It seems to me that negativity manifests itself much faster than the positive. As soon as I start thinking negatively, I start feeling bad almost instantly. However to create something positive seems like it requires much more effort and time. Do you share this experience?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The reason this appears to happen is because of where your habitual thoughts are regarding something you want (and this applies to feeling negative and positive too).

If you want something, you want it because you don't have it (obviously).

This means that you must already have an attitude of negativity (or attitude of absence) about it.

How can I be sure? Simple, because you don't have it. :)

If you had the habitual attitude of positivity (or the attitude of presence) about it, it would be in your life right now. That's just the way the Universe works - you can't avoid it.

The reason it feels difficult to manifest something positive (from feeling negative about it) is because of the Law of Attraction. Whatever your habitual focus is, the Law of Attraction tends to perpetuate...there is a momentum built up regarding your existing habitual thoughts (also known as beliefs).

So if you have something, the Law of Attraction tends to keep it in your experience (unless you deliberately change your habits of thought about it).

And if you don't have something, the Law of Attraction tends to keep it out of your experience (unless you deliberately change your habits of thought about it).

If instead of focusing on things you don't have, you were to focus on things you do have already and try to de-manifest them, you would then be posting a question about how difficult it is to think negatively about things :)

Hope that is clear.


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Stingray you should write a book..even I would buy it !

(09 Mar '10, 15:37) ursixx

@Ursixx: Most of my practical knowledge regarding manifestation has come from years of studying the Abraham teachings ( and they already have plenty of books :)

(09 Mar '10, 17:14) Stingray

Hello Drham!

Gravity HAS long been able to pull one down....especially when one is already off balance. And feeling the sting of hitting the shore may surely make you feel badly...however; It is not my belief nor is it my experience that negative thoughts manifest faster...but such thoughts may carry some weight and hence, will reveal other areas within 'self' in need of counter-weight adjustment, healing and/or correction. For me, such force is both positive-negative and is as eager as the tide...spilling over from an ocean of possibility! I perceive that; That which washes up on shore will ever ebb and flow 'round my cleanse, refresh and inspire me...

Be mindful that you are a work in progress dear friend! Perhaps a good way to perceive 'your' feeling badly after thinking a lone negative thought is that you have some additional work to do with your esteem, perception of circumstances, etc? Do not fear the 'bark' of any negative thought nor think, that as such, it is manifesting 'negativity' for your demise.

Positive development utilizes ALL for good...Hence your perception of a thought as being negative...can be shifted to the positive side of the scale (or dismissed altogether) And when managed correctly, will further provide for your strengthening, wholeness and ultimate well-being. Negative or positive...all forces are at work for your good and are purposed for your ultimate abiding relationship with truth...and only when you lovingly care for yourself! For with LOVE, all things have possibility for good...and nothing can separate us or thwart us from the good that is intended for us...except our own limited belief or lack thereof... Take care, with joy dear heart!~


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Actually, while Stingray's answer is right, it also depends on what kind of thoughts you have. Most of the times, tho, negative thoughts are different, not opposite, from positive.

Calling them destructive thoughts and constructive thoughts will make more sense. Destructing something is usually easier and faster than constructing. But not always.


answered 18 Mar '10, 21:45

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