I have been reading lately that all the answers to our questions are within us, as the Kingdom of God/Spirit IS us.

In that case, what is the reason all these questions are posted on this site?


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Until we realize on an experiential level who we really are, we will continue to seek and ask questions in an endeavour to fill a void that is not really there but is merely a self-created illusion. It's kind of ironic that we are ourselves are the ones who create the illusion and we ourselves are the only ones who can see through it - no-one else can awaken or attain enlightenment for us. The best that questions and answers can do is act as pointers to steer us in the right direction. - that's why the self help and personal growth industry is such a thriving one.

Check out some of the great answers to this question - http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/2728/why-do-we-look-to-others-for-answers-when-we-know-real-power-comes-from-within


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I see you Michaela :)

(19 Nov '10, 13:11) Eddie

In addition to all the good answers here, don't forget that Inward Quest is a microcosm of the quest for spiritual understanding of many around the world.

The vast majority of the internet traffic the site receives these days is from the search engines. (This site already receives as many daily hits as PsiTek, which has been going since 2002 and is fairly popular in itself)

Looking through the server logs from time to time, I can see that the questions that people are asking worldwide are attracting them here to some great answers, because very often those links to Inward Quest are right at the top of the search results for those exact questions.

For example, at this time from my location, your question ranks number 1 in Google for this exact question. See the Google ranking here

So the questions being asked here and the answers being given are helpful to far more people than just those who visibly participate.


answered 19 Nov '10, 14:37

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Simon Templeton ♦♦

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A great service-to-others Simon! Thank you for making it possible. Namaste

(19 Nov '10, 14:41) daniele

Yes all the answers are in the one universal mind that we are all apart of. We are one from the same source, but we each have different talents, and Gifts that are all from the one universal mind. So we share with each our special gifts, and talents, and have others share with us the same. But it is all from the one universal mind that know every question, and answer.

No one on this site knows what questions are going to be asked daily, or by whom, not until the questions are posted will any one know what the questions are, and no one person know ahead of time who will answer their questions. Also the person answering the question does not know that he/she will be answering this specific, not until the question is posted.

Now each person knows the answer to each question that he/she proposed to answer, because all the answers comes from the one universal mind, even though you will get several different point of view on the subject matter, it is all from the one universal mind that we are all apart of. And the reason that we are all so connected on this site is the fact that we are from the one universal mind, and like mind will attract like mind!


answered 19 Nov '10, 04:22

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Inactive User ♦♦

Nice one Vee :)

(19 Nov '10, 13:18) Eddie

Simply because there are many questions that the individuated self never thought of prior to being on this site.

Thank you, namaste


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Yes daniele. It's a fun subject and the only one I'm serious about :)

(19 Nov '10, 13:20) Eddie

I hope you don't think I'm a dork for answering all your questions. It's helping me as well. The funny thing is I can't think of question I want to ask. It's starting to bug me, maybe I'm not normal hehe. Yes your answers are within. Your power to bring them into your life are within. So why the site? I know where to get the answers but I don't know all the questions. Someone on the site ask stuff that makes me think. I might want have what they have in their life, but it never came to mind. Also, great support group because it verifies that I can have what I want. Help me formulate what I want. Help me to know the process envolved in bringing about the manifestation into being.


answered 19 Nov '10, 02:51

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It could be The Kingdom Within wants us to ask these questions as part of our inner guidance and spiritual quest.

(19 Nov '10, 03:09) Tom

The ironic thing is that even if someone gives you an answer, you still need to verify it for yourself. Which implies that you do already, inherently know the answer 8-)

(19 Nov '10, 13:16) Eddie

We can also look at this from the understanding that we are all One Mind--we are but an extension of All That Is/the Only Mind and, therefore, this 'asking' is but an extension of Our Questioning Ourself. So, any answer truly DOES come from WITHIN. Even when it seems, from our misconstrued sense of 'apartness', that we are seeking for answers from 'without'. Pretty cool.


answered 19 Nov '10, 14:46

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Because sometimes although the answers can be found withnin us, we are blinded and clouded by certain things such as fear,etc... which is why we need someone else who is in a higher position and better position to point us towards the right place.


answered 20 Nov '10, 09:39

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Life is a paradox. We are all one yet there are millions of individual manifestatons.

When we ask the question to whom are we asking? Is it not to ourselves?


answered 19 Nov '10, 21:57

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as a new born you were not even aware of yourself as an individual,
over time you developed,
over more time you may see the fuller picture,
until then it is OK to seek what you believe you do not know


answered 21 Nov '10, 00:20

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That's about as complete a picture as I have ever seen in such a short answer. It's brilliant! Thank You for that!

(21 Nov '10, 19:26) The Traveller

It is like a field with a treasure buried in it. Some people don't even see the field, they just see the hill behind it, or the sky above it, but not the field. Other people see the field, but don't know there is a treasure in the field, they think the field will grow into a rainforrest or a sky scraper, but they don't know the treasure is buried in the field, not a future manifestation in the field. Some people see the field, but don't believe there is a treasure buried in it, that all there is is the field. Yet other people see the field, know there is a treasure in the field, but don't know it's exact location, so they just wait for it to show it's self. Then others just start digging everywhere until they find the treasure. Then there are some that have found a map and a compass to show them where the treasure is. Now some don't know how to read the map and/ or the compass and must learn some how. Some give up here and some continue on to learn how to read the map and/or compass. Then, some just know where to dig and go directly to the spot and dig and find the treasure. Others might be afraid of the treasure, so they don't dig. Then there are some that see the field, know there is a treasure in the field, but don't need to dig it up because they realize that they are the field and the treasure is already in them, it belongs to them already. Some people find the treasure to be locked in a box and they don't have a key, and either give up here, or search for the key. Some people find the key and open the treasure, others never find the key, but they know it's out there and some make their own key. Sometimes we find the key in somebody else's hand. So, we are all in different places on this journey. Asking, answering, reading questions helps us all to find that treasure in us.


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Fairy Princess

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what a beautiful analogy juniper! thank you

(06 Mar '11, 16:30) daniele
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