A channel is the medium through which a spirit guide communicates with the physical world ... are there any special ways of finding the channel?


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@blubird two - follow the advice of an expert channeler; Wendy Kennedy says that "we all have the ability to channel. She defines channeling as bringing in energy and translating it into a recognizable form; speaking , dancing, writing, drawing or any other creative expression. We all do it throughout the day without being conscious of it. The source of the energy can be from our higher self, our guides, the dearly departed or even those in this dimension with us."

(12 Jan '14, 05:51) jaz

"One simply has to choose your ""station"" and turn up the volume"

(12 Jan '14, 05:53) jaz
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I met my source in deep meditation. we communicated like this for 2 yrs getting to know each other and connecting by soul, and after awhile I wanted to share and give this gift of knowledge to others but didn't know enough to do it. I had seen others channel and seen how possible it would be and my source taught me a few tweaks in my meditation. one was before we start to gather all the energy that I can manipulate in my body to the 3rd eye and then relapse it after it was built out of the crown charka. It helped me get there quicker. I also made a mantra and he had me make this in words that had greatest meanings when I thought of our connection, after I prepare myself by going in deep meditation and clearing my objectivity, and neutralizing myself emotional and energetically, then I start the posses of contacting him with getting into the 21 state , breathing, resonate tunning, pushing beyond 21 state and then I am out ( so to speak ) This is not exactly how any others that I know of do it, but I have heard ones who have done it for long time can just concentrate on one object and they are connected. Picking the channel from the sources aspect, well Treb said this when asked about picking me.

Jefferson: I see. In what ways did you check compatibility? Do you have machines to check on that?

Treb: Compatibility in what sense are you speaking of?

Jefferson: It is like... well, that is what I was asking. Do you usually check compatibility to see if they are from the same density? To see if they can understand and communicate with you?

Treb: Oh, it is a process. It is most like going home to one of your computers and looking up on the Internet. You get into the main energy of these areas and you take the ones that are most like you, or the ones that are most like you or most fit to your way, in the way of areas through the host of wanting to contact. There were many different areas that I checked into, one of the issues is vibrational compatibility. Because I am from such a more “high speed” molecule type of systems or density, then our vibrations vibrate at the much higher rate. Because the host is in the third density, the highest that his vibration can get, must be higher than the lowest that I can bring myself down to in this way.

Jefferson: ahhh.

Treb: You have to have the vibrational match. And it was also along with his interests and views and the experiences. So, and experiences, so out of all of the vibrationally matched me that were opened to or had agreed to being able to possibly communicate with any entity outside of their realm, it was the host that I chose. This was the way to do it. And it is much like the computer but it is a feeling of energy instead of an archival.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

Very enlightening rob, thanks

(26 Dec '11, 15:31) blubird two

thank u my freind, love n light

(26 Dec '11, 19:28) TReb Bor yit-NE

=) Much thanks for sharing buddy. Love n Light, Experience and Enjoy, but more importantly than either.. Enjoy it all. ^_^y

(26 Dec '11, 20:10) Snow
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Hmm... An interesting, but more importantly dangerous question.

(Black backgrounds for the short version, white for the "my personal opinion" bit.)

I'd find yourself a few [or more] real life spirit guides before you tried reaching any "spirit" spirit guides.

As is the case within our own planet, there are many different languages "out there".. as such one must be very careful while performing any "out-of-body" channeling, or "into-your-body" channeling.

If you were to attract the attention of a creature that is too strong for you to "contain", and invite them inside your body, they'd tear you apart from the inside out. Similarly, if you were to attempt to enter the consciousness of a creature that is too weak to handle your "input", you both will be torn apart, one from the inside out the other from the outside in.

It is because of this that we must be very careful about who we interact with on a spiritual level and how much 'sharing' we allow to happen, and this is the primary reason that the details behind the process are kept rather "hush hush".

So, I'd start out by trying to learn from the people in your life first. Begin by attempting to understand not only the words they speak, but the reasons they speak them, and why they feel the need to share them with you. If you find yourself unable to answer all of these questions (and more I'm leaving out intentionally, related to that "dangerous" bit) then you still have more learning to do.

The more people you find yourself able to communicate with comfortably, the more "potential" you have at becoming a "channeler" as people here refer to them.

