delphine

Good definition of Vortex and what it means to be aligned !

"But like the word "God" means different things to different people to the point of it now being a valueless word for communicating useful concepts, the term "Higher Self" has been heading in that direction too."

For many it means find your 'Happy Place".

(06 Feb '17, 15:53) ele
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