I keep going round and round with this and never quite nailing it. If you assume the feeling of being rich, and live from that state, unless this is something very peripheral in your life, you would obviously take actions that are entirely incompatible with not being rich. Like say, trying to book a luxury holiday in Fiji when your card has a $500 limit, or getting your kid into an expensive private school, or even just going out to eat instead of cooking something at home. I know a lot of people who got in trouble because they go into manic phases and spend without restraint; if a person is in a precarious financial condition, it doesn't even take that much to go overboard.

I've spoken before of my desire to be a male model. I actually thought about this a lot and because I am blocked by obstacles that I am told I can never overcome, I try to simply focus elsewhere, find another way to live my life. Only to realize I don't want another way, I want this way. Yet when I try to assume and sustain the feeling of the wish fulfilled, I have a lot of trouble. The only time I really feel good is when I tell myself "Forget everything, this is what I want" and just let go of all the other things clogging my mind and pulling me in all sorts of directions.

The problem comes from me not being able to stay in that state because everything around me tells me "No". I have to actually live my life in a world that denies the reality of my desire so my actions on a moment by moment basis are not aligned with the identity I am trying to feel myself into so I'm constantly being thrown out of it. This makes me feel like a "wannabee"; like an American Idol contestant that people laugh at. Even if I just stay in bed, the fact I am forcing myself to stay in bed denies the reality of my desire. I've tried to just "let go" but all that happens is that I get stuck in a rut of playing games or watching TV. Sometimes, that can even feel pretty good but nothing actually changes. So I don't understand how detachment can help.

I already live my life trying to follow my highest excitement so I don't see what I could do differently. I already try to focus my thoughts on better feeling things. I have the feeling that I must do something drastic because I have been stuck for a decade "trying" to build a life for myself, feeling good, feeling bad, feeling indifferent, making an effort, trying things, not making any effort, etc. I basically don't know what to do, where to focus, or who to ask for help or direction in order to change my life in a positive way.

asked 13 Feb '13, 19:49

flowsurfer's gravatar image


edited 13 Feb '13, 20:06

@flowsurfer- Being a male model myself, I tell you, you pretty much have to reach the stage where you find yourself handsome enough so that it no longer becomes "such a big deal". After I reached this stage, I tell you I get compliments, not exagerating, maybe 5-7 times a week. It means absolutly nothing to me though.

You can do it. Find evidence (within yourself first) that you are attractive and handsome, and eventually it'll be so. Charisma boosts visual looks as well.

(14 Feb '13, 07:33) Nikulas

@flowsurfer- Also bare in mind, the modelling industry looks for specific styles of "attractivness." I have seen many female models, and I havent found any to match me with sexual chemistry. So don't beat yourself up because so and so thinks they dont find you looking like David Beckham (whom some have said he is over-rated for looks).

(14 Feb '13, 07:37) Nikulas

@flowsurfer- For inspiration: there was a man whom, his entire youth and early adult life, desired so bad to become a soccer player. Being well skilled, and his passions going in the right way, his dreams were crushed when he broke his leg in a car accident.

In hospital, he picked up a spanish guitar....And this man is now the #1 Latin Artist of all time: Julio Iglesias. True story.

(14 Feb '13, 07:39) Nikulas

@Nikulas The main problem is that I'm between 5'5 and 5'6 and I want to be a professional, not an amateur model. I want to actually make money from it. There are other things that don't help, like my hair having thinned to an obvious degree, but height is what it boils down to because at my range, nobody is interested in how I look. I can assume the feeling of being attractive and I do; but that is not enough.

(14 Feb '13, 09:47) flowsurfer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjSz2Y9S-CU&list=PL1964E1FB134A9325 try that it might help.clean up bad energy and put some salt where you live.

(16 Feb '13, 00:46) white tiger
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Hi flowsurfer, I’ll throw out a few ideas and leave you to join the dots :)

As you read through this, stop and actually consider and answer the questions before proceeding.

Redefine ‘problem’ to become ‘challenge.’ A problem reeks of negativity and difficulty, whereas a challenge is positive and solvable.

