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I think it might be safe to say that there is some sort of change going on in human consciousness about now. Maybe because I am so interested in the subject matter, that is having an influence.

There is so much new information coming through that it is hard to know what is what. I do let my feelings guide me and I find truths in many things.

Then I stumbled upon a video interview with a lady named Inelia Benz watch or not watch but you really should watch

To me this was incredible information. Really resonated with me. REALLY

That brings to my question. I am wondering if I am just really imprisonable or am I just progressing? I always want to see another perspective. Since all possibilities CAN occur, why not check them out.

Are you open to new ideas of what is going on?

Man I hoped this made sense. She explains it well too:))



I have to tell you all that my intention of this post was not my question. I had just (thankfully) posted a common post of "I think this, check this out, do you agree?" And rightfully I was told to make my point a question.

So today I found this video in a very random way. I thought I must share this with the group. But I can't, that is not allowed. So I devised a question about the video I saw. So I can comply with the rules. My question was sincere but you should know that my intent was to get you to see the video. There is some heavy shite going down now and to me, I do not want to NOT share an important perspective.

Get what YOU want from what I show, just feel that my intention is INVESTIGATION.

We all seem to make connections with like minded thoughts on this site, and that is fair, but please remember at this phase of humanity it is important to TRY to shed some of our preconceived beliefs in order to grasp some of the perspectives that our egoic minds are so easy to shut out.

The ability to listen does not imply the ability to agree.

You can look and not see.

Listen and not hear

Touch and not feel

And feel and not know.

Do not ever give up on your own investigation, for when you do not, you will teach me something great!

My love for you can never be measured.**

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I appreciate the link Michael, Thank You.

(03 Jun '11, 10:29) Brian

I'm not aware of any rules that say you cannot share information with other people - and I should know :-) Inward Quest is an open and free knowledge exchange, after all.

(03 Jun '11, 11:46) Simon Templeton ♦♦

@Simon, this exchange can explain what I had said.

(03 Jun '11, 15:44) you

Unless I'm misunderstanding, I think the point that Vesuvius is making there is the distinction between general discussion and information-exchange. Inward Quest is a fairly unique online place in the sense that, though it might appear to be similar to an internet discussion group in many ways, it is actually quite different. In reality, it's a massive metaphysical database that, according to our logs, many people dip into and out of on a regular basis for quick, direct answers to spiritual questions. The quality of the information that people share here is far beyond any discussion group...

(03 Jun '11, 22:14) Simon Templeton ♦♦

...that I am personally aware of. And so we (as moderators and long-standing members) probably feel a responsibility to ensure that the quality of information exchanged here remains high. Specific and detailed questions tend to lead to specific and detailed answers hence we always push for that ideal where possible. The Community Wiki option is really meant just for directly sharing information that doesn't fit the question/answer format rather than as a general discussion area. In operating the site, we constantly face the challenge of "personal freedom vs the good of the site" and...

(03 Jun '11, 22:21) Simon Templeton ♦♦

...rightly or wrongly, the Community Wiki option has become a bit of a social area and that's probably something we need to address, as Vesuvius has highlighted. We're never going to please everybody with how the site is operated, not least because many people who are here have learned the hard way to think for themselves and are thus strong, independent characters who dislike any form of control! So trying to balance personal freedom against site quality is a bit of a thankless task. But the general principle to remember is that we will always support the exchange of helpful information.

(03 Jun '11, 22:31) Simon Templeton ♦♦

I really hope many people read the above comments. They really make sense and I can see how "thankless" it might be to have to try to balance all of these things. The moderators and long time members do a great job of keeping things in line. Thank you Simon for your thought out response. I greatly appreciate you and this site :)))

(03 Jun '11, 22:38) you

Great observations Simon and your team and you are appreciated. We're in this together :)

(06 Jun '11, 00:58) Eddie

Nice one Michael, I'm glad you stuck around :)

(06 Jun '11, 01:09) Eddie

That means a lot Eddie, thank you.

(06 Jun '11, 03:28) you

Hey Michael, I am impressed and curious by your decision to offer 500 reputation points of your own as bounty. It clearly demonstrates that you are not motivated by the "reputation". I think I can guess, but I'd rather allow you to explain (if you choose to do so).

