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i have made 2 dreams that could be future events! the first dream it is night and the sky turn red and it is full of little red orb like invasion and jets try to engage them and it seams like the end of the world people are saying it is the end! dream 2 it is day time and the building seam damage like a war zone and there is some alien craft(saucer and triangle shaped) and some that are men made(rectangle with propulser in the back) fighting in the sky! anny one made dream like that?

asked 30 Apr '11, 06:29

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white tiger

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It is common to dream of aliens. Some actualy try to connect with you this way. You are a greatly open individual and are in tune with many vibrations. This will allow you to see sooo much! I am happy for you that you can open yourself. thank you for sharring.

love n light,



answered 30 Apr '11, 14:11

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TReb Bor yit-NE

so rob anny idee why alien will invade us!

(30 Apr '11, 16:45) white tiger

no, the neggitive have no need for invasion, the ones whio are evil already have a contole over us inside the governments. i think you see this as a mannifestation of your own fears, a mirror of your own ideas on the whole thing. probbably you tend to understand this in a more complex way than the ego allows you to.

(30 Apr '11, 20:05) TReb Bor yit-NE

i have no fear rob and it is not me creation! that is why i tell you it could be a future event! in the 2 dream i was observing with no fear at all!

(01 May '11, 02:24) white tiger

most the time when i dream i am lucid so i know nothing can hurt me!

(01 May '11, 02:25) white tiger

ok well i am not saying you are even consiesly afraid,, it was a thought ,, love n light

(01 May '11, 19:23) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I have had many Space Alien dreams over the years. Even many abduction dreams I have had.

I have had dreams like yours where I looked out up into the sky and it was filled so much with ships that you could hardly see the sky between the ships. They were coming very fast everywhere. I ran outside to get a better look and was beamed up into one of the ships by some kind of light beam it grabbed me by my head and pulled me up when I got to the ship a laser cut the top of m head off so I saw my body fall to the ground. My brain was placed in a container like an upside down glass bowl on some tray. Then my brain was washed and put into a new body that looked Alien, it was light blue and I believe I was wearing gloves and boots but my hands and feet seemed completely smooth. I had very thin arms and legs and a thin body a big head and big blue eyes like human only bigger. I had a blast learning how to move and be in my new body!

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answered 23 Jul '11, 18:03

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Wade Casaldi

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I was just getting ready to answer this with the same answer I had already wrote! Wow that story is still in my memory just as fresh today. Well I already answered and have nothing more to say.

(13 Mar '14, 07:56) Wade Casaldi

Dec 13 2023, I was getting ready to answer this with the same answer, that was a strong memory for me, a great dream, I'll always remember.

(13 Dec '23, 23:14) Wade Casaldi

Well I've had a kind of abduction dream, only, I wanted to go at first, but once I went thru portal and laid on a table I got scared and woke myself up.

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answered 30 Apr '11, 17:10

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well when i was young i can not tell if it was a dream or not! i woke up in the night and i was not able to stay awake and i said they are here it is to late! they are in the house! and i was trying to scream and there was no sound!and i have tried to go hide! and there was little green men with big head and dark eye! in the house!at that time i did not know anny thing about alien!

(30 Apr '11, 17:29) white tiger

i think alien are searching for something in human! why would they be here other wise!

(30 Apr '11, 18:21) white tiger

I have had many of these dreams up until I was 24. I am now in the process of sharing them with a professional on the subject. Might even do hypnosis.

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answered 14 May '11, 17:28

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Just to make you laugh, White a child I dreamed that I got up out of bed and that my parents had turned into aliens, or rather that they had always been and I had caught them in their true forms. My mother was ironning clothes in an alien form, and my father was reading a newspaper as an alien. I started to scream and woke up screaming. I remember that dream to this day!

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answered 23 Nov '11, 01:55

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LeeAnn 1

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white tiger

and what was this form Lee Ann?

(23 Nov '11, 02:05) white tiger

so alien iron clothes and read news paper. what is scary about that? Hahaha

(23 Nov '11, 02:11) white tiger

They had big heads, huge eyes, and skinny little bodies just like the aliens in the cartoons!

(23 Nov '11, 17:50) LeeAnn 1

like this

(27 Nov '11, 23:42) white tiger

Yes, just exactly like that!

(30 Nov '11, 03:51) LeeAnn 1

@LeeAnn 1: My intent is not to scare you, but have you ever considered the possibility you may be an abductee?