So, I suppose this post could serve as a starting point to answering your question, and even and ending point when you actually grasp the meaning behind it, but for the time being if you have to ask how to be a spiritual "channeler" then you probably shouldn't be asking in the first place, because you are not yet prepared.

If one goes searching for the truth too soon, they may not like what they find.

An AMAZING [paraphrased] quote from one of the members here, though I don't currently recall which: "Nature has a way of protecting you from things until you are ready for them."

[EDIT:] To throw in another quote that I was just reminded of that I feel is relevant here as well... "Be careful what you wish for cuz: you just might get it". ^_^y

*[Another edit]: Perhaps this is a more proverbial way of answering your question... "All roads lead to-" ¿....? *

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Thanks for sharing Snow :)

(26 Dec '11, 10:25) blubird two

Always. Sharing is quite possibly my favorite thing to do. ^_^y

(26 Dec '11, 10:37) Snow

@Snow,by the way snow flakes are very beautiful and they usually end up as water ... :)

(26 Dec '11, 15:27) blubird two

yes snow one need to be able to know the truth over duality.if one is not able to do that he is still trap in negativity(fear,anger, jalousy etc.) and yes be carefull what you wish for cuz: you just might get it. experience and enjoy.

(26 Dec '11, 17:51) white tiger

That is a very astute observation, blue bird. ONE snow flake at a time will almost always end up as water, but if you get enough of them together they wont just be a "unique snowflake anymore", together with all of their power shared together they become "Snow", a force more powerful than almost any on this planet. ^_^y

(26 Dec '11, 20:01) Snow

@WT: Fear, anger, and jealousy have their places in life. Without having a bad day every now and again we could never appreciate when God does give us a good day. So if we were constantly expecting God to keep one upping himself, making everything better for all of us without us having to do any work for it, how could we possibly ever appreciate any of God's gifts? "Yesterday was a chore so tomorrow may be a gift, but being alive today is a PRESENT from God himself, so I'd start there and work in whatever direction you think is best. ^_^y

(26 Dec '11, 20:03) Snow

snow they have their place in life and also their opposite. but if one goes in extremes you know what happens. and i agree that you need to do the work to go over duality and know the truth. once you do that you will not fall in extremes again. each day is a chore and a gift.The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. During the days when you ate what is dead, you made it come alive. When you are in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?"

(02 Jan '12, 22:26) white tiger
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He or she doesn't. But you could just make one up! Lots of people do that. Youll get some attention and you may even make a little money.

That's only my opinion of course.

I think when you said "connect to his source" your on the right track.

Your Source! Your not connected to Source, you ARE Source.

You don't have to channel yourself do you? Your far more than any made up spiritual entity or alien. Esther and Daryll are channelling themselves, and why not.

Their credibility for me rests on who I know they are.


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Monty Riviera

@Monty we all regularly wonder whether there's a better way of doing things, of living, of loving etc... yet we don't always get an answer because the lives that we live are often not adapted to perceiving and listening to our awareness, that individual part of us that has access to the totality of universal knowledge. That's what i mean by connecting to source, connecting to my consciousness, awareness itself connected to universal knowledge.

(19 Jul '13, 04:48) jaz

I'm honestly going to say that writing poetry is a feasible way to connect channeler with spirit guide. If expecting to nail it in one poem, and then if not feeling that in exactly one try, this would be short-sighted. Also, if looking to craft a poem, or edit a poem, it may not come through as 'connected to Guide.'

But if writing lots of poetry, and achieving a stream of consciousness, I believe the connection will be realized in a way that is entirely personable and possibly even 'magical' in what comes through.

Though, do take what I say here with a grain of salt, as I am one who firmly believes Spirit is always channeling through humanity. While there are cautions to be considered as there are 'two voices' which are doing the talking, the key is to have discernment. Discernment can take awhile to hone and trust, but is much easier, I believe, if the channeler is someone other than own self. Like, I hear distinctly Spirit guides in the poetry of others, while also able to read the same piece as if 'spirit' is not needed to receive the message. The discernment here comes from recognizing own judgments on words/concepts within the poem that I am overlaying onto the experience of the message.


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In the following video Brad Johnson gives an account of what channeling is about and how to go about it in your own way ...


At the moment the method i most enjoy to explore in depth the invisible domain of the conscious matrix is through dowsing with a pendulum ... dowsing is a form of investigation of an extension of yourself using an instrument

alt text


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As everyone else has outlined, the prossess is very straight forward and easy. I will repeat pretty much what everyone else has said to drill it in.

