when i was 3 i use to communicate with angels my dad told me when ever i drew on the wall there were faces in the scribbles and one day he came in and there were drawings of faces all over the walls and ceiling i couldn't reach that ceiling jumping on my bed and i remember having and talking to people when i was 3 that know one else could hear or see too and i could hear angels cause when my sister died i heard from her room come on it's time to go.

when i was 10 i lived in an old trailer about 40 years old. lot's of paranormal activity in that house would happen. i didn't know it was paranormal cause i have a mild form of autism so i was always more focused on other things like dolls and teddy bears i was only a little girl. my dad who was a medium would always see the spirits in the trailer or hear them. i started having a recurring nightmare of me standing in the middle of the living room and a tall man that looked like he had no oxygen in his body come out of the wall and start walking towards me.

i always felt as though it would hurt me so i ran like most children would do. this dream happened every night. but now i'm 22 and am starting to think maybe it wasn't a dream and it was a spirit trying to communicate with me. when i was 15 i seen one of my sisters who paste away when i was 3 come to me in a dream in a bright light first i seen wings then i seen a face and a body but before she could fully show herself i woke up with tears in my eyes. I've also predicted the future a few day's ago.

i had a nightmare of a flood and me walking through really deep water and power lines were down everywhere and i was in an older beaten up city. and the next day we get a heavy rain storm and Pontiac mi Detroit mi and some other places get horribly flooded out. power lines down and cars sunk into giant sink holes filled with water. i didn't know how to react about it it surprised me.

i thought i'd get all this off my chest and tell people everything in one question i can also feel emotions and i know that's empathy but precognition and spirit communication i feel energies all around me spirit energies i can feel if a place is safe or not or a human is good or bad i can hear spirits talk i just want to know how far open my third eye is cause i can touch spirits as well and they can touch me.

for the most surprising story last year my heart was hurting like crazy i couldn't move i started crying and asking god for help and i heard relax my child i relaxed my body and the pain went away.

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@xxemogirlxx - Although I do not know the answer to your question (whether or not your crown chakra & 3rd eye are opened), I just wanted to give you some validation by letting you know that many of us here have experienced similar things. Welcome to Inward Quest.

(30 Jun '13, 21:52) lozenge123

You mention your autism and that "feel feelings". You might be interested to read "The Reason I Jump", a book written by a severely autistic Japanese boy and recently serialised on BBC radio 4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b02yjf17/Book_of_the_Week_The_Reason_I_Jump_Episode_1/son Anyone who listens to it would be left in no doubt that autistic people feel emotions but that they have difficult expressing them. The link will expire shortly but the book is widely available.

(01 Jul '13, 03:48) Catherine

xxemogrlxx, there are many levels of light to be seen. he doubts you'd be asking the question if operationg to capacity

(01 Jul '13, 06:21) fred
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All humans have a crown chakra and a third eye that are more or less opened... from what you say, it appears that your crown chakra and third eye is more open than most ... you have certain facilities for exploring the invisible worlds :)

alt text


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Yes this very much seems your third eye is open.

I remember my Reiki teacher talking about the Microcosmic orbit. She warned us, not to force the kundalini to raise. She said the insane asylums are full of people who have had premature kundalini raises.

You seem more able to handle what you see.


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