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I stumbled across this, and since IQ is all about questions and answers I felt it was well worth sharing here ... (And remember, total honesty (thanks fred) with yourself will reap the greatest rewards):))

asked 30 May '11, 22:55

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It links to itself, is this right?

(30 May '11, 23:18) you

Ha! That's what happens when I'm not in the moment...thanks Michael :)

(30 May '11, 23:25) Michaela

I love the site by the way, thanks, new places to poke around excite me :)

(30 May '11, 23:31) you

@Michael, you're welcome :)

(30 May '11, 23:33) Michaela
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A powerful question to ask yourself is..

Are you really fulfilling your desires, or the desires of another?


Do you even know what you desire?

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answered 30 May '11, 23:21

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Something to ponder :)

(30 May '11, 23:27) Michaela

did I do it right? Now that the link is up I'm confused.

(30 May '11, 23:29) you

Confused??? We can't ever get it wrong...right?

(30 May '11, 23:35) Michaela

Right :)) I forgot I was here :))

(30 May '11, 23:38) you
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