I'm in the middle of reading a book about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. In it, I learned that Michelangelo had a photographic memory. This got me thinking that having a photographic memory could improve visualization (and therefore reality creation). Obviously a photographic memory improved his artistic ability, but could it also have improved his and other people with this gift's ability to create?

asked 21 Mar '10, 20:45

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Michael 1

being able to remember the lines on a face and having the ability to reproduce these lines are two different things so to speak. If you have the skills to be an artist and an eye for detail then having a photographic memory is a plus. But having a photgraphic memory does not make one a rembrandt or michelangelo. I think it was Bernini who said "Absolute Beauty is when you can neither add or take anything away from art for it to be complete." Just because I can remember everything I have experienced with my 5 senses does not mean I am better at creating anything and someone who has the ability to create doesn't need a photographic memory.


answered 22 Mar '10, 02:55

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If you have the ability to find your way home from work every day you have a photographic memory and you also have vision,you saw yourself being there :) Love and Light


answered 22 Mar '10, 02:55

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