Redefine ‘trying’ to become ‘doing.’ Trying is not doing and it never will be. You’re either doing it or you’re not doing it, there’s no middle ground.

Why do I want to be a male model?

And what then, after I’ve achieved my desire?

Unless you’re unlike most people you want whatever you want because you believe that it’ll bring you more happiness than you currently have. And while that’s true, unless you’re already generally happy, the happiness gained from achieving your desire will be short-lived at best. And once the happiness dwindles you drop out of alignment with your other desires, and perhaps into a depressed state.

That’s why many people say and teach not to have desires. However, they do not understand that desire causes movement of energy. Life is movement which is change caused by desire.

To avoid disappointment, rather than focusing on any particular objective desire, make your primary desire to be one of achieving the state of being happy and feeling good; then all, in your terms, good will naturally and continually flow into your experience. Some call this your vortex ;-)

To achieve the vibration of being happy and feeling good, appreciate what you already have. Appreciate the miracle of experiencing the illusion of physical reality as if it’s really real.

To stay in the vibration of being happy and feeling good, act on your excitement to the best of your ability in every moment you’re able to, taking it as far as you can. And then act on the next thing.

Keep it simple: In this moment I’m enjoying playing ‘X’ video game. In the next moment I’m no longer enjoying it, so I stop playing and write an email, then I go for a walk, eat, read a book, then I play my video game again, play some sports, eat and then watch some comedy etcetera... These days I only remain excited by something for approximately no more than 1.5 hours before shifting to the next thing.

By always staying in your excitement your vibrational frequency is always high and always leads you to the next thing that excites you. Your excitement is a personal representation of your brand of energy.

Now, let’s assume (hold a belief) that the reality we experience is determined by our beliefs. And that all realities are activated by either positive or negative emotion – desired or undesired reality.

From your high vibrational state imagine your desired future reality. See the end result in your mind’s eye (third eye) and feel as if that’s already your reality. Then forget about your desire whilst relaxing and enjoying your life. Relaxing is also a part of my excitement. For others it may be meditation or reading a book.

Believe that your reality has changed no matter what your current circumstances are showing you to the contrary. Can you see that another way of saying: assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled is - hold a belief (in your imagination) that feels good to you?

Once you’ve done the required amount of work in your imagination, you’ll start to see evidence of your desire in your reality. For instance: if you desired a particular type of car you’ll start seeing that car everywhere. Once you’re at this stage, no more imagining is necessary, other than simply because it feels good to you. This is because you’ve activated the vibration of your desire within you. Some call this your vibrational escrow ;-)

Your desired reality is now a probability, you simply have to bring yourself into alignment with it. How: by acting on your excitement to the best of your ability...

Perhaps the reason you’re not seeing your desire is because you don’t fully believe in it. In other words you doubt it, but what is doubt? There’s only yes in the language of the Universe, meaning that there’s only that which you pay attention to, wanted or unwanted. Yes/No = same thing. In the same way, there’s only belief, so doubt is simply a belief in something other than what’s wanted. Belief/Doubt = same thing.

Perhaps you’re continually oscillating between believing in your desire and believing in the opposite of your desire (doubt). In other words you don’t really trust your own belief so you remain where you are; you stay in your current reality.

Or perhaps you’re not staying in alignment with your desire for long enough. Always remember that we came into this time-space reality in order to experience the process of change. Therefore, even though you may believe that you’ve done the required mental and emotional work necessary, you’re not allowing enough time for the change in physicality to catch up with you.

And again, by not allowing enough time, perhaps you’re dis-appointing yourself from your desire by looking for the change within the illusion of the outside reflection. All change must occur within you, within your vibrational state of being, before that change can be reflected back to you in the idea of the outside world. You must 100% fully change before seeing the evidence of that.

After all, if you react to the reflection of the outside world by convincing yourself that you’re not seeing any change, then you haven’t really changed 100%. Because you’re seeking change in an echo rather than trusting that you’ve changed and therefore knowing that, over time, the echo must reflect that change. The Universe can’t bring you evidence of the change until you’ve really changed.

