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I found this interesting anyone else hear of it/them?

My question is, channelers are discussed on this site, but these channeled beings come from the future. Do you see the likelihood of channeled beings being able to communicate with the past?

Can any one here communicate with the past? Cassiopaea Site

asked 31 May '11, 04:44

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Do you have a specific question? Note that InwardQuest is not a discussion board or forum, in the usual sense; it is a question and answer site. From "Please make your question detailed and specific. You will find that the more care and effort you put into asking your question, the better your answers will be."

(31 May '11, 16:19) Vesuvius

No. I see many community wiki posts like this here already. Did something change? Should I site examples? I will.

(31 May '11, 17:43) you

It would be easier if this site was more consistent.

(31 May '11, 17:54) you

(31 May '11, 18:05) you

(31 May '11, 18:05) you

And of course no one tried to stop my little cry baby outburst...also not a question.

(31 May '11, 18:07) you

@Michael: We're pretty lax with the rules here. But you may have noticed a rash of questions posted here recently of the form, "Have you heard about?" "Did you dream about?" and various other forms of "I believe this is true...Do you agree?" These questions are very assumptive, and can only be answered yes or no. Community Wiki is not a free pass for such questions, and allowing them to go on ad-infinitum is not good for the site.

(31 May '11, 19:05) Vesuvius

When I post a Community Wiki question, I follow a very strict format: 1) There's a disclaimer at the top, indicating that the post is informational only. 2) I provide some explanation within the post, about why I think it is relevant to the site members. 3) I usually link to some external resource, and 4) I am very selective about posting these; I've only posted three or four of them in the entire time I have participated here, and only when the information seemed really compelling. Stingray follows the same format. Here is an example:

(31 May '11, 19:10) Vesuvius

Your edit did improve the question, by the way.

(31 May '11, 19:15) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius, thank you for the clarification, had you not been so liberal before I would have payed attention and played by the rules :) I will do better in the future referring to this post for your guidance. :))

(31 May '11, 22:26) you
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I don't know about these particular entities, though I'll have a look now, but a number of channeled beings come from the future, including Bashar and the Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective.

Time is just an illusion of the three-dimensional physical platform we play in. In reality, it's nothing more than a bookmark in a library of consciousness. And, in higher dimensions/densities, you can flick backwards and forwards to any particular bookmark at will.

Past, present and future are all happening Now so there is nothing inconsistent about communicating through time.

We all do it all the time anyway.

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answered 31 May '11, 20:03

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Thank you Stingray. I'm getting more interested in this. Also wondering if beings can have a not so friendly motive though they might act like they are helping. Thx:)))

(31 May '11, 20:21) you

Even if they don't have a friendly motive (whatever that means!), if you trust your emotional guidance system, you can never be misled. See:

(31 May '11, 20:23) Stingray

Thanks again. ;0)

(31 May '11, 22:28) you

As far as non-friendly motives, I sometimes wonder if we are harvested for something and beings from the future keep us in line :)

(31 May '11, 22:42) you

You might be thinking of those intergalactic bad boys (and girls) known as The Anunnaki ( ). I don't have any experience of anyone who channels them though

(01 Jun '11, 00:41) Stingray

Stigray please explain what you mean by " We do it all the time anyway"

(01 Jun '11, 06:14) evelyn

@evelyn - Click on the words and you will be led to an explanation of those words

(01 Jun '11, 07:08) Stingray

@Stingray - I missed this series of questions, nice link thru's. Ah, hm - 3 dimensions of space + 1 dimension of time, surely = 4th dimensional/3rd density reality, no? :)

(06 Jun '11, 01:23) Eddie

@Eddie - You're probably right that there are more accurate labels but I'm assuming that most reading this don't have a background in Quantum Mechanics or Relativity Theory. I tend to have a fairly pragmatic approach to labels and will use whatever is the current fad label to get my perspective across. For example, I personally think the internal concepts that most people hold of the labels called Law of Attraction and Manifesting are flawed but I find it's still helpful to talk in terms of that paradigm because it's something that people worldwide can currently relate to

(06 Jun '11, 13:20) Stingray

@Stingray - I'm interested in what you mentioned here. If you would care to expand on this, I would sure love to hear about it. Internal concepts flawed in what ways?

(06 Oct '12, 02:31) Grace
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wow, i just seen this in an article that was on side notes of one i answered. In the book i am doing now, I just met an entity named Pt Leronie. He is from a star in the Cassiopeian constalation. Idk if it is same race. here is link.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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love to hear ur cautionary tails. we dont mind long answers. most of us preferred it. lol

(05 Oct '12, 19:23) TReb Bor yit-NE

My friend, what do you need to know about your past, and yes there are people who can tell you a thing or two about your past. “Seek, and you shall find, or you can leave well enough alone.”

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answered 16 Aug '11, 02:32

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