This question relates to Blue Water.

The Visible Colour Spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to (can be detected by) the human eye- [source Wikipedia]

There are 7 distinct colours which are contained within the Visible Colour Spectrum. These colours are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

In my knowledge, the colour of the bottle that is apparent to us (that which we see) is actually the colour which has been reflected by bottle to our eyes, while absorbing the remaining 6 colours from the spectrum.

For example a green bottle would reflect the green light off the bottle and absorb the 6 other colours(red, orange,yellow, blue,indigo, purple). Hence the water would absorb all the colours, but the green. Which is why we see the bottle as being green colour.

It is believed that BLUE is meant to be a soothing colour and RED is known to be an aggressive colour.

Hence, based on the understanding that I have on colour, I have 2 questions to ask:

  1. Why is the water that is filled into the BLUE bottle called BLUE water? Shouldn't it be called "non-blue" water or something of that sort?

  2. And since RED is known to be the violent and aggressive colour, shouldn't the water filled into the RED bottle prove to be the 'purer water' than the water filled into the blue bottle? Has anyone experimented with the different colours of the spectrum?

Note: Please do point out if my understanding of colour is wrong. Thanks.

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Yes, you could certainly argue that "Blue Water" should really be called "Everything-But-The-Color-Blue Water" if you want to adopt a strictly accurate definition.

But then are you not making your life a little awkward?

If you are trying to describe to someone a "Red" car (by the generally accepted definition of Red) and you went around telling people that the color of it was actually "Everything-But-The-Color-Red", you might well be scientifically correct...but you may notice that you eventually have no friends left :)

I would say it's called Blue Water by convention - it's just a label really.

Indeed, there's no guarantee that what I perceive as Blue is the same thing as what you perceive as Blue. A good example of this is people who are Color Blind.

So you could say that all colors are just arbitrary labels that only mean something to each individual because they perceive that arbitrary frequency of light in the same constant way for each Blue thing they observe, even though that actual perception may be interpreted differently by each person.

So I might actually be seeing what you would call Red (if you perceived it) when I use the word Blue but it doesn't matter because all my Reds are the same whenever I see them.

So all my Red labels are still equivalent to your Blue labels.

Hope this isn't all too confusing :)

Regarding the different colors of the spectrum, I haven't tried it myself but doesn't that Blue Water ebook contain descriptions of what the other colors do also?

I think if you do an internet search for the words color therapy solarized water, there should be plenty of further information.


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thanks for your answer!

(13 Sep '11, 06:33) Velagopalan

Wow this question realy set me thinking. The bottle in question is blue and of course it is made of glass which is transparent. Sunlight filtered through blue glass will have a certain vibration that is different than sinlight filtered through red glass or green glass for instance. What we are talking about here are different vibrations permiating the water and therefore giving the water a different energy dynamic. Never mind if it is Blue less or Less blue we call it blue water because it is easy on the mind to do so.

The properties of healing with different colours coresponds to your chakra colours and here is an example below.

RED: Energy, the lymph system, teeth, bones, blader and elimination
system, legs feet ankles etc., adrenal glands(shared with yellow),
nose. Security, survival and trust.

ORANGE: Reproductive system, sexual organs, lumbar plexus, gonads ovaries
testes, tongue taste apetite, food, sex, sensation as in touch.

YELLOW: Power,control, muscular system, skin as a system, the solar plexus, large intestine, stomach, liver, pancreas, sight eyes, mental activity.

GREEN: Heart, circulatory system, cardiac plexus, lungs, entire chest area, thymus gland, immune system, how we feel about being touched, relating as to others (relationships).

BLUE: Thyroid, comunication, throat and neck, arms and hands, the brachial or cervical plexus, ears hearing, beliefs concerning the manifestation of goals, listening to intuition, state of consciousness of abundance & grace, first level of consciousness of higher inteligance and our relationship of our space, ether.

INDIGO: Forhead, temples, carotid plexus, pituitary gland, physical growth gigantism, dwarfism, clairvoyance and all extra sensory perception spirit to spirit comunication, to feel and see subtle energies and to work with them, subconscious or unconscious, spirituality or spiritual perspective, vibration inner sound.

VIOLET: Brain, entire nervous system, any symptom affecting the nervous system as a whole i.e. multiple sclerosis or parkinsons disease the hair and nails, top of head, pineal gland, empathy, perceptions of unity and seperation, authority, inner light, white light.

The above information I learned from the book "Anything Can Be Healed" by Martin Brofman.


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Paulina 1

thanks for your answer!

(13 Sep '11, 06:33) Velagopalan

I have never heard of blue water or any other color of water for that matter. I do agree with Paulina in saying that the color of the bottle the water is in just affects the vibration of the water itself and the name of "blue water" is just a quicker way to say it than saying "water that was set in the sun in a blue bottle" :).

I do recall reading many years ago one of Shirley MacLaine's books where she was talking about drawing in white light through your body and if you had problematic areas to change the color to blue because it has healing properties. I'm not sure where she received her information from or if she even cited it.

I find the idea of blue water to be fascinating though and would love to hear if anyone has actually tried it. This might also be something that could be likened or related to Dr. Masaru Emoto's claim that human thoughts affect water and since everything is energy, there might be some validity to it. It also could just be the belief that the blue water has healing properties, therefore it does.


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thanks for your comment!

(13 Sep '11, 06:32) Velagopalan

Have you tried the blue water yet?

(15 Sep '11, 04:01) akaVienne

Dear akaVienne, You can get all the information on blue water here on Psi Tek to download for free. The book is called "The Amazing Powers Of Blue Water". Try it and see for yourself for it is pretty simple to make all you need is water and a blue coloured bottle and when you have tried that you can make all the different waters by using different coulered glass bottles or containers.

(16 Sep '11, 07:36) Paulina 1
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