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I had a revelation. I connected to somthing SO much higher than even my source that i have before. I know some of you do not believ that channeling is good and that is not what is immportant, THIS IS IMMPORTANT! I know that I always say love n light to everyone and end my thoughts with it. I do that to convey the truth of it. Now i need you all to see this 4 what it TRULY is. Love and light are a GIFT, a gift from the creator to us. I wished you all could feel what i am right now,, I BEG YOU ALL, DO NOT LET THIS GIFT PASS YOU BY! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE THIS GIFT! Use it, give it take it, share it, do what you can with it. Ther are so many who are not taking advantage of this gift. Those who dont are the empty ones. The ones who always seem to have questions and NO answers! I beg of you all take the gift and use it to the fullest or when this life is over you will NOT be ok. Yoyu will be one of the many lost! PLEASE use love to its maximum. I am sorry i cant sleep because this is so importnat!! I love u all sooooo much and i need you to know this, love, love and light, love and knowlege. This is teh gift,

Love n light ( and NEVER seeing these words the same agian,)

here is the gift i was given! prt 1 prt 2 prt 3

asked 30 Apr '11, 14:09

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 02 May '11, 16:32

Thank you for the message, Rob.

(30 Apr '11, 16:47) LeeAnn 1

u r welcome!!!!

(30 Apr '11, 20:03) TReb Bor yit-NE
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I to know what your going through,it is wonderful,it does open your eye to a new level of thinking.Its allways best to keep the feeling your haveing now,try and not let yourself overcome what yoour purpose is to be.And if you've got the gift,you know what i meen.Its so easy to see whats in front of you,and that sometimes will cloud the new found love your injoying,just listen to your teachers and guides,and don't loose your grounded life to your other plain.And don't let yourself get in the way of what your going to have.Blessing and good life.

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answered 02 May '11, 15:52

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ty 4 ur support ,, i posted this on teh higher if u will see,, love n light

(02 May '11, 16:33) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hi Rob. I mean no disrespect to your source, but the Reptilian species do not operate at the same vibrational level as "source energy" or any of the Angelic realms for that matter.You might want to spend more time focusing on this new energy source you have discovered.Connecting to Divine energies will be less of a strain on you.It is the purest LOVE and LIGHT.Goodluck.

Love and Light

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answered 30 Apr '11, 20:28

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tyu i posted the vid,,, tahst waht this is,, ty 4 ur info but he is a hybrid and is quite cappible of connection to source ,, ty

(02 May '11, 16:33) TReb Bor yit-NE

if this comment seemed curt i am srry, it is not my intent, i actrualy wanted to explain he is only called a reptilian hybrid because a race of huminoids from Nihal (Beta Leporis) is a very spiritual and greatl;y advanced race and they mixed these ghenes with a 2nd density animal that appeared to look similar to our crocidile,, this is his race,, it is actualy a missconception that reptilians can not connect to the source energy,, this si an idea because they seem to be so dissconected ,, thats not true ,, they have the ability thats why there are groups pf the ancients that are possitive

(02 May '11, 17:47) TReb Bor yit-NE

the neggitive densitys do n ot mean that u are unable to connect to source energy ,, all it means is u do not accept this gift from teh creator of love n light,, this is a huge issue for him n his race because they are judged so harshly by those who associate them with the anncients ,, thats what i was tryng to explain but i now see my comment seemed shprt n kurt,, i am sorry about this,, i have had issues tryng to accept n convert all the info i have been getting,, it is like a constant streeming of info and its shook me a bit,, i am srry if i offended you !!!

love n light 2 u,,


(02 May '11, 17:50) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank You for your response Rob,like I said, I mean no disrespect, I appreciate your opennes.Love and Light

(02 May '11, 20:59) Roy

ue welcome,, i am srry if my fiorst responce seemed crass or kurt,, thats wasnt my intention,, i am so foucused onm teh info i am gettin i realy cant foucus on much else,, ty 4 ur love n ur wisdome, and i will cover thuis with him and see if he wavers from his previous remarks on teh subject,, ty soo much ,, love n lihgt 2 u my freind

(03 May '11, 00:32) TReb Bor yit-NE
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