After going through a recent very lively post the concepts of believing and knowing were raised.

Now in a purely manifestational context my question(s) is/are:

How to make the jump (or crawl)from believing to knowing.

Does this in your experience happen slowly or quickly.


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Monty Riviera

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The good news regarding your question is that going from Believing to Knowing is effortless.

That doesn't mean it will happen instantly but it does mean that, as long as you don't look for reasons to dis-believe then there is nothing for you to do once you have reached the point of Belief.

To understand why this is so, take a look at the diagram below...

alt text

You can consider Number 1 on the Emotional Guidance Scale to be Knowing. And you can consider Number 4 on the Emotional Guidance Scale to be Believing.

You'll notice that I've labelled that region as Manifestation Zone because, in my experience - and from what Abraham say, you can float around back and forth in the region from Number 1 to Number 4 quite effortlessly without dropping out of it...that region is also what is known as The Vortex.

The key thing to remember about The Vortex is that it has a kind of magnetic quality to it. If you hang around on the edge of it (vibrationally speaking) you will naturally get sucked into it...exactly in the same way that a large magnet will pull a metallic object towards it once the object crosses a certain threshold distance from the magnet.

alt text

The edge of The Vortex can be considered to start around Number 6 - Hopefulness and then it is just a little more vibrational molding before you hit Number 4 - Believing and then...whoosh...into the Vortex you go.

And once staying in the Vortex on a particular subject starts becoming habitual, you'll find that you've automatically turned Believing into Knowing, not least because you'll also have a host of physical manifestations in your reality to observe, and thereby lend even more weight to that particular Belief.

The method I call the Advanced Focus Blocks Method is all about hanging around the edge of The Vortex until this natural magnetic pull into The Vortex occurs.


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Like it Stingray "dont look at reasons to disbelive" good advice.Even if then we just "hang around" hopefulness were very near the magnets pull into knowing.So even knowing the difference between "belief" and "knowing" can be guaged by the feelings we have.Matches up with some Neville Goddard stuff ive been reading about "feeling" for things of a spiritual nature.

(04 May '11, 11:53) Monty Riviera

Nice one Stingray, I like it because it's got a nice flow to it :)

(04 May '11, 12:54) Eddie

Then if we truly 'believe' isn't it fair to say that we already 'know'?... in other words that we have complete 'faith' that the manifestation is on the way. Thanks Stingray, I actually wasn't interpreting the question in quite that way :)

(04 May '11, 13:43) Michaela

@Michaela - In my mind, the word belief doesn't equate with knowing because belief implies a state where dis-belief is possible. In my definition, knowing would be a level of certainty beyond that. From what you've written, I'm guessing that you equate the words truly believe ( the word truly implies that added certainty) with knowing and then, for you, they would be the same. To a large extent, trying to label emotions with words is a bit like trying to describe colors to someone who is blind :) We probably all have slightly different interpretations of the labels

(05 May '11, 05:45) Stingray
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Ahhh! This is an age-old question! How do you get to faith?...How do you come to "just know"? Jean-Paul Sartre is famous for asking and answering this question. Here is what he said about this:

Our lives are gifts that have been presented to us, without our consent or request. I know not the full purpose of that journey, but the condition of our common fate is the same for each of us. My ultimate goal has never been to be happy. Happiness is not something to avoid, but it is not a valid goal in itself. Evil is the present state of this world, and our existence is condemned to struggle against those 'Principalities of Darkness'. Our firm desire should be that justice and the rule of our supreme creator will become our reward, because of His love for each of us. So we seek to know more of those Truths that exist, and have been revealed to us. Yes, that is a belief; not reached solely through reason. It's a leap that each can make if you ask to enter. ([emphasis mine]

What Sartre is saying here is that we must just make a grand "leap" of faith- we just have to "jump"- and after we "jump", we come to know the answers. It can be a sudden thing, or it can be a gradual "coming to believe". I came across this dilemma first when I had to make a decision about believing in Jesus, once and for all. I saw that other people were happy; I saw that it made sense, but I wanted "proof" that such a belief would make me happier than I was. There was no such proof until after I made the decision! It is one of life's greatest ironies!

Nike is right; you have to "Just Do It".

Blessings and Love, Jai


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Thanks Jai, the different perspectives begin to meld :)

(04 May '11, 12:55) Eddie

I think it's the whole process of*self realization* and for most of us it's a crawl and not a jump.

How long it actually takes is totally dependent on the individual and how much they're willing to let go of the reins of control and trust that inner knowing that is available at all times.


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Im tending towards the "crawl" to Michaela.

(04 May '11, 11:15) Monty Riviera

I think most of us are Graham, but at least we're moving in the right direction :)

(04 May '11, 11:20) Michaela

Thanks Michaela, what's the hurry anyway :)

(04 May '11, 12:56) Eddie
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I love this is something I have grappled with for many years. The "How To" part....was so elusive .... As soon as I thought I touched it....I realized that I hadn't. I had begun to realize that for me... I was trying to ease into "knowing", from a point of intellect. THAT was the problem (for me). I knew where I wanted to get to (Knowing), but I was traveling the wrong road. Belief is the road of intellect and knowing is the road of Feeling. >>> To me, Belief and Knowing .....are like two complimentary (one feeds the other) yet opposing forces (like yin and yang).

We believe that which is told, or taught to us, or observed and processed via our intellectual capabilities. And belief can be readily changed...given new information. Knowing comes from a different place. Do you believe in God .... or do you know there is God ? One is thinking, the other is feeling.

So, when I need to transform a Belief...into Knowing... I mentally call, pull and reach for the feeling aspect that compliments and completes that belief. The Universe has always managed to put together some type of "life situation" which to incite knowingness...about that particular thing. ~ss


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Another good answer SS, thanks :)

(05 May '11, 02:52) Eddie

thanks Eddie :)

(09 May '11, 21:04) streetsanto

I think the question could be When Do You Go From Forgetting to Remembering

It is not a forward process event. All is already known and all information already out there. So when we think we are learning, we are really just remembering. That is why the effortless un-timebound transition is so seamless. The Ah-Ha moment is a great example of this, so are Muses. The moment you learn something , in that split millisecond, don't you feel as if you didn't really learn something new but just remembered?

“All the Buddhas of all the ages have been telling you a very simple fact: Be — don’t try to become. Within these two words, be and becoming, your whole life is contained. Being is enlightenment, becoming is ignorance.”

~ Osho


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Good point,i hadnt looked at it that way.

(05 May '11, 08:14) Monty Riviera

Thanks mate..:)

(05 May '11, 08:19) you

When I take away control and let God in control I haven't a need to switch from believing to knowing. This is because it is not in my hands but God's hands who made the universe and loves me as his son.


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Wade Casaldi

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