(06 Jun '11, 05:12) The Traveller

Hey Traveller, Yes I have no use for the reputation points. Well not really 'no' use, I sometimes use them to gauge activity if anything. My opinion about points are right up there with my opinion about money. The reason for the bounty is that (to me) Inelia has made an incredible impact on my life in such a short time. I have never been so calm and peaceful. Something was 'lifted'. So many unanswered questions about my perspective and pat have been unraveling. Veil lifting sort of thing.

(06 Jun '11, 06:06) you

So for two reasons I want to do this. 1) I want to give back these points to the site out of gratitude AND I want people to read all of the comments and your answer to this post. There is a birch of intertwine things here. I also want more people to be exposed to Inelia. For me a big thing of this past week is I now see and understand everyone here and I truly believe that NOTHING is impossible. NOTHING. is also up, great new stuff!! The love in my heart for everyone here at IQ is enormous.

(06 Jun '11, 06:11) you

The funny thing is that my intention was to 'force' the video on some of you but so many others things came out of it. You Vesuvious, Eddie Michaels, Simon, Brian so far have added to this. There are so many more that I would like to here from about any given part of this, not even my question really matters.

(06 Jun '11, 06:23) you

@Vesuvius Barry?

(06 Jun '11, 17:35) you
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People always focus on what they are interested in.

If you decide you want to buy a new [insert your favorite car here], you will suddenly see cars of that type everywhere. If you decide you want to be a great tennis player, you will focus on information about playing tennis, and information like that will "magically" begin to appear in your everyday existence.

I have also noticed that the level of people's competence in something is directly proportional to their level of interest and motivation. My wife claims to be terrible at math, but she has no difficulty navigating multi-million dollar financial documents where she works, because she wants to get it right.

And no matter how mechanically inept one of your friends says she is, she almost certainly knows how to drive a car (a very heavy, powerful, arguably complex machine), because she was motivated to learn how to do so.

I personally don't care how outlandish information might seem to someone else, as long as it works.


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Excellent Vesuvius. Keen observations. I don't care what another is doing/being! And imho that's how humanity will move past judgment and into what's real :)

(06 Jun '11, 01:13) Eddie

I think it's good to look at everything with an open mind. However only the individual can discern what resonates with them.

If you're questioning that you may be impressionable, you're doubting your own judgement or not trusting yourself. I'd say if something feels right then it is right. There is soo much out there right now that we all have to get quiet and use our own inner guidance to discern the authentic from the fake.

Personally, I can't believe how much I've opened my mind in a few short years but occasionally I do come across something that doesn't sit quite right with me, so I usually go with my own gut feeling as opposed to what others think.

Thanks for the link... I'll check it out :)


answered 02 Jun '11, 22:51

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Hi Michaela. I read you answer before and after I posted mine (it took a long time) I realized that you managed to condense in a few sentences what took me an entire essay. Thanks for your ideas, I think I plagiarized them. I hope you don't mind.

(03 Jun '11, 04:47) The Traveller

@TT - LOL, the truth is the truth and cannot be copyrighted :) @Michaela - you are a guiding light, it's who you are :)

(06 Jun '11, 01:15) Eddie

@Eddie... I said in a previous comment that I believe words carry a vibration and I love the vibration of what you just said- Thank you :)

(07 Jun '11, 21:41) Michaela
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I watched the entire video and went to her website

There is some really great stuff here and I'm glad that you shared this information with us.

There were two observations within me that I really want to share with the rest of the group.

First I was struck by how wonderful it is that we are living in this fantastic time in the history of our species, to be incarnate in a time of such amazing change, and within that change, we are fortunate to be participating in a forum of sharing this type of information regardless of each of our individual location of existence upon this globe.

And further on this point, each of us just don't have enough time to go through all the material available to determine what may be useful for our personal development, and Michael's decision to share something that he found valuable/interesting certainly narrows down the effort each of us has to make individually to stumble upon information of this nature.

So Thanks to Michael, and thank you for everyone who has taken the effort in the past and the coming future to share interesting information that they believe has been helpful for their development.

And of course, thank you to Simon Templeton for not only the Inward Quest experience, but also for starting the Psitek site with all the fantastic (free) books, which really got many of us initially involved in becoming participants here.