Realize also that although you feel and believe that you want to be a male model. That might only be a step towards what you really want that will delight and serve you even better. Kind of like a carrot that you offer you to get you moving in the right direction. The point is you don’t really know, do you?

Whenever you notice that you’ve dropped out of your desired high frequency state, due to any form of anxiety. Stop. Do whatever excites you to the best of your ability... Later on, from a happy state of feeling good you can examine the anxiety and discover which negative belief caused it and then redefine and change it. All anxiety is caused by filtering your energy through a negative belief.

Imagine it ♥ Feel it ♥ Forget it ♥ Get it !?


answered 15 Feb '13, 21:21

Eddie's gravatar image



Eddie , thank you once again for your indepth and thought provoking answer , it has benefitted me enormously ♥♥♥

(15 Feb '13, 21:42) Starlight

@Eddie in some forums when you read a topic they have answers that are sticky (read first/great answer to a repeated question..)this would definitely qualify as a "sticky" answer ^5

(16 Feb '13, 04:50) ursixx

Okay, I tried to explain the issue with the question but I didn't do a very good job apparently. What exactly do I have to change 100%? If I changed 100%, the thing that would excite me the most would be to take action to get a reputable agency; or something similar. So the fact I'm doing "what excites me the most" and it is not -that- tells me there is still work to do. I don't know how to hold feeling of the desired fulfilled when my actions need to be guided by a reality that denies it.

(16 Feb '13, 05:51) flowsurfer

In other words, if you are poor and holding on to a job you hate to avoid having no food, you are not really feeling very wealthy; the act of holding on to the job is inspired by and perpetuates the feeling of poverty. This example is not 100% perfect but I think it makes the issue clear. I don't see how to "quit", so I feel stuck in a cycle which perpetuates the feeling of not having the wish fulfilled.

(16 Feb '13, 06:00) flowsurfer

I see a fair amount of synchronicity relating to being a model and I've had one dream that basically involved me being in the future, and being told (among other things) to not worry, that I would grow taller and everything would work out. The issue is having to deal with a reality that contradicts it and not knowing how to deal with that reality because I don't feel I belong in it.

(16 Feb '13, 06:19) flowsurfer

I glad that you both appreciate my answer Starlight and ursixx, and I'm very happy for you that you know what appreciation is :)

(16 Feb '13, 07:06) Eddie

Here's a clue flowsurfer - you asked for help and help was offered to you in the form of all of the answers here. However, rather than a simple thank you, you seem almost ungrateful for the time and effort that people afforded you - that's not appreciation.

(16 Feb '13, 07:10) Eddie

@Eddie I am not ungrateful, I am confused. I find it strange that you would react like that. I'm just trying to clarify what change I have to do within. If I simply replied with "Thank you" I would be dishonest because I don't actually understand in practice how to apply what you just said. Do you understand what I am confused about?

(16 Feb '13, 09:06) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer :Confusion = Anxiety so @Eddie bottom line: " All anxiety is caused by filtering your energy through a negative belief." and most times a 100% change is not possible but a 1% is then that follows a 2% then a 4% and then 8% and so on . The inertia of your beliefs wants you to keep going in the direction your in. just like those of a large tanker ship. They don't turn around so easy. But after awhile the more negative beliefs you cast off the lighter your "ship" becomes...

(16 Feb '13, 10:26) ursixx

the more nimble and changed it is too . no longer a tanker ship .. when you get real good your a jetboat WOOOHOOO! doing 360's just for the fun of it http://goo.gl/KZfKE

(16 Feb '13, 10:33) ursixx

@flowsurfer considering that you referred to 'assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled' I naturally thought you'd read some of Neville Goddard's books and had begun to understand them, so I started my answer assuming you were at a certain level of understanding.

It seems as though I was mistaken. Therefore, my revised suggestion is for you to read 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle if that idea resonates with you. You can't run before you have learned to walk my friend...

