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We all are blessed with gifts...some of us have huge gifts, like Stingray. Others of us have small gifts. All our gifts, I believe, come straight from God. They bless not only ourselves, but others as well- therein lies their importance. I have this feeling that we IQuesters are a talented bunch who tend to hide our lights under bushels...@supergirl's answer proves my theory...And I'd also be willing to bet that Music is a common thread, but that may prove wrong...we'll see. But since we are spiritual people, we do not often get a chance to light up all the aspects of our lives. Come on, let your little light shine for God, and answer!

We can make the world's best banana split cake, or perhaps we are good at crazy graphic arts. :)

alt text

But whatever your gift, whatever you are good at, why don't you take a moment and share it with us?

Do your thing. and tell us what that "thing" is. (Please, no sexual prowess stories here!)

My family calls me, "The Cat Whisperer!". I think I was a Cat in a previous life. God graced me with a litter of blind kittens, and I chose to raise them. They were great. It took a lot of extra time to train them, but I'll never forget them chasing one another across the kitchen floor, and through the spokes of my wheelchair without hitting any of the spokes!

alt text Jai with Maisy, a blind kitty

Anyway, what do you consider to be your gifts???

Have fun! Be happy doing this!



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@Jaianniah, if you want this to remain open, please make the connection to spirituality explicit in your question

(18 Jun '13, 08:04) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen- I hope my edit satisfies your requirements! :) Jai

(18 Jun '13, 08:22) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah, thank you

(18 Jun '13, 08:33) Barry Allen ♦♦

"We all are blessed with gifts" Life is a gift. Not making light of the gift of Life; but other than that - my gifts & talents were learned & I was fortunate to have some amazing teachers along the way.

(18 Jun '13, 17:36) ele
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Karate and Guitar are two of my greatest talents. But of course as all you know I am also a skilled healer/light worker.

Here are a few pictures of me having fun while showing some of my talents as well.

alt text

alt text

alt text alt text alt text

This is a picture of energy through the hands. Hands on healing works through this energy. Reiki healing comes through our hands but can be projected as well.

alt text

Dream Control. alt text

Casting out devils alt text


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Wade Casaldi

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Nice answer, @Wade!

(18 Jun '13, 08:51) Jaianniah

wow..great :))

(18 Jun '13, 12:26) supergirl


interesting question..

i feel i am talented in many ways. i feel blessed to be .. - what ever i project in my mind comes true as soon as possible.., i am very good in manifestations and i love it. - i love poetry n i do it many times. i am a very good poet. - i am blessed with a beautiful voice n till now in which so ever competition i have taken part. i won it. - i love dancing and i am trained in classical dance. - i am a very good cook..its like..whenever i cook..its loved by everyone a lot. - i am very good in inspiring people. they love my inspirations. my friends call me mostly ,when they feel low. i feel blessed that i can uplift them in their bad times. -i am a karate champion. not black belt winner as wade, bt i have won many state n national medals. -i am gifted in many ways. i grasp studies very easily n find them easy. - i am guided in my dreams by my guides. many times they do tell me my future. -IQ is also a beautiful gift in my life. i l cherish it all my life.

love,light n blessings ur wayy,

supergirl :))


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Wow, you are a @supergirl! All of that and Karate, too! I asked this question because I had a feeling that we IQuesters are a talented bunch who tend to hide our lights under a bushel...You are proof! Thank you so much. Love, jai

(18 Jun '13, 17:22) Jaianniah
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