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Did anyone find the narrow gate and go to God? Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. How blessed are those who are pure in heart, because it is they who will see God!

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white tiger

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Dollar Bill

I'm switching this to Community Wiki since it appears to be information rather than a genuine question

(26 Apr '11, 13:56) Barry Allen ♦♦

We are all perfect just as the Father is.

He made us that way,Hes taken us all thru the gate.

Good news!



answered 26 Apr '11, 08:09

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Monty Riviera


the gate is in you!

(26 Apr '11, 08:27) white tiger


(26 Apr '11, 09:06) Monty Riviera

The kingdom of heaven is within you." "The kingdom of heaven cometh not with observation." I have often been deeply instructed in remembering that passage,--"The kingdom of heaven is within you." We all know that the primary signification of these words, "The kingdom of heaven," is that blessed future state, in which there is no more pain, nor sorrow, nor sighing; for "all tears shall be wiped from off all faces;" that temple which needeth not the light of the sun by day, nor of the moon by night; for God himself is there, and the Lamb is the light thereof.

(26 Apr '11, 09:12) white tiger

Thats a great answer. Please could you reveal the source of this so we may all study his/her work and learn. Ive personally learnt so much from authors that people on this site have put me on to. Its one of the reasons i come on here.Many thanks in advance.

(26 Apr '11, 14:59) Monty Riviera

Monty Riviera just experience it. all the keys as been given to you.

(11 Oct '11, 01:46) white tiger

Come on White Tiger give Monty some food for thought by disclosing what you read.

(01 Jan '12, 02:50) Paulina 1

Yeah WT, I want to know also!

(29 Mar '12, 19:22) Dollar Bill

i said it before for me the experience pre-date the reading. i have after read all the same that you have read. it is right before your eyes but you do not see it.

(29 Mar '12, 20:15) white tiger
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There are those who seem to have gone through the narrow gate: Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Lazarus the beggar and even Jesus himself. I may have missed a few.

The narrow gate seems to be a portal or wormhole of some sort which can only be accessed by those who reach the right vibrations of thought. It becomes manifest to them. They thus do not have to be buried -no rotting in hell, or having to experience hell-fire's burning acidic cell-destroying state, no.

In a twinkling of an eye they were changed and were caught up - they de-materialise their bodies and go straight to heaven.

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answered 19 Dec '11, 11:14

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yes you have hermes mercurius trimegistus.

(19 Dec '11, 22:08) white tiger

the narrow gate of truth, can only be achive by someone that gets born of water and spirit. the spirit(light) leave the flesh and go above in the kingdom of light. no darkness can enter the light, that is why you need to be born again.

(07 Aug '12, 19:53) white tiger

Hi White Tiger, like you I believe that the kingdom of heaven is within each and every single one of us and it is up to each of us to find the narrow gate that opens the door to God. We must wake up and open this gate but it doesnt mean that if you just open it that you will find your way for there are many hazards on the path and you have to be consistent to keep the gate open. Once the gate is opened it would be foolish to go back to ones old way of thinking and living for if you do the gate will be closed to you once again.


answered 01 Jan '12, 03:08

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Paulina 1

if you take that gate and experience the absolute truth then it cannot be close because you know the truth. the pure of hearth will see god. experience and enjoy.

(01 Jan '12, 03:37) white tiger

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death.

(30 Mar '12, 23:50) white tiger

or from is words him self: you can always return the door is always open for you. and God does not change his mind like shifting shadow.

(31 Mar '12, 00:11) white tiger
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@White Tiger I have to admit I took a little umbrage with your question (although I didn't really:))

The gate to God ( although most of the time, I don't use the word God myself) is never narrow, and is never for the select few. We're all perfect and can find that gate any time we choose to do so. And in your own words my friend experience and enjoy:)


answered 25 Mar '12, 21:43

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1 hour ago before this post on another post you said few are ready. so what was the right answer this one or the other one?

(26 Mar '12, 01:34) white tiger

@white tiger... 'Few are ready' but 'All Can' if they 'Choose' to do so. As far as the 'right' answer... for me both, one doesn't dispute the other. For You...that's for You to decide. Have a great day :)

(26 Mar '12, 11:56) Michaela

for me neither michaela. but now you understand the narrow and the wide gate. i will not change my mind. experience and enjoy.

