I tried Blue Water on someone with ARV`S treatment side effect which was skin rash , did not seem to make much impact . It was a 2 litre blue plastic bottle put in the sun for two hours. Any advice on what i could be doing wrong ?

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Does 'Blue Water' work? Obviously I think it does because I wrote that little book!

Sometimes people email me to ask if that little story in the Blue Water book is really true. The answer is yes. It is completely genuine.

But after writing that book and distributing it across the internet, some people pointed out to me that another widely-used term for Blue Water is Solarized Water. This is apparently part of a larger field of healing called color therapy.

If you search the internet for the terms blue solar water or solarized water, you will find much more information about what I call Blue Water - and I only call it that because the elderly lady I mentioned in the book told me that was what it was called.

Solarized water has been used throughout history for healing so if you are looking for evidence if it works, you'll probably stumble across some (online or offline) if you look hard enough.

Regarding your question about what you are doing wrong, I can't really say based on your brief explanation but judging by the emails I have received in the past, there are many people who find Blue Water beneficial.

You could try using blue glass instead of blue plastic. I have only ever tried it with blue glass.


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I don't know about Blue water whatsoever but I can share with you what kind of water I use.

I truly believe that the mineral water can cause harm to our bodies because of sometimes to much minerals in them as to what the body actually needs. Over time I learned that the PURER the water and the less things it has in them the better. It allows the more abundant flow of energy, which is essential in our body. We are mostly made ut of water.

So what I use is I take regular tap water, boil it, let it cool down by itself, put it in an plastic bottle, then freeze it, then take it out and let it "defrost" on its own. I really practice it and believe it works, which means gives you energy boost. It supposed to be purified out of everything in the water and it tastes completely diffrent, in my opinion, then the tap water. Try it out yourself :-)


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I wonder what would happen if I "lunise" the water during the night instead of solarizing it. Anyone got any ideas?


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You could ask this as a new question so that more people see it

(07 Nov '09, 21:22) Barry Allen ♦♦

I think it is too superficial to bother asking new question. ;)

(08 Nov '09, 10:48) Asklepios

I have heard it does work but I don't remember where I read it. The man I read years ago said you get and blue bottle an fill it with water and let it set out in the sun. He experiment with different shades of blue and said there was an slight difference in the shades of blue bottles and I believe he said the dark blue was the best. He did say it help him.

This is all I have for now.


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I was drinking blue water for a while during the summer but I was feeling pretty good both physically and emotionally before I started experimenting with it, so I can't say if it had any effect or not.

Did you use it just once though? Even if we assume that it works, I don't think you should treat it as some kind of magic potion. Try it consistently for at least a month and then draw a conclusion...and keep us updated! :)


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I know they used glass bottles and maybe the plastic is not the same medium as glass and may affect the results. I know you have to use a glass jar to make sun tea as plastic will not work as well and has a different flavor.


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