I stumbled across a website that asks, Is God Imaginary?. I could not believe what I read! The author actually uses the Bible against God! So I ask you: Is God imaginary, or is this a bunch of nonsense?

I think it is unequivocal nonsense!

Blessings, Jai

asked 23 Apr '11, 07:07

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jai go see have you been spiritual all your life you will get my story

(23 Apr '11, 08:34) white tiger

People like that just have axes to grind. If they put as much time into productive endeavors as they did trying to debunk other people's beliefs, they'd be masters of the universe. :P

(28 Apr '11, 20:04) Vesuvius

jai the bible as been tempered with! so that is why people are in doubt! he should not use the bible against god! but use the bible against religion! even jesus in is time was against religion he said the crook are in my father home! the fact that people unite together and help each other is great! but the fact that some use religion to manipulate other people is not good and counter productive!

(13 May '11, 20:02) white tiger
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it is said in the bible only the pure of hearth see god! he as lots of cleaning to do!


answered 23 Apr '11, 08:02

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white tiger

Tres amusant! LOL! Jai

(23 Apr '11, 08:04) Jaianniah

well jai ces amusant mais tellement vrai!

(13 May '11, 20:05) white tiger

The funny thing is that the question is irrelevant.

The author exists,hes one with God.

If he believes this fine, if he doesnt then he will eventually.

If there is no God and we all eventually fall into a state on non conscousness then we wont mind if there is or isnt a God.

In fact we will never know we lived at all.

And in a way we never will have lived.

But we do live!!!! and thats proof of Gods existence.

Its strange that someone would go to all that trouble to convince us something doesnt exist.

Me thinks he protesteth to much. ( Shakespeare,dont wanna get into trouble for not revealing the source!)



answered 23 Apr '11, 08:55

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Monty Riviera

Nice. Anyone who feels the need to prove anything to others or needs to convince anyone of anything is unconsciously controlled by their ego-self :)

(23 Apr '11, 13:42) Eddie

Cheers Eddie,my answers are now more than a little coloured by what Neville has taught me.

(23 Apr '11, 17:25) Monty Riviera

I agree, if someone has to 'prove' something.. they're only caught in that fear based mindset of having to be 'right' :)

(23 Apr '11, 19:08) Michaela
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God's proof of existence is reserved for those that have faith; it is by faith that we know God. This knowing God is because we experience what we are in alignment with. If we are against something, then we can never see it from the side for no matter how much we try. You cannot see the heads side of a coin while looking at the tails side. So to doubt something, then try to find the proof is like painting your house blue while expecting it to be pink. You need to be in alignment with God to experience God. If I accept Jesus as my personal savior, I experience Jesus on a personal level. I talk with and see my prayers answered because I am in alignment with God. I am "right with God" because I give my sins over to God. I give my problems over to God. I give my worries over to God. In all of this, I experience God as that lasting peace even in troubled times. I know everything will be cool: God has this.


answered 23 Apr '11, 07:27

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Wade Casaldi

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Faith is a GIFT from God! So our "friend" needs to be given a "Blast" of Faith from God- in other words, He needs prayers! I look forward to the day when he pulls his website and prints up the opposite, "Why I choose to Believe in God!" Love, your Jai

(23 Apr '11, 07:41) Jaianniah

you are never able to know god untill you know yourself!

love n light,



answered 23 Apr '11, 13:59

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TReb Bor yit-NE

This is a very interesting question which perhaps only God can answer :-) I would like to add my own thoughts about it however; Everything comes from imagining. Nothing can exist without first having being imagined. So who imagined God into being? Well, it must have been God himself because only God is timeless, ie exists outside of time.


answered 25 Oct '11, 01:22

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sharon, what if there are different levels of gods, each with an assigned responsibility from the master architecht. If he were imaginary, i doubt we'd be here

(26 Oct '11, 01:51) fred
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