many say that luck depends on the attitude we have in life, others see it as something outside of us, a gift given, or is a combination of both?

asked 03 Apr '10, 13:16

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Hi Robert - I think this is a duplicate question. You can check out the answers here -

(03 Apr '10, 13:27) Michaela

Luck implies the occurrence of something by chance. The thing is that within the framework of the law of attraction we create our own luck through proper preparation and a joyful state of being.


answered 03 Apr '10, 21:35

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Luck isn't a mental attitude.

But, to appreciate an event as "luck" is a mental attitude, resulting or by not being awared about Law of Attractionn, or by not being conscious that you just used this Law; on both situations, the rules of LoA were perfectly applied.


answered 03 Apr '10, 23:11

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I believe luck to be a feeling. This feeling (luck) is comprized of several other positive feelings such as being worthy, gratitude, etc., then directed towards a specific outcome. When detachment is present as opposed to desperation the end result "appears" as luck.


answered 19 Jun '10, 15:42

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Remember the saying "I Feel Lucky Today"

(19 Jun '10, 23:23) GS415
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