Now I come to the second observation and perhaps the most important part of my answer.

I didn't completely connect with (completely embrace) the entire interview, in fact there were some aspects that were not for me, and by that I don't mean the information that was being discussed, but rather, I had moments of suspicion or distrust in certain sections.

And here is the important part.

I notice that within everything that I am genuinely interested in.

Upon reading most people's comments on ideas that are posted here (I'm not referring to this particular post) I realize that I'm not the only one who picks up shades of brilliance intertwined with possible ulterior motives within information of this nature.

Far too often, we tend to criticize things (ideas) if they don't survive our rather narrow and stringent criteria of scrutiny without a single blemish of uncertainty and doubt

But how can you expect perfection in anything when we, who are trying to comprehend the best we can within the light of our own understanding, are ourselves limited in our ability to analyze something greater than our current understanding?

Could our doubts about anything be the result of our own limitations of comprehension?

And if that's the case how does one stay within the cleared path while traversing a minefield of knowledge?

And the best way to answer that is with a quote from Ineliz Benz's own website about the dangers of spiritual awakening

"What you can do to protect yourself is to develop a big sense of self trust. Your instinct will show you red flags when something is not right"

This approach has served me well so far and I find myself quite at ease with things I don't agree with, or for that matter rejecting ideas that were very important to me at earlier stages of this spiritual journey.

Ascension was a very important to me in the 90's and I really wanted to develop abilities to transform myself and assist others through this process. While I did begin to experience change and was able to assist others (strangers) in strange and magical ways, something wasn't right about the whole change that I was going through. There was a "heaviness" in my consciousness that I couldn't change.

The best way I can describe this is, I was trying to get somewhere by "doing" things and "practicing" things and "meditating" things, all the while, I discovered that I was adding layers and layers of further "pre-determined" concepts and expectations upon an already complex and burdened personality and trying to "Ascend" somewhere to a layer of myself that was "lighter" and thus closer to the source.

I found that I was not doing any real work of my own. I was simply reading and learning and repeating exercises and techniques that were presented by others who had experienced a sort of awakening and were now ready to share and teach what they knew.

So If I didn't experience exactly what they had experienced then I had to process that as bad advice, or deception, or scam etc., etc.

Meanwhile the problem was really me.

I was too F@#*&ing lazy to follow my inner guidance which was attracting all these ideas to me to serve only as a catalyst to give me enough momentum to work on myself with the guidance and trust from within.

Eventually I found that the "Ascension" thing is no longer my cup of tea for I am far more interested in "releasing" the artificial self and "allowing" the guidance of the inner self (which may or may not be the same thing, I don't know)

I am finding that eventually you get to point where you have to stop chasing knowledge and technique.

They are distractions and they distract you from yourself.

It is almost like saying "Thinking is what stands in in-between of inspiration and comprehension"

And if you get that statement you will realize that your "self" wants to awaken you at the pace that is a perfect match for your individuality and all the exterior "methods" that you keep on learning will slowly put you into a spiritual hypnosis that is just as complex as the person that you were, that needed the spiritual help in the first place.

To the best of my understanding what stands between your inner self and the outer self are all the layers of database knowledge that you believe is your identity.

And learning, and learning, and learning keeps on adding more and more to that database identity.

I am finding that the strange thing is that when you allow your inner self to guide you, you are attracted to the same knowledge as before, but now you use that knowledge to learn just 1 or 2 nuggets of specific knowledge, but mostly to remove old knowledge that you have accumulated over the years which have embedded themselves in your psyche and have remained un-examined and hidden.

I find this approach of using information to un-ravel all the nonsense I have accumulated far more rewarding, because what is emerging out of it is an identity that is able to remain neutral and calm within most situations, making "existence" a pleasant experience.


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The Traveller

edited 03 Jun '11, 05:20

We are all on the leading edge of this whole crazy mess. And lending ourselves to another view only enhances our realization of our limited conditioned responses. My mission is to keep breaking down theses either self inflicted or societal conditionings. It might be safe to say that most of our thoughts are conditioned by our 'safe zone egotistical thought or environmental influence. Either way it deserves investigation.

(03 Jun '11, 07:04) you

I am an investigator not a truth seeker.