(16 Feb '13, 19:46) Eddie

@Eddie , may I ask , procrastination then , also belongs along with anxiety , doubt, fear etc in the negative belief filter . I drew myself a pic of energy splitting into 2 and funneling through through filters of Neg Belief and Positive Belief, like coffee filters , sometimes a diagram gets the message home more potently for me ?

(16 Feb '13, 19:48) Starlight

I've read a ton of Neville. The issue is that everytime I have to deal with my present reality I feel I am sliding back into my previous state. It's not even that I don't manifest, it's that I lose the -feeling- of the wish fulfilled. I can't seem to keep that feeling alive.

(16 Feb '13, 19:52) flowsurfer

@ursixx I like your analogy although I'm not convinced that confusion always equals anxiety :)

(16 Feb '13, 19:53) Eddie

@starlight - yes when we procrastinate we're obviously not inspired, so procrastination fits into the negative belief category. I really like your coffee filter idea, I might plagiarize it 8-)

(16 Feb '13, 20:12) Eddie

@flowsurfer - like I said, perhaps you need to get back to basics and truly understand yourself and who you are before moving on to other things. The fact that you have an issue with your height is very revealing, so I suggest that you start there.

(16 Feb '13, 20:16) Eddie

@Eddie , feel free I would love to see if you decide to . Art isn't my forte , but I do enjoy "playing" with felt pens and paper , mostly just smiling hearts running all over the place , lol. Oops again Tank Q , for the heads up on Procrastination :-)

(16 Feb '13, 20:29) Starlight

@Eddie What is it revealing of? And what do you mean by start there? Start what? Truly understand what? See, one of the reasons I care about this is because all of this talk of The Law and me being more than an animal and etc, etc, etc, means nothing if I can't actually prove it to be true by experience. One of the reasons I don't just give up on this and pursue something else is because there is nothing worth pursuing if this stuff isn't real.

(16 Feb '13, 20:58) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer you said:so I feel stuck in a cycle which perpetuates the feeling of not having the wish fulfilled. Even if you get taller and think that it is what you need,What if you discover in the futur that the perfect job you look for requires you to be 5.6 then will you complain of being to tall? Does that worry and self torture and procratination serve you in the now? Why not use that free will of yours to brake that cycle? What would that you in the future now think about all this now?

(16 Feb '13, 21:14) white tiger

@white tiger That job would require me to be someone I don't want to be, which by definition means it can't be my perfect job. If modeling required me to be someone I don't want to be, I would not have any interest in it. I do not have any negative feelings regarding the preference of the market as far as the height of male models is concerned. My negative feelings come from the belief that I can't be the man I want to be and what that means as far as the nature of reality. Break the cycle how?

(16 Feb '13, 21:39) flowsurfer

@Eddie This is a really great answer Eddie - it deserves much more than the current 4 karma points - I'm sure it will build over time though to become a classic! Thank you.

(17 Feb '13, 06:46) Catherine

@flowsurfer - your question "Break the cycle how?" - surely you have written the answer to this question when you say "my negative feelings come from the belief that i can't be the man i want to be", in other words to break the cycle identify and transform this belief that is holding you back

(17 Feb '13, 07:08) ru bis

@Eddie I think that "flow" is at a point like in the movies where they are disarming a bomb and need to cut a wire "cut the blue wire or red" .. you are correct in saying that it doesn't always equals anxiety. http://goo.gl/1zUkr

(17 Feb '13, 09:18) ursixx

@ru bis Can you suggest a way to do that ("identify and transform this belief that is holding you back")?

