Regarding Blue Water, I would like to know...

  • How long does the blue water remain charged by sunlight? Does the charged water remain forever in the water?
  • Where do you buy the blue bottle container mention in your website?
  • Does the blue color light bulb shine into a clear glass water have the same effect as the blue solarized water?

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Chua Ernesto

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Fresh solarized water can be stored for several days at a time. Blue solarized water can be kept safely for a week or ten days in hot or cold weather. Because of the light frequencies, red, yellow, and orange solarized water should be changed every two days in warm weather and every ten days to two weeks in cold weather, when storing. Because the color of the water does not change, it is necessary to label each container as to what color the water has been solarized.

If you would like to preserve the water for a longer time, it is a good idea to add a natural preservative to it. A 50/50 mix of the solarized water to alcohol such as brandy or vodka, will keep this vibrational water for many months. It is always a good idea to store your solarized essence in a brown or blue bottle where the sun won't destabilize its delicate balance.



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Thank you this answer and the link

(07 Aug '10, 14:21) Gleam

You're welcome, Gleam

(07 Aug '10, 20:03) Stingray

There may be someone here better to answer your question on this particular topic, but I will take a shot for you.

1) Water is well known in "occult groups" to be a very good 'accumulator' of subtle energy, such as that in sunlight. (Actually, it is quite good for this even for physical energy) So I imagine it can remain quite a long time.

I haven't personally tested it out, but in other cases I have used water for similar things it manages to last. A refresher could always be helpful though.

2) I don't know what they have over there, but where I live at the moment...and in the middle east when I lived there, blue glass bottles were not hard to come by.

Particularly in the festive season, there was some good sparkling grape juice for kids that stocked the shelves and was in a blue bottle. I'd imagine there is something similar the world over, but could be wrong.

If not, you could always try and...manifest it. :o

3) No.


answered 07 Aug '10, 04:40

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