1) Become grounded/ centered/ relaxed and calm. Meditation is the most popular form of this to reach a place of stillness.

2) Ask the questions in the silence. One question could be as simple as, "what is the name of my channel?"

Alternatevly, if you just wish to find answers to your life, and you don't know how to meditate, perhaps you could try this:

Find a physical location, a place, where it is free of total sound and no other people. Zero people. Zero noise, so silent, you cannot even hear the wind. So silent, you actually feel uncomfortable breaking the noise with your breath or footsteps.

Finding a totally silent, isolated place may be a bit of a challenge. Took me a few days of searching to reach mine.

I've found going to a hospital chapel in the early hours of the morning has done wonders for stresses and if I want insights. It is of absolute silence. I have had visions in small daydreams that have changed my perceptions of harsh events into more positive things.

In this total zen silence, lies every answer you need. Quiet your mind. Be still...


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As @Snow reported, "casual" channeling can be quite dangerous on both a physical and spiritual level.

It takes years of meditation and spiritual guidance with a trained spiritual leader, such as a shaman, to achieve proficiency and safety while attempting to channel for someone. I know someone who is a "natural-born" channeler, and she has quite a gift. She can reach relatives who have passed on; she can find her clients' guides; she can search her clients' bodies for illness. But she is also a Reiki Master/Teacher with years and hours of hands-on healing under her belt.

I found my main guide after hours of meditation and years of Reiki Healing and Training.(I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and also a Phoenix Reiki Great Grandmaster); I have spoken of him on this site- his name is Grandfather Coyote, and he is the Guardian Spirit of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.) He is furious about what has happened to the Colorado River- it used to be a mighty river, but water has been funneled out of it for drinking water and irrigation of crops grown in the desert, mainly to California and Mexico.)

I did not use Grandfather as a channel at first. Instead, I visited him in his spiritual abode, a cabin, along the Colorado itself. He taught me how to clean and skin animals; he taught me how to make genuine Dream-catchers, which I later turned into a business for a while on Ebay. He also spoke to me of Native American lore: how to read the upcoming weather by the clouds and the plants- things like that.

As for actually channeling, I must be in a deep place inside of myself, which I achieve in a Shamanistic way by "diving" into a hole in the ground, and then traveling to where I want to go. I have seen weird creatures there such as men with alligator heads and snakes that talk. These things are not evil; rather, they are just part of the Shamanistic world.

After I "dive", I can go where I need to go safely. I must say that I trained with a real Shaman for quite a while before I attempted to travel. I could go on and on about shamanistic traveling, but suffice to say that the end point is the same: I channel this way. I once had a terrible problem with mounds and mounds of fire ant hills in my front yard. Grandfather suggested that I travel under the yard, look about, and find the "Queen Leader" of the ants and ask her to please balance out her subjects. I must say, I thought this advice a little crazy (like some weird fairy tale), but I did it. When I went underground, I saw that my yard had been filed with stumps and logs and branches of dead trees, delicious rotting food for fire ants. Sand had been poured over the fill, and then a thin layer of soil, making the yard appear to be normal. I spoke to the "queen" as I was told to do. I then waited. In about one week, the mounds has all but disappeared, leaving perhaps two. It worked!

In order for me to channel, I must make sure that my chakras are all in balance, and I must pay special attention to my Root, Crown, and Third Eye Chakras. Only then do I channel. As of last year, I get what I call "nudges". I think I have an Angel Guide who helps me. I have been told where to find long lost items, and I also am directed to go into stores and shops, where I find things that I needed badly or could not find.

I rarely do channel for a person because talking and balancing Chakras seems to solve a lot of troubles without having to directly channel. I ask the protection of St. Michael the Archangel, saying his prayer before I begin. I ask for the help of Christ and Mary, who is very special to me (she appeared to me when I was 24). Only then do i channel, but I usually get pretty good results. I refuse to contact dead people- that seems not to be my thing. But I can locate sources of evil, and see evil spirits in houses and send them packing. Wade and I have cleared many houses for people- I'd say it is a gift of ours.

Sorry about the long-winded answer, but I thought that a shamanistic bent and some serious information about channeling seemed in order. As I said, you cannot be casual about channeling! Snow said it all. I only tried channeling after years of work in the spiritual realm.

alt text




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