(17 Feb '13, 13:27) flowsurfer

A belief (judgement ) is only a thought you keep thinking listen to this, it may help you


(17 Feb '13, 16:38) Starlight

@Catherine Thank you :)

(17 Feb '13, 21:00) Eddie

@flowsurfer - yes i see what you are telling me, the excellent method given by Eddie is for those higher up on the emotional scale, for those of us on the lower end of the scale it just seems like a lot of blah-blah-blah

(18 Feb '13, 04:03) ru bis

@flowsurfer - so to identify and transform beliefs when in a depression/anger mode needs more of a radical approach - i suggest using what i name the "smash and burn" method

(18 Feb '13, 04:06) ru bis

@flowsurfer - "smash and burn" method; there are many methods to do it, here is one of them that you can adapt to your own way of thinking if you desire - using red ink write down with passion on a piece of paper all that you consider is holding you back, really put all your heart soul and anger into it - now crumple it up, put it on the ground and smash it with a heavy hammer or other object, put all your energy and anger into it - then destroy it, burn it ...

(18 Feb '13, 04:16) ru bis

@flowsurfer - take the ashes and throw them into a natural clear running stream, at the same time thinking that it is now being cared for by the healing earth energies, to be reintegrated into a positive form

(18 Feb '13, 04:20) ru bis

Thank you for your recommendation @ru bis

(18 Feb '13, 05:16) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer - and thank you for the communication :)

(18 Feb '13, 06:32) ru bis
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Hi Flowsurfer. I understood from your question that you would like to know how others deal with the gap between wish and reality practically. Here is what helps me (most of it is Abraham inspired). I'll use the example of money.

  • I think about my actual financial situation only as much as is required practically. As soon as I'm done with paying bills, rent or shopping I concentrate on how I would feel if I had a substantial sum available. (I live on a minimum budget, so having paid my rent feels like an achievement.)

  • I do the "wouldn't it be nice..." process a lot because to think about what I would do and how it would feel gets me into a very positive state. Also the question "why is it important" is extremely helpful because it leads me to the essence of my wish.

  • sometimes, when I know my mind will be occupied with practical things, I just take a little "dedicated dream time" during which I imagine all aspects of my wish. When I'm done with my phantasy, I get up, forget about it and go about my day, trying to stay connected while dealing with everything that's required.

  • every once in a while I remind myself that, where I'm now is the result of my previous mental and emotional activity, so it's a result, the end of a process. That helps me to focus ahead, on the potential.

So, to sum things up, finding ways to reduce my attention on having little money to the necessary minimum and spending the rest of the time focusing on how I would like to feel reduces the tension between my wish and my actual reality. And I find that, if I keep this up, more money comes in, effortlessly. The danger is to get sidetracked, even by things that are nothing to do with my wish but that lower my energy level and my mood. Then the flow becomes trickle again very quickly.

Maybe this helps.


answered 14 Feb '13, 15:46

Julian's gravatar image


Yes, that is the essence of the problem; I'll spend 15 minutes in the day feeling rich then I have to spend the other 23 hours and 45 minutes dealing with the demands of poverty, creating mental habits that are hard to break. I can't deal with poverty and feel rich at the same time. If I felt rich, I would actually act rich, which means not restraining the impulse to take certain actions. I frame this in terms of wealth because it is easy to understand but it applies to things in general.

(14 Feb '13, 20:55) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer- Tip: don't jump to 'rich' if you are poor. What to do? Do all of your mental exercises feeling just slightly, a tad, less poor.

Abraham says you can go from 0 to a million, but not in one jump. Go to 1, 2, 3, 4 first...Stick in there mate. Give me or our Rob an email if u need to talk

(15 Feb '13, 01:06) Nikulas

@Nikulas I don't understand how to do that. You can reach me on imasterguitar at gmail and yes, I would appreciate having someone to talk to.

(15 Feb '13, 09:36) flowsurfer
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Dear Flowsurfer, I know what you mean and what you must be feeling. For I have a desire that seems to be unattainable too, when I consider the 'LAWS' of this physical plane, my society and what not, as I do not know of anyone who might have attained what I want.

I am still finding ways to soften this tug of feelings around my desire. I know about how at times you cannot muster enough strength or inclination even to get out of bed or when nothing absolutely nothing interests you. I also know how pointless life seems when you feel you would have to live without having what you want. But it has been so much better ever since I came to this site. I am yet not at the place where just the feeling of having what I want excites me and makes me so delighted that I do not care for manifestation, but I want to achieve it. Somedays I feel I am closer to it somedays not.

