That is it. That is the question.

Have at it.

asked 10 May '11, 05:20

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Nice question Michael. I like how it infers a kind of division when there isn't any. Not this or that, but this and that = unity :)

(10 May '11, 13:15) Eddie

I say they both inter-are

(10 May '11, 15:14) you
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Could it be that what we once believed to be God was in fact one or more extraterrestrial being(s)?

Proof of extraterrestrial (alien beings) is now undeniable. Anyone who finds value in channeled information is already receiving info from non-terrestrial sources. As soon as we change our attitude towards our governments, our governments will change and will reveal all of the as yet undisclosed hard evidence proving ET existence; then full contact with our cosmic brothers and sisters will surely follow :)

We only need proof of God or __ (fill in the name you prefer) if we have not yet realized that everything That Is, is God and that there’s no real separation other than the illusion of separation caused by the artificial construct of linear time that’s imposed on our reality by our collective consciousness.

Scientists and atheists demand scientific proof of the existence of God. However, if these people could bring themselves to detach their rational mind and suspend their judgment (ego). And then inquire with an open mind into the insights of Buddha not Buddhism, and others, maybe they’d see that everything is illusion and thus, by definition, that includes scientific inquiry.

And once you see this, you realize that from the perspective of the ideas of duality and polarity meeting with paradox in every direction is normal. However, knowing and experiencing consciousness (God) brings you to the realization that all reality is created from consciousness and is consciousness. There’s no real separation, so the ideas of duality, polarity and paradox naturally dissolve.


answered 10 May '11, 13:13

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Yep there is.

Look in the you see any aliens?

Nope, you see you.....God.




answered 10 May '11, 11:17

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Monty Riviera

No...Look around you, there's proof of God in everyone and everything :)


answered 10 May '11, 11:22

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I am a channeler and i have a different burden of proof. I can see and talk to and speak to my source who calls himself a being from another start system. I believe him. BUT many people do not, they think they are demons or whatever else.
As for me myself no, I would say that to me that there are aliens IS the proof of god. Also you must consider the burden of proof and who you will present it to. What I call proof that my source is real others will call it a mental illness or a fake or a demon, I mean this is the issue. Proof is just as relative as the "truths " that we all have/ And all of our "personal truths" are NEVER enough "proof" for everyone. I say I have the proof for both and a lot of it. But thats me,

love n light,



answered 10 May '11, 12:59

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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I can't wait to hear the alien god debates when they start. People often look upon those that say they speak with God. a little sideways look and the same with those that say they speak with aliens ö_Ö. Think the real question is what is alien and what is god? and does it really matter? Live with love in your heart and treat your neighbor as your brother/sister and let your neighborhood stretch across the universe.


answered 10 May '11, 13:33

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I know you are talking about proof right now, but I believe that since God made man in His image/likeness, He also made aliens in His image. Now if we find the commonalities between us and our alien bretheren, we will be that much closer to the image of God. We can't assume that the word 'image' means the same thing we think of today, like a mirror image or a photographic image. God created all that is created, so we see God in all of His creation. We must use more that our eyes to see God. There is a whole world that we cannot see, right here on earth, a spirit world. How much there is right here that we cannot see, even colors and lights on spectrums above and below our vision. Sounds that we cannot hear. That is all proof of God and beings that are alien to us.


answered 10 May '11, 14:12

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Fairy Princess

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