(26 Mar '12, 15:10) white tiger
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I am sure there is some Spanish sheep farmer out there named Jesús De Dios with a narrow opening in his backyard fence.

However, this opening is mostly for his flock of sheep to go through.


answered 27 Mar '12, 23:08

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The Traveller

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well the traveller you are at your level of understanding and i am at mine. maybe you are not ready to travel that path but eventually it will come then you will know. i am not a divider am i?

(28 Mar '12, 00:39) white tiger

Haw haw @The Traveller - certainly a sense of humor and high degree of spirituality go hand in hand!! alt text

(29 Mar '12, 19:32) Dollar Bill

Everyone was taken through that gate at the exact moment (as far as your consciousness is concerned if you are here, now, reading this) when Jesus died for our sins. The rapture happened, and those who desired to be saved were moved to a new reality where amazing potential existed for all living creatures.

Unfortunately the cost of this sacrifice is that Jesus himself would sit locked in agony and pain, the reality of 'hell', until every living creature was moved into "New Eden". Luckily for him (and us) he completed his job a very, very long time ago.

However, because of the physical and spiritual agony that he was forced to endure he was severely weakened and crippled by the time he made it into "Utopia". And what's worse, by the time he arrived (many eons after the initial 'rapture', 'sacrifice', 'crucifixion', etc) the people he had saved had forgotten about him and returned to their old and evil ways.

And so, Jesus, lacking the strength necessary to save humanity all over again, was involuntarily forced into a state of "hibernation" due to his lack of strength.

So: Welcome to Eden my friend. This reality you are perceiving this moment as you read my words, this is Utopia, this is the great world after Heaven that we were promised. Take a look around.. Doesn't look too much like what you would expect from the Garden of Eden, does it? Well.. thank humanity for the corruption, the filth, the greed..

Modern interpretations of religions (thanks mostly to Catholicism and their repeated corruption of The Word of God) often tell us lies such as 'God made child birth painful because Eve ate from a forbidden tree.' The thorns of the Earth, illness, disease, poverty, suffering.. These are creations of man, not Jesus, and surely not God.

So now those of us who are aware sit back and wait, wondering what will happen next. I'm sure you have heard people claim that Jesus walks the Earth today, alive and among us. This is true, but not because he was born recently. He has always been here, he never left. The future of Utopia sits hanging in the balance, teetering on the verge of annihilation or redemption.

So my response: My travel through the gate you refer to is very short, and not in the direction that you think it is. I do step out of The Gate of Truth, into "The Outside", but I am always pulled back here. Into this cursed existence where those who can live forever wish for an escape, those who can't wish for immortality, and nobody has the slightly clue that we've actually been in the Garden of Eden this whole time, and we never left. That is the true lie that was spoken by "The Trickster" to "Adam and Eve": the lie that we were ever forsaken by God in the first place.

(And a side note regarding the video you reference: The process described by those monks reflects a concept that is the beginning of creating a new Universe, not finding "God" or "Jesus", nor "Utopia". Those three things already exist, here, and going to create a new Universe is an attempt at filling those roles yourself. If you can do the job well, then your Universe will be very strong and prosperous. If you can not, then you may find yourself trapped in a "dream" of your own creation, which may turn out to be a "nightmare". But rest assured, no dream lasts forever. You will always wake up back in Utopia eventually, even if it takes eons.)

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answered 19 Dec '11, 16:03

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i do not agree. jesus said enter through the narrow gate. he never said that he would cross it for every one.jesus did not lack anything people around him the wicked and the carnal lacked something. why did they need to kill someone that was doing good? why did they need to hide the truth and the key of knowledge?

(19 Dec '11, 18:51) white tiger

You're asking the perfect questions, why would anyone kill Jesus? Why would they try to hide the truth? The answer to your questions lie in a time long before the Bible as we read it today. Might I direct you to the verse immediately following the one you quote: "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them." I encourage you to analyse the "fruits" of your sources, and tell me: Are these sources really following Jesus's teachings?

(20 Dec '11, 04:24) Snow

well snow thanks for your concern but my source is the absolute truth over duality the alpha and omega. so experience and enjoy.

(31 Dec '11, 21:29) white tiger

i am not a sheep. i roar like a lion i am a tiger. experience and enjoy.

(29 Mar '12, 19:32) white tiger
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