I do not know how to be constantly in the 'Feeling Place' of desire, but here is something that has helped me a lot in diminishing the 'impossibleness' of my desire.

'If anybody can create anything, you can. If anybody has demonstrated the creation of it, you can. But you did not come forth to regurgitate the manifestations that others have created, to some extent, sure. But you didn't come just to regurgitate. You are creators. You are unique, specific individual creators who are launching your specific desires in powerful ways and it is only then in your allowance of yourself to vibrationally, to revel in the frequency you have carved out that you would find your joy.'

I recently heard this from Abraham and it helped me see things from different point of view. I have noticed from our comments that you feel disappointed by Abraham teachings, I would just urge you not to discard it just because it came from a particular source. Read them and see, if they give you a new point of view or hope about your uniqueness or that of your desire. I quoted this here because it go me thinking about all 'inventions' humans have made all throughout the history. Who would have thought that one could change the way they look? it must have been 'Impossible' but it is common place now. Imagine how it would have been if people had stopped at the 'impossibleness' of heart-transplant? If you were to just consider Medical history, your would be filled with 'Awe' for the advancement and the so called 'Miracles' that are so common these days that it does not ever register as miracle anymore!!

'Height' is what you want - its merely a function of few hormones, growth-factors and bones. who is to say that we would not have therapy where they could make your epiphyseal plates to respond to growth hormone even after puberty? I say this just because i feel that is the main issue that makes you think you can not have what you want.

I guess, what I am trying to say is try to soften the notion that your desire is impossible just because you dont have a current manifested proof of it. this is how I make myself feel relief and feel better by telling myself that just because I haven't yet come across a story where someone in similar position as mine got the same result as I want, does not mean I would not?


answered 13 Feb '13, 22:31

dreamersmiles's gravatar image


If you don't mind me asking, what do you want?

(13 Feb '13, 23:05) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer, its personal, I would rather not go in details.

(14 Feb '13, 00:16) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles Alright, I was just wondering if there was any way I could help you with your issue. Thank you for your kind words.

(14 Feb '13, 11:10) flowsurfer

@dreamersmiles Good answer.

(15 Feb '13, 11:41) Catherine

@Catherine thank you, @Flowsurfer you are welcome. thank you for your intention of helping me, you already are! I am learning more through your questions and the answers to them :)

(16 Feb '13, 21:51) dreamersmiles
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you ask how to be what you are
not, following supposed
procedures to attain a
feeling flowing from matter

the truth may not be that


answered 14 Feb '13, 06:51

fred's gravatar image


Very true fred the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit.the first will be last and the last will be first.

(14 Feb '13, 09:56) white tiger

Meaning what?

(14 Feb '13, 13:43) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Another question that you will not like the answer in this world matter decay and is just a temporary state of being. Your spirit and soul is the only thing eternal that survive. that form that you see and observe outside of you it is because you are aware of it that it exist if no one is aware of it,it stop to exist. So if you live your life expecting to have something from the outside and you are the creator of your life you might wait a long time. So be the light that you can be.

(14 Feb '13, 15:51) white tiger

Assume your self.Blaming,judging and opposing other will not help you,You need to help your self go out try something new seek and you shall find.It is not by sitting there saying nothing will change,there is nothing to do,my life is always the same boring stuff,even the games i play are not fun anny more etc. the more you say that to your self the more you will believe it.I have told you before make the first step inside and outside go take a walk,seek and you shall find ,experience and enjoy.

(14 Feb '13, 16:00) white tiger

flowsurfer, know who you are besides following excitement for a start

(14 Feb '13, 17:17) fred

@fred Meaning what? @white tiger I have no idea what to do. Go take a walk? I do. Look, what you tell me is "So what that you can't create the life you want to create? Create something else." The problem is that I don't want "something else". I don't know what steps to take to even start creating what I want and all you say just makes me feel more frustrated.

(14 Feb '13, 20:40) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer frustration is stagnation. stop stagnation move take a first step and keep on moving that is how you walk.Right now you are siting down and not moving.Do you really want to walk?Get up and walk.