(03 Jun '11, 07:05) you

This is our gift.

(03 Jun '11, 07:06) you

Eternal gratefulness for Simon for CREATING this venue for us to actually make a change in our thought process, accept it and teach it. It is up to the listener what they choose to take. IQ, a spiritual buffet :

(03 Jun '11, 07:37) you

Hi Michael. I was trying really hard to get my impression across without making you feel as though I was criticizing you. I hope you didn't get that impression, however if you did I don't blame you. Here's what I was trying to convey. The answers before me tended to pass judgment in a certain direction, and I wanted to know why, and to my surprise, I found myself feeling the same thing. I was wonderfully inspired by the information and at the same time cautious. I was trying to understand why that started happening lately. So my answer was an attempt to unravel my own reaction.

(03 Jun '11, 11:14) The Traveller

It was not meant to scrutinize your effort, but how can you not get that impression when you read my answer? So my humble apologies to you if you felt that way. Like I said, I find myself questioning things that inspire me just to see it they survive the scrutiny. I like this lay's work and that's why I watched the entire video and explored her web site. I am thankful that you shared this information (in spite of the apparent criticism), and I saved it in my favorites so that I can explore it further in the future. So Thank YOU Michael. :)

(03 Jun '11, 11:19) The Traveller

No. thank You Traveller... you've managed to articulate what's going on within my own consciousness at the minute. Recently, I've begun to feel as though I have 'information overload' and something is telling me to put a halt to the search for now and work on integrating what I know... it's almost like it's too much in too short a time frame. I know you guys have been open to this stuff for years but 4 yrs ago I wouldn't have even considered any of the ideas here so I do know I've come a long way.Your answers always seem to resonate with me although admittedly a few of them do go over my head

(03 Jun '11, 12:33) Michaela

I love discussions like this and new material being presented because it really does give me the opportunity to observe how open I have become and see how some of those 'limited' ways of thinking within my being have dropped by the wayside... so thank you Traveller and Michael :)

(03 Jun '11, 12:37) Michaela

Thank you Michaela :)

(03 Jun '11, 13:07) The Traveller

So cool. No Traveler I never got that feeling. No criticism felt at all. I am trying to move pat all of that :) I should have thrown in a few smiley faces after my comments. Ha ha I agree with your view whole heartedly. Thank you so much!!!

(03 Jun '11, 15:49) you

Thanks Michael:):):):)

(03 Jun '11, 17:50) The Traveller

@TT - There are no accidents nor mistakes, so no apology is neccessary :)

(06 Jun '11, 01:16) Eddie
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From your "super-edit", I'm guessing that you're not really interested in whether I'm impressionable or not :) ..but you're really asking for comments on the information in the video, so I'll throw in my own two cents on this for your amusement/annoyance/agreement ( delete as appropriate :) )

It's taken me a few days to get through the whole of this video because of the length of it but that's been useful for me because I've also had a chance to contemplate it as I've gone along.

In a nutshell... I liked it alot :)

...and, if anyone's wondering if it's worth investing almost two hours of their life in watching it all, I would probably say go right ahead. You'll either hate it and consider her delusional or else you'll perceive the many truths that she is speaking. In either case, from your reaction to it, you'll learn something about yourself :)

In fact, I'll probably watch it again over the next few days just to check my initial impressions of it.

At the start, I was half-expecting the usual "We Must Save This Broken World" kind of thing but Inelia's message is more subtle than that if you consider it carefully. And, from my point of view, most (perhaps, even all) her opinions and viewpoints are very similar to my own right now.

I agree with her overall view that there is a global transformation happening on this planet or, to be more accurate, happening to this collection of probable timelines that the YOU, that is reading this, is involved with.

And I also agree with her implication that this transformation has already happened non-physically (in these timelines) and we are all now just playing out the physical reflection of that. So it's a question of how rough/smooth that transition is going to be collectively.

I also agree that there has been, and is, a huge collective push from light-workers, for want of a better phrase, to achieve it.

Personally, I don't like the phrase light-workers and here's why...

Yes, I agree with Inelia, that there has been (and is) a campaign to prevent humanity waking up and one that I've been observing with interest for years and the light-workers have been involved with trying to neutralize that without impinging on humanity's free-will.

