I had a fire accident which sort of caused me facial deformity. And ever since then i've been having this kinda low self esteem and sort of seeing myself unworthy to socialise with others.

I've really lost all the courage and i wonder how i could raise a family or get back to work in this form. I feel that my ego has been destroyed.

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Ifeanyi 1

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Ifeanyi, you have not lost your courage... you are here asking for help and your spirit will see you through. I think the best thing you can do is what Michael has suggested and that is find a support group.I know that right now you probably don't want to hear that looks are superficial but all physical attributes are temporary... there are genuine good people out there who can perceive the real you, seek them out. Stay strong...go within and get in touch with your spirit, you really can handle this. Love&Light Michaela

(18 May '11, 02:07) Michaela

Ifeanyi, Glad to see you have not given in or up. You are already on the road to wonderful self esteem! Just you asking is a step in the right direction.

I would recommend a support group with people in your situation.

Here is a start for you, I found this. Support Group

I am sorry I can not empathize, and that is what you need most. Someone who you can share your stry with that can relate to it.

No one is unworthy of anybody's company :)

Keep your head up, you still have it better than most and you have so much to offer!!

Much Love



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Hi Ifeanyi

Have you ever heard of EFT or Meridian Tapping? There is a lot of free information available on the internet and also videos on Youtube explaining how it works. It might seem about daft at first but trust me, it works (as a lot of people on this site can confirm).

I would also recommend a book called Discover The Power Of Meridian Tapping by Patricia Carrington.

Hope this helps :)


answered 18 May '11, 04:21

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Radius 7.25

The love of who You are.
Loving yourself.
Be happy with your soul and the rest will follow.
Are you a good person?

To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do." — John Adams



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I love EFT, as Radius 7.25 has mentioned. I am almost done with a book that could really help you. The Genie in your Genes by Dawson Churchlink text. I think EVERYBODY should read it. It is the best, most helpful book ever! It is about how our thoughts are the most important determinant of our health and happiness. It covers everything from prayer to EFT.

The most important thing for you to do though, is to love yourself. Only allow positive, life enhancing thoughts to play in your head. Any negative thoughts should be cast out, EFT really helps with that. Of course if they are thoughts that you must take action on, do so, but eliminate the negative charge that goes with it. (Like the stress of paying bills. Tap on the stress so that it is not stressful, but pay the bills, don't ignore them and hope they will go away.) Any thoughts of hate, should be quickly turned into thoughts of love and compassion. If the hate is toward another person, love them any way, remember, they are somebody's precious baby. They might not deserve your love, but you deserve to have the love in your heart and to be free from the hate. Loving our enemies serves us. If you feel ugly, change the thoughts to focus on your beauty. List the things that you or others find beautiful about you. They can be internal too. List your blessings every morning and night. In those last minutes before you go to sleep, after you say your prayers and listed your blessings, repeat one phrase 40x until you fall asleep. Don't change phrases in the same night, unless one isn't working for you. If one doesn't work, I find a different one. You could say, "I love my skin." or "I am content in my skin." or another positive phrase that you want to be true, but you say it as if it is already true. Blessings


answered 22 May '11, 12:45

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