(15 Feb '13, 05:49) white tiger

flowsurfer, you do not hear what you want to hear, so you say meaning what. that is up to you not me to reflect on choices you are about to make or guiding beliefs where one size fits all so you don't have to understand what it is you push yourself to do. it just may not work the way you want to hear

(15 Feb '13, 18:12) fred
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You want a miracle be the miracle.Why do you worry your self?Why do you limit your self?I can only be that?I want to be a model.My desire is to be a model.people deny me that saying me no.i can't overcome.Why do you let other limit your self.You are more then only one thing. Ask your self this how can i overcome?Look at jesus i have overcome this world.Did jesus let people overcome him?He was the light that he could having faith and Hoping the best for himself and for every children of the father.He was the light of this world,it was not easy for him he as been oppose by the darkness in the humen heart,many from their own darkness could not understand him.Yet he keep on going,like a blazing fire that can not be extinguish,even in the face of death,He did not let is light go out.Be the light that you can be.Stop seing only darkness see the light there is some people that are good in this world,if not this world would stop to exist.You want some change be the change.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,Experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Feb '13, 20:14

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 13 Feb '13, 20:52


None of that makes any sense to me. I have no idea what you actually mean, unless what you mean is something that doesn't help me at all.

(13 Feb '13, 21:10) flowsurfer

Again @flowsurfer my word have no place in you.you say:I have no idea what you actually mean, unless what you mean is something that doesn't help me at all. If that is your judgement you shall be judge the same.If you do not want to help your self do not judge other for your own choice.you reap what you sow.Move from that darkness and be the light that you can be.

(13 Feb '13, 21:33) white tiger

I honestly cannot imagine why people voted up this answer and thumbed up your comment.

(14 Feb '13, 13:42) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Do you really want me to give you the answer to this question:(I honestly cannot imagine why people voted up this answer and thumbed up your comment.)? You will not like the answer,it is because i am telling you the truth from the very beguinning.

(14 Feb '13, 15:45) white tiger

@flowsurfer i will give you another little tip. when a surfer go to the beach to surf does he stay on the beach saying there is nothing to do? Or does he go in the water and swim to the wave and align him self in balence with the wave to surf? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsGQJek_py8

(14 Feb '13, 16:09) white tiger

@white tiger When the surfer has a surfboard, yes, he goes to the water to meet the waves. When he doesn't, there is no point going in the water, he has to find a surfboard on dry ground. I don't have the surfboard. I can go to the ocean but all I'll do there is float around, being tossed back and forth by the waves; it's completely pointless to do that.

(14 Feb '13, 20:44) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer You all ready have all that you need it is for you to learn how to use it.If you are lacking something material in this world then acquire it.Build one or buy one.Then you will have your surf board.But to stay on the beach saying it is pointless,i do not have a board.Does not change annything . You want some change be the change.You want a miracle be the miracle.

(15 Feb '13, 05:34) white tiger

@white tiger - thanks for such a beautiful video

(15 Feb '13, 06:18) ru bis
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I have started listening and watching the two gifts from, "The Secret"

"The Secret of You"

"The Secret of Riches"

Watching both of these feels very good and is programming my mind for good expectations. It changes the dominate vibration frequency to one of abundance.

I will try to make these an addiction so that everyday I will watch these.

You can try this too, I saw it recommended in the Ebook, "Uberman Almost Super Human."

Uberman reminds me of when I used to use BANABU (Building A New And Better Universe)

As for being a male model, you don't need to look like Fabio. Look in magazines there are all kinds of guys in those advertising everything from tools to barbeque grills to weed killer. If every single model looked like Fabio in every single advertisement average guys would hate reading magazines like Popular Mechanics.


answered 14 Feb '13, 16:10

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 15 Feb '13, 07:45

I have looked into the idea of being a male model looking like I do. It doesn't happen. If advertisers want someone who doesn't fit into what model agencies have, they hire an actor. Model agencies don't carry people with those types of looks because there is not much demand for them. Yes, there will always be a need for someone to do the BEFORE photo. But that person is never going to be a professional model.