But the ideas of battles between light and dark are still really based in three-dimensional human judgements and I would say one needs to think carefully before devoting one's life to a crusade against the "bad guys".

In starting to play that game of "good and evil", you've already lost it. In giving your attention to it, you'll be sucked into it and you'll forever be battling with perceived enemies.

The way to win is not to play the game at say that it's okay for the game to exist but that you're going to play something else instead.

That's why you'll find the likes of Abraham giving virtually zero attention to this aspect of our physical reality. I've no doubt whatsoever that they are fully aware of what is going on but they know that if they give any attention to it in their teachings, people who have not yet reached a place of self-determination will get drawn into playing it.

Looking at it from the broader view, these dark elements who have set up this game are really playing an extremely valuable role.

The Law of Attraction (or whatever else you want to call it) reigns supreme in this multiverse/universe and if there is anyone in our reality that we perceive is doing bad things, it is because it reflects an aspect of ourselves that we have not integrated within us yet, collectively or personally.

These beings that are involved in the dark games are doing us a tremendous service by holding fast to those non-integrated aspects and reflecting them back to ourselves. That's why I say that your worst enemies are actually your greatest friends.

The "bad guys" are providing us with an opportunity to help ourselves

They are shining a light on what we need to clean up within ourselves.

The "bad guys" then are just as much light-workers as the "good guys". (Yes, I know there are "bad gals" too but it's just a useful phrase to get the point across)

As planetary vibrations increase, it becomes more and more imperative to integrate painful issues because they are part of us and as we increase our general frequency we are pushing that previously-acceptable level of pain into unacceptable areas. See my analogy about the battered old cars to get an idea of what I mean here.

Integration ultimately means letting go of judgement and, whereas previously we may have classified circumstances as bad and good, integration means we just see them all as part of a greater whole.

We are all striving for the viewpoint that nothing is good or bad, everything just is

So, how do we integrate and what do we integrate?

Well, the answer to that, in my view, is extremely simple and one that I appreciate may sound too simple to those who are still looking for battles to fight :)

Here is the answer... "Feel Good".

Feeling Good is a state where you are in alignment with your broader self. When you are in alignment with that self, you are effectively following the instructions from that broader self.

If there are issues that you need to integrate within your being, they will naturally bubble up as you reach for feeling good. They will be issues that appear to stand in the way of your happiness. They will be issues that keep throwing you out of The Vortex.

So yes, I agree with Inelia about what is going on in this world (our probable timelines) and I also strongly agree with her when she says that it is ourselves we need to work on, not the world "out there".

In changing ourselves, everything changes.

Well, that's my two cents...though, from the length of it, it's probably four cents now :)


answered 06 Jun '11, 11:18

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And a fantastic two cents worth at that. Stingray, what's beautiful about your perspective and answers is that they are always uplifting to the soul and full of hope. I found myself feeling better and better as I continued reading. Thanks for your wonderful perspective.

(06 Jun '11, 14:09) The Traveller

I agree with The Traveller and I owe you a penny, that was definitely a nickels worth because I get to se some the links that I am now more receptive to more than I was a week ago. I am also 'not playing' while acknowledging the game is there in the background for the others to play. I feel it is important to at least show others to "not look over there" Pay no attention to the men behind those curtains. Also Stingary your answer to the super edit in turn answered my first question anyway. Thank you for taking the time to see some other "stuff", and thank you for being a guide.

(06 Jun '11, 14:21) you

Now lets get out there and go feel good!!~Much Love Michael

(06 Jun '11, 14:22) you

Thanks for the nice comments, guys. You're welcome :)

(07 Jun '11, 06:51) Stingray
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'growing up', no doubt, entails recognizing the limits of cultural guidelines and the veracity of 'new knowledge'.
as the student of life perceives or tries to understand how he/she fits into the scheme of things,
the innate thirst of our 'souls' for completion of our destiny ought to be welcomed.
be open to receive what is happening without prejuice, yet take time to measure if/how it fits.
may we all continue to unfold


answered 06 Jun '11, 10:44

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Wow Fred, how do you make such a concise answer with so few words? Thank you~Michael

(06 Jun '11, 14:24) you
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