(15 Mar '14, 16:50) TGunn
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I had a dream that was somewhat similar. I was standing outside on a nice day and all of a sudden swarms of these triangle-shaped ships with two big jets in the back and two smaller ones on both sides. They were i watched them slow down I started to back up as i was afraid of what was coming. They stopped just above the treeline and I sprinted back into my house. They were searching for people, that is for sure. My entire family came down to my basement to hide(everything looking as vivid as reality) and we heard them come into the house. I could feel one walk downstairs as if he knew where we were. He grabbed my father and handed him off to the other that was with him. I was afraid for my life as this thing that stood about 6 feet tall looked like a cockroach with an armor that fit his body perfectly. He reached out his hand and claimed it was o.k. I didn't think twice about going with him. We then went back outside and somehow just appeared onto this giant ship. I was still afraid for my life but in the back of my mind I felt everything was alright. The same alien sort of calmed me down when he looked at me and put a bright orb in my hand. I felt a tingle as the orb was consumed into my body. He then released me back onto earth, only I was in a different city. I had become somewhat a super human. I could run faster jump on top of buildings, and had all of the knowledge of the world. The huge city was poverty stricken and it looked like there had been a war there. People were screaming as the city was destroyed. I was looking for something, yet i had no idea. I came across people sitting at a bar with two long grills sitting next to each other like something found at a wok. I was very upset with something that happened and slammed my hand onto the grill. Just then everything in that area started working as I could see my body glow blue. After that I walked away and saw somebody laying in agony claiming he was paralyzed from the waste down. I knelt down to him and put my hands over his back. I could feel my hands get warm as it was draining my energy. The man got up and thanked me in a scared voice. I kept walking along the road and saw somebody i felt like i knew my entire life. As he kept walking I could feel myself somewhat recharging. All of this is from a dream i had 3 days ago. How was it so vivid???? and how can i remember everything that happened??? I may sound crazy, but please comment. If anybody has had the same dream or something close..let me know.

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answered 27 Nov '11, 20:33

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Justin 1

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

(27 Nov '11, 23:39) white tiger

In the last several years I have been having more dreams where I see UFOs and other strange anomalies in the sky. Aside from one dream where I was escorted to a room full of Earth humans - all fully clothed, calm, alert, and of different age demographics - and sat down in a sort of classroom, I have never seen any 'aliens' in my dreams. But in this particular dream, there were all sorts of different entities in the room and adjoining room(s), but none resembled anything in abductee or contactee experiences I have read about and seen photos of (which are A LOT!). I remember being extremely excited and enjoying the experience, observing all the different looking races of 'aliens'. I do not recall anything other than that.

There is another dream that still remains fairly vivid. It was in the evening and I was outside in a large park - possibly outside the museum I work at. I was looking up at the night sky and began seeing strange anomalies occurring. There were people in the park. I remember pointing to the sky and shouting, 'Look! Look!' These anomalies began morphing into crafts. I was ecstatic! I remember yelling to the people round me, something to the extent of 'UFOs! I told you so! I told you so!' Then I remember a very tall, very large of stature human-looking male with long brown hair and drab-looking clothing, but with wings, descending. I noticed that this being was ascending towards me. I wanted to greet this being, but then I suddenly felt like fleeing. I gathered up my courage, I turned round as it hovered over the ground next to me, held out my hand and delivered a friendly greeting. The being put one of its arms round me and we ascended. Whilst we were ascending I noticed that over a hillock there was a group of military personnel with an arsenal of armaments and large bright lights shining up into the night sky. I warned this being that we may get shot at. After that I recall ascending quickly.

The next thing I remember is I was led by this being into a very small airport-type waiting area, where there were human beings of all age demographics, fully clothed, coming and going, much like an airport. I do not recall any physical restraint device on my body, but I felt a sort of restraining force to the being I was with. I remember the being and I sitting down. I no longer recall the questions I may have asked the being or of the humans round me (I remember talking briefly with some people sitting at a small cocktail bar near me), but I do remember the being telling me something along the lines of 'We need to find out if you are compatible with us'.

Another dream is short but sweet. I was in an office building of some kind and I stepped into an elevator. I was alone in the elevator. I pressed the floor I wanted to go to (I don't recall which number that was) and the elevator began ascending upwards at an unusually rapid rate, going past the floor number I pushed, and going past all the floor option buttons on the panel. Needless to say, but I will say it anyway, I became very frightened. I don't recall if I had crashed through the top of the building or not, but I remember seeing fractured bright lights, a sort of dismantling of physical reality, and then seeing nothing but stars all round me. Reminds me a bit of the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where Willie Wonka, Charlie, and Grandpa Joe burst through the top of the Chocolate Factory via the Wonka-vator and ascend. There is far more to that story than we think!:o)


answered 12 Mar '14, 07:43

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