(15 Feb '13, 10:36) flowsurfer

Which in itself is besides the point because I don't want to be the guy that makes a living doing the BEFORE photo. I don't want to be typecast as the short guy. It wouldn't even matter if the field were full of opportunities. Those are opportunities that I don't want to pursue. I checked out Popular Mechanics; sure, the few human beings that show up in ads don't look like Fabio, but that doesn't mean they were picked at random. They are clearly all reasonably tall.

(15 Feb '13, 10:50) flowsurfer

Hello flowsurfer - the situation that you describe of going through the motions of manifesting correctly but seeming to be going round in circles, suggests that there is an "unconscious" belief system lurking somewhere, the following certainly seems to fit in;

Jafree Ozwald mentions 'poverty consciousness' we can be totally unaware of it's existence - he describes it as "it's the choice to be uncreative, feel limited in resources, thinking inside the box, deeply powerless, incapable of receiving love - this unawareness is the one deciding factor as to whether someone continues to remain broke or struggling for another year, or starts to shift their energy into receiving a new online income next week"

In other words looking at the question from a different angle we could rephrase it - "What is preventing me from fulfilling my legitimate desires?"

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 15 Feb '13, 09:39

ru%20bis's gravatar image

ru bis

"What is preventing me from fulfilling my legitimate desires?" Among other things, my growth plates have fused.

(15 Feb '13, 10:32) flowsurfer

in other words your thoughts are focused on what you consider to be a negative part of your body, remember that negative attracts negative into all domains of your life

(15 Feb '13, 10:42) ru bis

@ru bis So what do you suggest? Because unless I change this, there is no real way for me to fulfill my desires. Especially since this change is, in itself, a desire of mine. So I can focus somewhere else, but then I hit the brick wall again because I can't just ignore this. And trying to focus on something else in a way that avoids hitting the brick wall hits another brick wall, which is the feeling that I gave up, that I have been defeated, and then I just spiral into depression.

(15 Feb '13, 11:01) flowsurfer

accept and love all parts of your body, your whole self including the parts of you that you consider to be negative - send out positive vibrations to all around you and the solution will come to you, 'out of the blue', as if by magic - all this has been largely discussed and tried and tested here on I.Q.

(15 Feb '13, 11:49) ru bis

Maybe it would help if I could read examples of success that I felt I could relate to and that my rational mind couldn't just dismiss as irrelevant. Right now all I am able to feel is anger. And that is not me moving up the emotional scale because I have been in a state of positive expectation, hope, etc but I always get back to depression and anger.

(15 Feb '13, 12:29) flowsurfer

ok, how to deal with anger, you can find a few suggestions here;


(15 Feb '13, 13:22) ru bis
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I guess I'm just curious about why you want to be a male model. It seems to me that by you being one, you hope to receive the validation that one should find within. And, wouldn't you want to work towards something that won't end just because you've reached a certain age or look (meaning, you'll be considered "too old".)?

Print models are not necessarily tall.


answered 15 Feb '13, 22:21

OceanSize's gravatar image


Photoshop has been "altering " models for years :-)

(15 Feb '13, 22:52) Starlight

The reasons are many. It is not for "validation". No, I don't want to work towards something that won't "end" just because I've reached a certain age; regardless there is work for older models and that will probably increase as the demographics keep changing. Male print models are almost always tall; for a number of reasons, such as having to pose next to other models and the fact that there is an ample supply of tall male models and there is no need or benefit for agencies to carry short men.

(16 Feb '13, 05:36) flowsurfer

All of this is besides the point though. Height is more than just a means to work as a model to me. I am uncomfortable at my current height.

(16 Feb '13, 06:11) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer - I guess that might be the issue? Your discomfort with your height. Will modeling make you comfortable or is that something you can find within?

(16 Feb '13, 09:55) OceanSize

@Starlight - Yes, exactly.

(16 Feb '13, 09:55) OceanSize
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