I recently read about the water in the blue bottle and it says if you leave the bottle of water in the sun for a few hours,the water in the bottle will have some medicinal properties.I wish know if anyone out there has tried and what about the result.I am trying to gather some testimonies on this matter.

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In some parts of Africa,they purify their drinking water in plastic bottles,by leaving them in the sun.

(16 Mar '13, 08:31) Roy

Google "Blue Solar Water" and start clicking. You will find all kinds of info on it.

(17 Mar '13, 06:03) Rindor

yes @Rindor, sunlight carries subtle life forces

(17 Mar '13, 06:41) ru bis

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

(17 Mar '13, 09:27) Fairy Princess

I wonder if the shape of the container matters. I have a cobalt blue glass cannister that is 12 sided with round corners.

(17 Mar '13, 09:41) Fairy Princess

Does it work when it's cloudy?

(17 Mar '13, 10:52) Fairy Princess
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Yes, the water in the bottle captures the beneficial rays from the sun ... you can also try this; draw the symbol of the sun on a piece of white card and place a bottle of pure water on the drawing for ten minutes, it will amplify the effect. It's a good energy drink.

alt text


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ru bis

@ru bis- great info.., from where do u get such amazing infos?

(16 Mar '13, 15:02) supergirl

@supergirl - servranx have a collection of 66 graphs ranging from the simplest to more complicated


(17 Mar '13, 04:03) ru bis

@ru bis- thank you..dear !!!

(17 Mar '13, 06:14) supergirl

@ru bis- i am not able to understand the language , can u pls explain the graphs in it?.. thank u in advance..-peace,love n light on ur wayy..

(17 Mar '13, 06:16) supergirl

@supergirl they only publish in french; there too many graphs to explain here ... they are for all kinds of uses including health, success, relationships, aliments etc. I suggest that you put a question on IQ, something like "does anyone know where i can find radionic graphs"

(17 Mar '13, 06:51) ru bis

@ru bis- k..i l put. thank you :))

(17 Mar '13, 07:11) supergirl
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There is something called the placebo effect. This means if you believe it will heal you it will heal you.

This is in no way something to be scoffed at. The mind is the biggest healer if you believe you are healed you are healed.

I remember a quote from Wayne Dyer, "You could say crystals heal me. If I have cancer, I don't care if it is placebo or not. I'm going to buy a crystal chair and sit on it every day!"


answered 16 Mar '13, 12:28

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Wade Casaldi

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