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On one Midsummer Day, with the wind blustering fearlessly in the morning, a gentleman rises to meet the wind and the sun’s break. This gentleman was a slight skinny fellow, that had a routine life style, but it was a life none the less. Day-by-day, this fellow would meet the wind, the night, and the day before his daily duties, with a spur unlike any other man before him. Then one day the wind itself had seen this determination within the gentleman, and decided to speak with the gentleman: out of inquisitiveness.

Wind: Gentleman, why do you rise so quickly, to meet this adequate day?

The Gentleman in astonishment, never witnessing such a marvel of the wind bellowing such words of inquisitiveness before—spoke back to the wind without indecision.

Gentleman: I rise to the day, to see the light that is bestowed upon me, and move to the next to see a more astonishing period of time that has never been seen before me.

The Wind, in curiosity, felt the need to reflect upon this statement and reinvigorated for some while. As the days past, with the Sun and Moon, the Wind pondered in deep thought. But then one morning, without cause, the Wind came to a realization about the fellow’s motives.

Wind: Gentleman, I understand why you rise to the day and move through the night. It is because, just like me, we have the urge to move forward through the day and nightfall. To be free among men and nature, without fear of what lies within the dark or the light; we feel that we are meant to be in sanctuary or bliss. Where the worries of men’s vagueness: are not among us.

The Gentleman in amazement and approval spoke back to the wind without haste or anxiety.

Gentlemen: Indeed Wind, you now understand what it really means to be free, and to be beyond the chains of men and the night.

The Wind and the Gentlemen moved onward through the rest of time, reflecting upon this thought and discourse: never give up, never stop, and be ever free among the chains that life crafts before us all.

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