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example someone is shafting people! one weekend he decide to go work on the roof and fall down and broke is wrist! another does not want to ear the truth so he lose earing! another does not want to see the truth so he becomes blind! one lose faith so he as liver problem! etc. anny one as notice that?

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white tiger

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I'm switching this to Community Wiki since it appears to be information rather than a genuine question

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There are many clear examples of this specific balancing of karma in the biography of Edgar Cayce "Many Mansions" by Gina Cerminara.

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In the vast majority of cases, these kinds of coincidences can be attributed to Confirmation Bias. Confirmation bias occurs because the brain naturally associates things that happen in close temporal proximity (i.e. at the same time or place), and sometimes draws the incorrect conclusion that those things are somehow related.

In any case, were there a direct causal relationship between beliving something is going to happen and it actually happening, one could simply decide not to believe in that causal relationship anymore.

In other words, I don't believe that my thoughts translate directly to things happening, so they don't.


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i don't believe in coincidence every thing happen for a reason!

(27 Apr '11, 19:43) white tiger

Yes, but you're not always the reason things happen. You are the reason that you experience the things that happen to you.

(27 Apr '11, 19:56) Vesuvius

well one experiance what he creates or what other around him creates!

(28 Apr '11, 00:42) white tiger

the reason is what we creates individually and all together! does fighting together because some see only part of that makes it good for all?

(28 Apr '11, 00:45) white tiger
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While I respect the right to disbelieve, many religions have attempted to address this law of the universe. The ancient eastern peoples believed in karma as part of a cycle of cause and effect with moral implications, and many still do follow those teachings. The Bible teaches a vaguely similar concept in proverbial form which states that as one sows, so also shall one reap. But not all that happens may be attributed to the choices that we make. Sometimes God intends for a different outcome than that which we might deserve to come about for reasons that may or may not be clear. Sometimes we reap the rewards or sufferings that others have brought about by their choices--including us in the effect even though we had little or nothing to do with the cause. In any case, that which the ancients understood we have forgotten, for the reaping or effects are not always gathered in this life or in this age. I do not speak of reincarnation or similar cycles of karma, which was introduced by later men who could not understand what those who came before were teaching.


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Infinite Seed

hi infinite seed yes belief blind people! they lose some part of the experiance!they should not draw conclusion before the experiance! you experiance and draw conclusion after!

(28 Apr '11, 04:07) white tiger

maybe not all but alot! how many of problem because of bad body posture? how many get sick because they did not dress properly? how many do stuff to other and it comes back to them!

(28 Apr '11, 04:12) white tiger

how many suffer from disease cause by stress because they run after money and material things?

(28 Apr '11, 04:26) white tiger
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