Obviously not if it is not on the emotional guidance scale. Is it a Positive state?? I always associate relief with like an invisible knot being released from the stomach area.Wouldn't imagining feelings of relief or recreating it from a past experience be a good positive step to feeling good or manifesting?:) Thanks. Martin

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Come to think of it what I'm referring to might actually be a "physical sensation" in the body or end up as that:)

(01 Jun '11, 19:47) Satori

Physical sensations are a manifestation of our emotional movements.

(01 Jun '11, 22:50) you

Thanks Michael. Like the end product of an emotion.:)

(02 Jun '11, 00:05) Satori
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I agree with you that Relief is not, strictly speaking, an emotion.

But not just because it's not on Abraham's Emotional Guidance Scale.

alt text

For example, Delight is not on the Emotional Guidance Scale (above) but I would still call it an emotion.

Abraham's scale is really a broad selection of names for various emotions - it is not intended to be a complete description of all of them because that would be virtually impossible to do.

Emotions themselves have no direct connection to the words we use to describe them. What one person calls Joy, another might legitimately label as Ecstasy.

So, rather than get embroiled in the triviality of which word maps best to which emotion, Abraham merely use broad classifications and it's up to the individual to decide roughly where on the scale they are.

So where does Relief fit in then?

Even though one might say that you can feel relief therefore it must be an emotion (because you can feel it), I would say in return that it is not as simple as that.

This is because you can feel relief at any point on the scale.

For example, if you are in Anger (#17), you can feel relief and move up to Discouragement (#16). But equally, if you are in Hopefulness (#6) you can also feel relief and move up to Optimism (#5).

In my view then, Relief is actually a process rather than an emotion.

You apply Relief to a particular emotion to move it to a better-feeling place.

So, in the examples given above...

  • Anger + Relief = Discouragement (or higher)

  • Hopefulness + Relief = Optimism (or higher)

Because of this quality of Relief always improving an emotional state, I always use it as my guideline in molding emotions.

So, to illustrate, let's say I'm feeling in Doubt (#13) about a particular topic. Rather than hunt around on the Emotional Guidance Scale looking at better-feeling emotions to aim for (like Disappointment, Overwhelment, Frustration etc), I simply check to see if I am feeling Relief instead.

If I am feeling Relief, I know I'm moving in the right direction emotionally regardless of whatever language labels I may choose to apply to different emotions.

So, in this sense, Relief is a useful short-cut to molding emotions into better-feeling places.

In other words, you can be sure that whatever manifesting method you use is working fine as long as it keeps causing you to feel Relief on the subject you are trying to align yourself with.


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Excelent. Maybe even that relief is the transition from almost any # to the next # UP the EGS. Relief = Release. We release from one emotion to the next and it is somewhat a relief to be moving past feeling bad to better :) After all moving from Pessimism to boredom can definitely be a relief!

(01 Jun '11, 22:49) you

@Stingray set it up...and @Michael you said exactly what i was going to say....Call it what you want (an emotion or not) Relief can be a transition from one place...to an incrementally better place.

(02 Jun '11, 00:04) streetsanto

Thank you Stingray! Got it.Relief From one emotion to the next.like a good signal your doing something right :)the opposite of relief is suffering which then moves you down the scale? Ah we don't even want to go there! Thank you again Stingray for clearing that up.:)

(02 Jun '11, 00:18) Satori

@Stingray this posting is over 4 years old lol, I'm sure this viewpoint has evolved since :) I prefer to replace the abraham list of 22 states by the 22 blades of the major arcana, each card appears equal as set around in a circle, each card also has a flip face, in other words each card is polarized.

(11 Jul '15, 23:54) jaz
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Relief is what you feel when you remove negative stimuli, emotions, feelings or negative state of being. Without the negative state of being, you would not know relief. It is the absence of the negative state, but only after experiencing the negative state.

Oops! I just read the body of the question. I will add on here.

I would think that relief would be felt each time you move up the Emotional Guidance Scale. As you shed the negative emotions, you feel relief of some kind.


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Fairy Princess

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Thank you fairy princess :)

(03 Jun '11, 15:43) Satori

Some people will refer to the feeling of relief as an emotion, and will indeed argue about it as such, but since we know that relief can have both a positive, and a negative effect upon us emotionally, some people will continue to see it only as an emotion!

Very good question!


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Inactive User ♦♦

How does relief have "a negative effect upon us emotionally"?

(02 Jun '11, 08:10) Stingray

Thank for that Vee:)

(03 Jun '11, 15:41) Satori

@ Stingray: Here is a very good example to your question based upon General Psychology and “Emotion” by Dr. C. George Boeree

(Note that you might still feel some negative emotion as well, as soon as the initial relief is behind you - like annoyance at your own stupidity. That problem has yet to be resolved

(05 Jun '11, 01:16) Inactive User ♦♦
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I can relate to Stingray's answer above a whole lot on this subject and as for myself, relief has always been the ''gateway'' to emotions that feel better, whether relief is an emotion in and of itself is debatable, it could vary from individual to individual. In the past, relief has always been a very successful tool [if that's the correct term for it] for getting me more into a neutral place when feeling anger, anxiety, or frustration, it is funny that relief isn't on the E.G.S. but maybe it's just one of the ''byproducts'' of some of the real emotions on that said scale. Nowadays, and I only speak for myself, relief aims me more towards the feeling of being content, and from that launch pad of contentment I can easily reach for the higher emotions without referring to the E.G.S. but that's me, relief could mean/feel different depending on the individual.


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